RWCS to Expand 2020 Commemorative Sales before Convention

For Immediate Release

RWCS to Expand 2020 Commemorative Sales before Convention

Red Wing, Minn.: The RWCS Board continues to plan for the 2020 Convention. We also realize that government regulations may prohibit holding the convention – the health and safety of our members are of most importance.

We want each member of the RWCS to have an opportunity to purchase the 2020 Convention Commemorative and also have access to the lottery, so we are expanding commemorative sales! These new items below are in addition to the regular commemorative orders.

NEW FOR  2020!
We are now offering to each member (Primary & Associate) the opportunity to purchase Lottery Pieces plus a Set of ALL THREE VERSIONS! Shipping Included!

Set of all THREE Commemorative Versions A, B, C!   $199 per set
(limit two sets per member primary & associate)

Many members have shared in the past that they would like the opportunity to purchase all three versions (ABC). We are adding this option for the 2020 Commemorative with a limit of 2 sets per member (Primary & Associate).

Lottery Pieces             $67
(limit one per member primary & associate)

For the 2020 RWCS Convention, each member (Primary & Associate) will be able to purchase ONE lottery commemorative before the convention.

2020 Accessory Update
The RWCS was unable to identify an accessory piece to compliment the 2020 Commemorative. Instead of an accessory piece for 2020, we are excited to offer:

NEW! Anti-Coronavirus League JugTM   $69
(limit one per member primary and associate)

A portion of our proceeds will go to appropriate health organizations directly fighting COVID 19.

This is available to all Primary and Associate members who purchase a 2020 Commemorative piece or set.

History Behind the Piece! This hand-turned jug is a replica of the 1918 Anti-Flu League Jug made by Red Wing Stoneware in response to the outbreak of the Spanish Flu.  Learn more about the history of this jug via our Flu League Article .

Commemorative Distribution Update
The commemorative order form that was mailed in February only gave the option for one commemorative (pick up or mail) to each primary and associate member. Note that we have since changed the online registration to only allow for mail order. Due to production delays caused by the outbreak, Rowe Pottery may not be able to finish the commemoratives in time for Convention if it’s still held. For that reason, all orders will be fulfilled by mail this year. In addition, an accessory piece will not be produced in 2020. Also, we have added a “donate to the RWCS” bucket on the Convention registration form. Please consider making a donation to the RWCS.

Members who have previously ordered the accessory this year may apply the amount of purchase to:

  • These new products
  • Donate to the RWCS or receive a refund.
  • Please contact the office to update your order.

Thank you to all the members who have already registered for Convention! We are still encouraging members to:

If Convention is canceled, registration, sellers’ tables, auction catalogs, and banquet fees members may choose to donate them to the RWCS or be refunded.  Pottery Museum of Red Wing Wine-ing tickets will also be refunded or members may choose to donate those funds to the museum.

If you have questions or would like to make changes to your current order please contact the Executive Director, Stacy Wegner during office hours Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST 651-388-4004 or