3 gallon Waconda Water jug


I purchased this jug at a thrift store, it was covered in green paint and could not see any markings at the time of purchase.

I brought it home and washed off the paint with extremely hot water and a sponge. I was extremely delighted to find out it was a 

red wing! However I have only previously seen a No. 5 with this printing. Is the No.3 rare? Please review my pictures and advise if possible in addition to the possible value. I believe I paid $14.00 for it.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Amy, Your Waconda Adverting jug is worth $500-$550 in excellent condition.

Clifford Olson



2018 Meeting Minutes

Below are the PDF’s of the approved 2018 RWCS Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Approved Minutes.

Board of Directors Meeting – Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Des Moines, IA
Distributed in April and approved at the July meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting – Tuesday, July 10, 2018 – Red Wing, MN
Distributed in August and approved at the November Meeting.

Annual Meeting Minutes -Friday, July 7, 2016 – Red Wing, MN
Draft posted –  approved version will be posted following the next meeting in 2019

Executive Committee – October 30- Teleconference

Full Board Meeting – November TBD – Teleconference

Members wishing to attend meetings may contact the office for meeting

5 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf churn


This is a crock I purchased it many years ago in Minnesota sat an estate sale. I would like to know what it is worth.



Geri,  You have a 5 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf churn. In excellent condition I would put a value of $650.00. The lid is not Red Wing.

Clifford Olson

4 gallon rib cage crock


I found another crock. This one has no markings on the bottom but it has a rib cage design on it. It also has “ears” to help carry the crock. It’s a 4 gallon size. Please see the picture. Any idea how old this other crock is?  Also what might they be worth?  I’m not looking to sell. I’m just curious.


The 4 gallon crock is a Red wing ribcage worth around $200 in mint condition.

4 gallon beehive salt glaze jug with rib cage decoration

Question: Please let me know value of jug I just purchased from my uncles estate.  Thank you.


I would put a value around $1500  mint condition for you 4 gallon ribcage beehive. Any damage greatly effects value.

Clifford Olson