MidWinter Room Sales

The MidWinter GetTogether offers attendees the unique experience of Room Sales during the event. A great way to sell without the commitment of a table.

Selling at MidWinter 2021? Let us know before FEBRUARY 1, 2021 and we can list you in the MidWinter Program.


What are room sales? RWCS members attending MidWinter convert their hotel room to an antique shop filled with Red Wing – stoneware, dinnerware, and art pottery.

Where can the rooms be located? Throughout the hotel, members prop their doors open and members can shop from floor to floor.

The RWCS has a limited number of sandwich boards available for room sellers to use as well. Please let the office know and we will have one ready for you.

How do attendees find the rooms that have sales going on? Room Sellers are able to hang advertising in the elevators and bulletin boards on each floor and hotel lobby. Rooms are open at any time so members are encouraged to shop around.

Can room sellers rent additional tables and chairs? Yes, the hotel property has tables and chairs that members can rent for their room sales.

When do they start? Although the official event begins Friday with registration as a social event. Room Sales often open as early as Wednesday evening and grow throughout the weekend.

How can I find out more about how to have a room sale? If you are interested in setting up a room sale, please contact the RWCS business office. We can put you in touch with season room sellers to help you get started.