Red Wing Products

The potteries of Red Wing were very prolific in producing clay products from the late 1800’s right up until the plant closed in 1967. The pottery produced in Red Wing can be grouped into four major groups of pottery: Art Pottery (Artware), Dinnerware, Stoneware, and Odds and Ends like cookie jars, lamps etc.

Members of the Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) are finding new pieces each and every day in most everywhere you go. However the most heavily concentrated areas that Red Wing pieces are most commonly found in the Midwest in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. However RWCS members are still are not surprised if an elusive piece shows up in the least place you would expect. This excitement is what continues to fuel the thrill of the hunt for long time collectors and those just starting out.

In addition to the RWCS website there are lots of resources available to learn more about Red Wing Pottery. There are many books and links to help you learn more about Red Wing. Keeping checking our website for new articles and pictures of more examples of the products produced in Red Wing.