Ray Reiss Inducted in to RWCS Hall of Fame

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society inducted RWCS Member Ray Reiss into their membership Hall of Fame on Friday, July 13 during their Annual Business Meeting.

Reiss was introducted as the 2018 RWCS Hall of Fame by Wayne Bell a fellow collector. Wayne shared his thoughts about Reiss and his contribution to Red Wing collectors everywhere. The Hall of Fame Plaque states:

Ray Reiss – 2018

Ray Reiss of Chicago, Illinois, Red Wing Collectors Society Member #5996, has made significant contributions to the Red Wing Collectors Society. Ray is hereby inducted into the Red Wing Collectors Society Hall of Fame this 13th day of July, 2018 in recognition of these lifetime achievements:

  • Joined the Red Wing Collectors Society in June 1977
  • Charter Member Red Wing Collectors Society
  • Passionate collector, student and researcher of Red Wing clay products for more than 30 years
  • Presented educational seminars at RWCS Conventions for many years
  • Authored, photographed & published Red Wing Art Pottery and Red Wing Art Pottery Two
  • Authored, photographed & published Red Wing Dinnerware Price and Identification Guide

Ray’s tedious research and passionate interest in Red Wing greatly contributed to the surge in collecting art pottery in the 1990’s. He produced two wonderful coffee table style books, Red Wing Art Pottery and Red Wing Art Pottery Two, that exemplified his exceptional photography skills. Ray did a massive amount of research, engaging many in the Red Wing collector community and past employees of the Red Wing Potteries who shared valuable knowledge and included this information in those books. Red Wing Dinnerware Price and Identification Guide, an additional booklet, included his beautiful photographs of individual pieces of dinnerware. This work was very well organized and provided updated information and price references for Red Wing dinnerware items.

Ray’s work created and encouraged widespread interest in collecting Red Wing art pottery and dinnerware items and most certainly brought new collectors to the RWCS. His passions for collecting and for sharing his extensive research have benefitted countless collectors.

The Red Wing Collectors Society is delighted to welcome Ray Reiss into the RWCS Hall of Fame.

2018 Convention Commemorative unveiled!

Red Wing, MN –

The Red Wing Collectors Society celebrates its 42nd Convention in 2018. The 2018 RWCS Convention Commemorative is a reproduction of the popular 2-inch glazed flower pot made by Red Wing Pottery. Three versions of the Commemorative were produced: Version A is 90 percent of total production, Version B is 9 percent and 39 Version C pieces were made. Members received these versions at random at Convention and in the mail.

New and Current members are still able to order their 2018 Commemorative!

Log into the RWCS Website online membership services or call the office at 651-388-4004 until July 14. If you call, you may need to leave a message, your call will be returned as quickly as possible and messages will guarentee your order!

The original 2-inch glazed flower pots are highly sought after by collectors, with the more unique colors often commanding hundreds of dollars when offered for sale. Collectors often refer to the flower pots as salesman samples. They came in simple colors like black and white, and unique colors such as Hyacinth and the Silver Green and Burnt Orange Crystalline glazes. They are available in more than 30 color combinations. Some have a different color inside and outside.

Version A is green with a cream interior. Version B is all pink and Version C is blue with a white interior. The pots are marked on the bottom “RWCS July 12-14, 2018”. They were pressed at Rowe Pottery in Cambridge, WI.

Rowe Pottery also produced a saucer for the flower pots as the 2018 Commemorative Accessory piece.

The Special Commemorative is a miniature flower pot in the style made by the Minnesota Stoneware Company. They were originally made in bisque and Albany slip and are very hard to find in the 2-inch size. A saucer is included with the pot. Eighteen specials were made. Half are bisque and half are Albany slip. Both the pot and saucer were hand-turned at Rowe Pottery. The bisque pots were awarded to Convention Display winners; the Albany slip pots were given away as prizes for several drawings at Convention. One of each was silent-auctioned in the Commemorative Room at Convention.

Twelve flower pots were decorated with a flower and glazed white to represent KidsView and the Young Collectors. These pots were auctioned at Convention and MidWinter with the proceeds going to support the youth program activities.



Membership in the RWCS offers you access to great resources of information through our newsletter, Convention Supplement, Video lending library, and articles written by members.

