Budget and Financial Statements

The RWCS Budget is set annually by the RWCS Board of Directors at their Fall Board meeting. The budget is prepared by the Executive Director and the Treasurer to be discussed by the Executive Committee and then approved by the Full Board of Directors at the November meeting.

2019 Financial Review and 2020 Budget – Published in April 2020 Newsletter

2018 Financial Review and 2019 Budget – Published in April 2019 Newsletter

2017 Financial Review and 2018 Budget – Published in April 2018 Newsletter

2016 Financial Review and 2017 Budget – Published in the April 2017 Newsletter

2015 Financial Review and 2016 Budget – Published in the April 2016 Newsletter

2014 Financial Review and 2015 Budget – published in April 2015 Newsletter

Previous Budgets:

2014 RWCS Budget

2013 RWCS Budget

2012 RWCS Budget

2011 RWCS Budget

2010 RWCS Budget

2009 RWCS Budget

2008 RWCS Budget

In order to follow the daily operations of the RWCS, the Business Office works with an accounting office to prepare monthly financial statements for Board review. These statements documents that income and expenses are following the approved RWCS Budget.

Digital and printed copies of the RWCS monthly financial statements are kept by the Treasurer and RWCS Business Office. Members may request more details information on the the RWCS operating budget and monthly financial statements from the RWCS Treasurer. Click Here to email the Treasurer!

Annual Financial Review
Below is a link to the annual RWCS Financial Reviews. The prior year financial review is published in the February issue of the RWCS Newsletter and made available on line.

2013 Financial Review

2012 Financial Review

2011 Financial Review

2010 Financial Review

2009 Financial Review

2008 Financial Review

2007 Financial Review

2006 Financial Review

Audit Results
In 2007 the RWCS Treasurer advised the RWCS Board of Directors to consider contacting vendors to perform and audit of the organizations 2006 books. The report concluded that RWCS Accounting procedures are sound. Click on the link to see the complete 2006 Audit Report.

For immediate questions please contact the RWCS Treasurer.

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