Kids View

Goodhue: More than Clay
Friday, July 12, 2019

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, July 11 (Lunch included)

UPDATE:  The RWCS will provide round trip bus transportation to and from River Bluff and between locations, for all Kids View participants. Parent/Guardian will need to be at River Bluff at both the departure and arrival times.

9:30 am Meet at River Bluff School for bus transportation
9:45 am Bus departs for Red Wing Art Reach and Goodhue County Historical Society

The RWCS is in need of two adult chaperones for each group. The chaperones will stay with their assigned group throughout the scheduled activities and checking in each child during the site exchanges. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please contact the office at 651-388-4004 or email

The Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) will partner once again with Red Wing Art Reach and the Goodhue County Historical Society (GCHS) to offer wonderful educational opportunities to our younger members at Convention.

The Goodhue County Historical Society (GCHS) is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2019. Since the RWCS has been a part of that history for more than 40 years, we’re holding half of the KidsView activities there. Here’s a look at our schedule:

Open to all children attending Convention ages 3 to 13 and limited to 35 participants, KidsView activities will be held at GCHS and Red Wing ArtReach. Registered KidsView attendees will be divided into two groups. 

Your child’s group assignment will come in your Convention registration packet. All Kids View participants will be placed in their Groups at River Bluff Education Center and transported to their group’s respective site via bus. All participants will return to River Bluff School at 3:00 pm.

Group A will start the day at GCHS to see the 150th Anniversary Exhibit and the pottery display, and participate in the annual KidsView Auction. KidsView Auction pieces have been provided by the generous donations of RWCS members all year round.

Group B will start at Red Wing Art Reach, painting their own vintage Red Wing dinnerware piece. They’ll also participate in our “Make your Own Stoneware” activity and create an air-dry clay project to take home. Both groups will have lunch at the GCHS before Group A takes a bus to Red Wing Art Reach and Group B does the GCHS activities.

Efforts will be made to keep siblings in the same group. Lunch will be provided; please inform the RWCS office of any diet restrictions.

Please call the office and register your KidsView participants! Walk-ins will only be accepted if we have enough space for them, so the only way to reserve a spot is to register in advance.

The RWCS wishes to thank our partners Red Wing ArtReach, the Goodhue County Historical Society, and RWCS member volunteers to create a wonderful learning program for our youth members.

Click here for directions to Goodhue County Historical Society, 1166 Oak St

Red Wing Art Reach is located 436 West 3rd Street

Don’t miss this opportunity! Register your child or grandchild today!

Kids View Program

Would you like to be involved with Youth Programs at Convention? Do you have an idea or would like to teach these emerging collectors? The RWCS needs leaders for our Youth Programs. If you are interested in working with Young Collectors, Kids View, or both of these groups, please contact the RWCS Executive Director at or call 651-388-4004.


Volunteers are Needed!

Kids View 2018 Volunteer –There are opportunities available on Friday to assist with Kids View. Please contact the RWCS Office at 651-388-4004 or email to volunteer.

Come have Fun with the youth of our organization!

Questions about Volunteering? Please contact the RWCS office at 651-388-4004 or


Thank you to our Kids View Program Supporters

ArtReach of Red Wing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide access to the arts and the enrichment it brings.  ArtReach’s primary focus is to provide meaningful experiences to those with limited access to the arts.  We envision a community connected through the healing power of art and strive to provide diverse art experiences for people of all ages and abilities in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.

Goodhue County Historical Society serves as the steward for county history by collecting, preserving, and promoting the natural and cultural history of Goodhue County through education and outreach.

Minnesota’s oldest county historical society, the Goodhue County Historical Society was chartered in 1869. After residing for 37 years in the basement of the County Courthouse, the Society moved into the Baptist Old People’s Home building on College Hill in Red Wing in September of 1969. Between 1989 and 1992, the building was remodeled to increase storage and exhibit space.

2019 Convention Sponsors!


About Kids View
The Kids View of Red Wing Program began at the Annual Convention in 2000 and became a part of the MidWinter GetTogether in 2007. Kids View is for children ages 3 to 13 years of age. Its goal is to educate and stimulate the youth of the RWCS, as they are the next generation of collectors. Each year the participants are offered a jam-packed schedule of events. Some of the topics in years past have included:
  • Make Your Own Stoneware
  • An auction, both Silent and Bidding interactive with “Red Wing bucks”. All pieces are donated by our generous members!
  • Paint a real Red Wing Plate, just as it was done in the Pottery
  • Starting and display a collection
  • Living history presentations

For more information please contact the RWCS Business Office