The RWCS Newsletter is mailed to primary members. This publication is jam packed with great articles, classified, and display ads, and what new information resources are available in the market place.

Newsletters beginning in 1996 are available on the RWCS Newsletter. Member are now able to download and read those past issues you may have missed.

RWCS By-Laws – current as of  July 2021

Bean Pot Reference List
Thanks to RWCS Member Kent Williamson and over 20 other collectors we have this wonderful index of advertising bean pots made by Red Wing.

E-mail Kent at rwscokent@juno.com to share the list of advertising bean pots you own and the ones you’re seeking. Even if you don’t want to share an entire list of your collection, review the database he’s compiled and check to see if you own any that aren’t listed. If you do, please share what the ad says or send him a photo of the examples that are missing. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, Kent will keep your name private.

NEW! Bean Pot Reference List – Master list

By State posted as of 2016

Iowa Bean Pots
Michigan Bean Pots
Minnesota Bean Pots
Nebraska Bean Pots
North Dakota Bean Pots
South Dakota Bean Pots
Wisconsin Bean Pots
Unknown Bean Pots
Miscellaneous Bean Pots
Christmas Bean Pots


MidWinter 2018 North Star Presentation Slides

Image result for youtube logoYou Tube Video Links

RWCS Member Yoshi Hoffman has created some wonderful educational videos on Red Wing stoneware, dinnerware, art pottery, history and more. Check out his Channel to see these wonderful videos. Here are some examples of his work!

Red Wing Stoneware Ovals

Cleaning Red Wing Dinnerware

Nokomis Art Pottery

New videos are posted regularly and share on the RWCS Facebook Chapter page too! Interested in having a video created for your area of collecting interest? Contact the office and we can connect you with Yoshi.


2016 Convention Survey Summary – If you have any questions or comments on the survey please contact Todd Avery, committee chair, at toddnoraavery@gmail.com.

Art Pottery Cross Reference
RWCS Member, Paul Gustafson, has created a database that cross references the major Art Pottery reference books by part number. By downloading the Red Wing Art Pottery Cross Reference list you can look up a piece by the Red Wing part number and it will tell you which Reiss, Dollen, Moran, and other art pottery books you can see a picture of the piece or other information. The list will tell you the book name, page number and where applicable row to find the picture. Click Below to get the printable list.

Red Wing Art Pottery Cross Reference

2012 Update to Cross Reference – Excel Document

2014 Updated to Cross Reference – Excel Document




City of Red Wing Stoneware Cemetery Head Stone Map
Provided by the City of Red Wing this map will direct you to the locations of Red Wing Stoneware and Sewer Pipe head stones in cemeteries in Red Wing.

20th Anniversary Commemorative Book

The 20th Anniversary book highlighting the first 20 Conventions and Commemoratives of the RWCS is now online! The book was written in large part by Larry Roschen, the Commemorative Manager at the time. The book was published by Nicol Knappen and Ekerby Publishing and Production Services, who have provided a PDF version of the book.

20th Anniversary Book (PDF)

Video Lending Library – FREE RENTAL TO MEMBERS
Starting in 1992 the RWCS began taping education sessions at the Annual Convention. As new sessions are held at the Convention the Education Manager coordinates to ensure that each session is recorded. All sessions are available on VHS and as of 2006 sessions are also available on DVD. Should you be interested in a prior session on DVD we can convert it at any time.

2019 Video Lending Library List

To request a video please email or call 800-977-7927.

There are many books available that are considered the reference books of any collectors.Bougie, Stanley J. and David A. Newkirk, Red Wing Dinnerware, 1980.
DePasquale, Dan and Gail and Larry Peterson, Red Wing Collectibles, Collector Books 1985.
DePasquale, Dan and Gail and Larry Peterson, Red Wing Stoneware, Collector Books 1983
Newkirk, David A., A Guide to Red Wing Markings Book 1,2, 1979, 1995.
Reiss, Ray Red Wing Art Pottery Including Pottery Made for RumRill, Property 1996. Reiss, Ray Red Wing Art Pottery Two, Property 2000.
Reiss, Ray Red Wing Dinnerware Price and Identification Guide, 1997.
Tefft, Gary and Bonnie Red Wing Potters & Their Wares, Locust 1981-1996.
Viel, Lyndon C. Clay Giants Vols. 1-3, Wallace-Homestead 1977-1987.



