2024 MidWinter Education

Aarika Floyd, Education Manager is excited to announce the slate of speakers for the 2024 RWCS MidWinter Weekend:

  •  “Below the Plains” by Special Guest and Keynote Speaker, Tom Askjem  
  • “Timeline of Red Wing Art Pottery Jardiniere Colors” by Mike Orgler  
  • “INSIDE the Kiln, with your Pottery Museum of Red Wing,” by Danae Prock, Ph.D. 
  • “Extinct Animals of Minnesota and North Dakota,” by Sandy Short

Friday, February 2, 2024
Holiday Inn and Suites, Des Moines, Iowa

 Author and YouTube personality, Tom Askjem presents,
“Below the Plains: Digging Yesteryear’s Privy Sites for Today’s Treasures.”


Tom is a historian and archivist who has made a career of digging bottles, crocks, dish fragments, and other historical items from privies mainly in the upper Midwest since 1997. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.         



See Tom in action. Click these links: 

Danae Prock, Ph.D., presents: “INSIDE the Kiln, with your Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation President, Dr. Danae Prock will walk you through the process of how the kiln was stacked, fired, and used to create pieces from salt-glazed, zinc-glazed, and art pottery.

About RWCS MidWinter Education 

The Red Wing Collectors Society is dedicated to the collection and preservation of Red Wing and other American stoneware and pottery. Our goals are to research the history of pottery in America, to share that information, to establish a network of collectors, to bring collectors together at an annual convention and MidWinter Weekend event, and to encourage the buying, selling, and trading of stoneware and pottery. We look to expand the public’s awareness of stoneware and pottery, not only as an art form but as a historical reflection of American culture. Education is one of the highlights of the RWCS MidWinter Weekend. Registered attendees will find a vast array of different topics discussed each year. Education sessions are held on the Friday of the Mid-Winter Weekend event.

Education Sessions are a great way to learn about the latest research being done about Red Wing, learn from fellow collectors who will share their knowledge about specific areas of collecting, and most of all find common interests and establish collector friendships.