Eva Zeisel Town & Country



My name is Joy T. and I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  My husband and I own a very large collection of Eva Zeisel Town & Country dishware that we inherited from his mother.  We are at the point of our lives that we are ready to pass this collection on to someone who appreciates and enjoy all of these beautiful dishes.

I was hopeful that you might be able to assess the value of what we have (see attached list).  Everything is in exceptional condition.  Our local vintage shop is interested in purchasing the lot, but we need to have a better idea of the true value.  Would you be able to help us or would you be able to pass this info on to another person who could help?

Thank you so much for your time.




Ten or so years ago there was great interest in Town & Country dinnerware and values were high.  Sadly, like many collectibles, prices for Town & Country have dropped significantly since then.


The values below are for pieces in excellent, undamaged condition.  Any damage reduces the value significantly.  These values are what I believe a collector would pay for them.  They are likely higher than a dealer would pay, especially if sold as a single lot. 


Pitchers 8.5″ (3 cup):  $35-45 each

              6″ (2 cup):  $25-35

Teapot: $100-125

Creamer & Sugar: $25-35 for the set

10″ casserole: $25-35

5.75″ casserole (marmite): $15-20

Cruet with stopper:  $65-75

Syrup jug:  $40-50

Salt & pepper:  $50-60

Comma plates 8.5″ (relish dish): $15-20

                        10.5″ (baker):  $20-30

Comma platters 15:  $25-35 each

Mixing bowl:  $50-60

Serving bowls 8.5″ (salad): $25-35

                       5.75″ (cereal): $15-20

Dinner plates: $10-12 each

Salad plates:  $5-10

Bread plates:  $5-10

Cup & saucer set:  $10-15 each

Soup bowl:  $15-20 each

Tea bag saucers (Coasters):  $20-25 each


Larry R