Also the recently published Red Wing Potteries Ledger book that was released by the RWCS Foundation at the 2007 Convention.


In 2007 The RWCS Executive Director worked on an articles series with the Red Wing Republican Eagle to inform city residents about the rich pottery history of the city during the Sesquicentennial Celebration from the March 4th birthday Celebration to the final celebration weekend in June.

These articles where written by members of the RWCS for the paper and each member also provided photos of their collection to share. Here are the links to those articles.

Red Wing’s Rich Pottery History by Gary Tefft and Stacy Wegner

Early Pottery Had No Wing by Gary Tefft

Collecting Red Wing (Zinc) Glazed Stoneware by Al Kohlman

Brushware Looks Beneath the Glaze by Wendy Callicoat

Red Wing Art Pottery: Rumrill by Ray Reiss

Art Pottery: Belle Kogan & Charles Murphy by Ron Linde

Local Pottery Moves to Dinnerware by Ivy Loughborough

Dinnerware Collectible & Affordable by Ivy Loughborough

2018 Convention Attendee Info!

2018 Convention Attendees!

We are just a week away from the Convention. Many of you are already packing your bags and cars right now.

The RWCS Website and the Convention Supplement are your sources for all your Convention information.

Have the Convention at your fingertips on your mobile device. Just visit your app store and download IN ANY EVENT. If you already have the app on your device, it should automatically update it too.

Here are the website links to plan your Convention Experience:

Schedule See the latest times and locations for all the events and activities.

Scavenger Hunt – Check out the locations and bring the form to the Member Meet Up at the College Friday Evening.

Wednesday, July 11

  • 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Pre-registered pick up – Pottery Museum of Red Wing
    • Be sure to pick up your Convention Program
  • Pottery Museum of Red Wing Events
    • 6:00 pm– 9:00pm – WINE-ing for Red Wing Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Thursday, July 12 – Minnesota State College Southeast (308 Pioneer Road)

  • Commemorative Unveiled 
  • Keynote: Historic Pottery Industry of Red Wing & Goodhue County Story map by Leanne Knott
  • RWCS Gear SALES & Pick up at College Only
  • Chapter Meetings 
  • Young Collectors
    • Viewing at 2:00 pm 
    • Live auction at 4:30 pm 
    • Concessions by Red Wing High School Volleyball 
    • Parking and Shuttle from Minnesota Correctional Facility watch for signs

Friday, July 13 – Minnesota State College Southeast

  • Shared Interest Groups 9am
  • RWCS Gear SALES & Pick up at College Only
  • Educational Seminars being at 10am 
  • Kids View – 10am – 2pm 
  • Annual Business Meeting 3:15pm 
  • Member Meet Up in the College Commons 5:00 – 6:30pm
    Sponsored by: Hallstrom’s Florist and Greenhouse and Sturdiwheat Foods
    Scavenger Hunt Winners, Trivia Contest, Root Beer floats and light appetizers

Saturday, July 14 – Red Wing National Guard Armory

  • Show and Sale – Saturday, concessions by Red Wing High School Volleyball
    • Parking and Shuttle from Minnesota Correctional Facility watch for signs
  • Banquet – Saturday Night at Mount Frontenac Golf Course– tickets still available
  • Commemorative Pick Up

Other Convention Information:

  • Display – Thursday and Friday at the College
  • Chapter Challenge Silent Auction Thursday and Friday at the College

Information about the City of Red Wing:

  • Things to do in Red Wing – Coming for week or looking for other events in Red Wing? There’s events like amateur baseball games, ice cream socials and concerts in the park!
  • Directions to Events – Includes information on finding the Minnesota State College and the Red Wing National Guard Armory.
  • City of Red Wing Information – All the links to City of Red Wing tourism and visitor information

One last reminder; don’t forget to bring your red badge holder and volunteer pin! The RWCS Board and I  are looking forward to seeing all of you in Red Wing. Safe travels!

Stacy Wegner
Executive Director, RWCS