2024 CrockFest Auction – Online & In-Person

The 2024 RWCS CrockFest Auction will be held on Thursday, July 11, 2024,
at River Bluff Education Center.

Click here to submit your piece to the 2024 CrockFest Auction

Auction lot submission(s):

  1. The form must be submitted ONLINE or with a PAPER FORM. No submissions will be taken by phone.
  2. The RWCS Auction is open to the entire membership. Every member may submit up to five items. 
  3. Each additional lot MUST have its own online or paper form. DO NOT PUT TWO LOTS ON THE SAME FORM.
  4. DEADLINE: Submission Deadline for 2024 is June 7.

  • 15% commission on those items that sell for $100 or more.
  • Items for less than $100 will be assessed a $20 minimum commission.

RESERVE OPTION for auction submissions

  • $1,000 minimum price on reserve items.
  • 15% commission on items that sell. If item(s) do not hit reserve, the seller fee is $100 to the RWCS.  
  • The Auction Manager can reject the reserve option if the item has a value significantly less than $1,000

More Important CrockFest Auction Rules:

  • A limited number of RWCS Commemoratives 1977-2022 will be allowed – no 2023 Commemoratives will be allowed. Chapter Commemoratives can only be submitted by Chapter Presidents for the most recent year.  
  • You or another RWCS Member registered CrockFest must bring your piece to the event. You may not ship your item(s) to the CrockFest site, RWCS office or the Auction Manager.  
  • Once your item(s) is submitted for the auction, no substitutions, altered or otherwise not in their original form will be allowed. 
  • Multiple item lots allowed include RWCS Commemoratives or Dinnerware Sets.  
  • Acceptable items are American Pottery; including: Red Wing Art Pottery, Stoneware, Dinnerware, or Red Wing memorabilia. Modern-day reproductions are not allowed. For example: New Water Cooler Lids, etc. 
  • Please don’t submit items valued under $100. 
  • LOT NUMBERS: An EMAIL will be sent to you by mid JUNE 2024 to notify you of the lot number assigned to your item(s). All items submitted for the auction will be selected, provided they fall within the parameters of acceptable items. If your item is not allowed for some reason, the Auction Manager will notify you. 
  • PLEASE REMEMBER you are sending a registration form far in advance of the July Convention Auction. Be prepared to hold your piece(s) until you are notified in JUNE that it has or has not been selected. BE CAREFUL! If your item has been confirmed for the auction but does not show up at the event, you will forfeit your Auction privileges for 2025. 
  • WE STRIVE TO PREVENT NO-SHOWS. If you are in doubt about whether or not your piece has been selected, please contact the RWCS at membership@redwingcollectors.org or 651-388-4004. OR, contact DAVE HUISMAN, Auction Manager at auction@redwingcollectors.org or 916-996-3584.

Auction Chairperson:

  • Dave Huisman