Membership in the RWCS offers you access to great resources of information through various delivery methods; including a video lending library, YouTube videos, the RWCS Convenion supplement, books, our Annual Convention Supplement, Articles written by RWCS members, and our publication, the RWCS Newsletter.

Links and other references to these items (and more), are listed below.

RWCS Newsletter
The RWCS Newsletter is mailed to primary members. This publication is jam-packed with great articles, classified, and display ads, and new information resources available in the marketplace.

Newsletters beginning in 1996 are available on the RWCS website Members are now able to download and read those past issues you may have missed.




Bean Pot Reference List
Thanks to RWCS Member Kent Williamson and over 20 other collectors we have this wonderful index of advertising bean pots made by Red Wing.

E-mail Kent at to share the list of advertising bean pots you own and the ones you’re seeking. Even if you don’t want to share an entire list of your collection, review the database he’s compiled and check to see if you own any that aren’t listed. If you do, please share what the ad says or send him a photo of the examples that are missing. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, Kent will keep your name private.


Image result for youtube logoYouTube Video Links
RWCS Member Yoshi Hoffman has created some wonderful educational videos on Red Wing stoneware, dinnerware, art pottery, history and more. Check out his YouTube Channel to see these wonderful videos. Here are some examples of his work!

Art Pottery Cross Reference
RWCS Member, Paul Gustafson, has created a database that cross references the major Art Pottery reference books by part number. By downloading the Red Wing Art Pottery Cross Reference list you can look up a piece by the Red Wing part number and it will tell you which Reiss, Dollen, Moran, and other art pottery books you can see a picture of the piece or other information. The list will tell you the book name, page number, and where applicable row to find the picture. Click Below to get the printable list.

City of Red Wing Stoneware Cemetery Head Stone Map
Provided by the City of Red Wing this map will direct you to the locations of Red Wing Stoneware and Sewer Pipe headstones in cemeteries in Red Wing.

20th Anniversary Book (PDF)
The 20th Anniversary book highlighting the first 20 Conventions and Commemoratives of the RWCS is now online! The book was written in large part by Larry Roschen, the Commemorative Manager at the time. The book was published by Nicol Knappen and Ekerby Publishing and Production Services, who have provided a PDF version of the book.

Video Lending Library – FREE RENTAL TO MEMBERS
Starting in 1992 the RWCS began taping education sessions at the Annual Convention. As new sessions are held at the Convention the Education Manager coordinates to ensure that each session is recorded. All sessions are available on VHS and as of 2006 sessions are also available on DVD. Should you be interested in a prior session on DVD we can convert it at any time.
To request a video please email or call 651-388-4004.

There are many books available that are considered the reference books of any collector.

  • Bougie, Stanley J. and David A. Newkirk, Red Wing Dinnerware, 1980.
  • DePasquale, Dan and Gail and Larry Peterson, Red Wing Collectibles, Collector Books 1985.
  • DePasquale, Dan and Gail and Larry Peterson, Red Wing Stoneware, Collector Books 1983
  • Newkirk, David A., A Guide to Red Wing Markings Book 1,2, 1979, 1995.
  • Reiss, Ray Red Wing Art Pottery Including Pottery Made for RumRill, Property 1996.
  • Reiss, Ray Red Wing Art Pottery Two, Property 2000.
  • Reiss, Ray Red Wing Dinnerware Price and Identification Guide, 1997.
  • Tefft, Gary and Bonnie Red Wing Potters & Their Wares, Locust 1981-1996.
  • Viel, Lyndon C. Clay Giants Vols. 1-3, Wallace-Homestead 1977-1987.
  • Also, the Red Wing Potteries Ledger book that was released by the RWCS Foundation at the 2007 Convention.

In 2007 The RWCS Executive Director worked on an articles series with the Red Wing Republican Eagle to inform city residents about the rich pottery history of the city during the Sesquicentennial Celebration from the March 4th birthday Celebration to the final celebration weekend in June.

These articles were written by members of the RWCS for the paper and each member also provided photos of their collection to share. Here are the links to those articles.

North Star Presentation Slides from MidWinter 2018

RWCS By-Laws – current as of  July 2021