Bob White Collection with trivet



I have a collection of Red Wing Bob White dishes that I wish to sell.  What would be a fair asking price for this set?


1 set salt and pepper shaker-hour glass shape

1 set salt and pepper shaker-birds

1 hors d’oeuvres

1 gravy boat with lid

2 creamers (one has a small chip)

2 sugar bowls with lids

1 medium casserole with lid

1 large casserole no lid

2 rim soup bowls

12 cereal/salad bowls

3 sauce bowls

1 large salad bowl

4 bread and butter plates

18 salad plates (not sure if that is what they are called)

14 dinner plates

1 teapot with lid (chip on inside rim)

4 12-inch water pitchers

15 coffee cups

16 coffee saucers

1 trivet

1 divided vegetable bowl

4 small dishes or saucers that I cannot identify

1 cookie jar (small chip on inside rim)

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Test Plate: Anniversary line shape but Nassau pattern (Concord line pattern)


I have a Redwing plate that I have owned for several years. I have recently been interested in knowing more about it and have not been able to find the pattern on the sites I have looked at. The plate is 11″ in diameter and has a texture surface with the pattern. The back is marked Redwing and has the numbers 445 475 and what looks like a 480-2. The numbers are under the glaze. The in bright pink in top of the glaze it says keep me. There are no chips or cracks to the plate.
Thank you for your help in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is a very interesting plate.  It is not a standard Red Wing dinnerware piece. It’s a test or sample piece.

The plate with its textured surface is from the Anniversary dinnerware line, which was introduced in 1953.  The artwork is from the Nassau pattern.  Nassau was also introduced in 1953 but was produced on the Concord shape, not Anniversary.  Nassau did not sell well and was made for only one year.  Your plate gives reason to believe Red Wing considered using the Anniversary shape for Nassau rather than the Concord shape. The numbers on the bottom are codes for the colors used for the test plate.  “KEEP ME” was added by somebody who owned the plate at one time.  That person recognized that this is an unusual plate.  Red Wing did not mark items over the glaze in that manner.

Test and sample plates have high collector appeal and thus have high values.  Test pieces that have a recognizable Red Wing pattern generally fetch higher prices than those that are decorated with unknown designs.  This is a one-of-a-kind plate and thus it is difficult to assign a value.  Assuming it is in undamaged condition, I estimate it would sell for $500 to $800 at an auction attended by knowledgeable Red Wing collectors.


Yellow Butter warmer, after market



I am hoping that you will pass this on to the dinnerware experts.  I have this butter warmer in yellow.  I don’t see it anywhere in my Red Wing book.  On the internet, I see a “smart set” and in the Bob White pattern.  Nothing in the simple yellow.  I am wondering if it is from the same time frame as the yellow chicken teapot as well.  Any information is appreciated.

Thanks for your time and effort,




The yellow butter warmer was made by an amateur pottery using an old Red Wing mold.  It was not made by Red Wing Potteries.  The mold is in the Casual shape, which is the dinnerware line that included the Bob White and Smart Set patterns.  But this piece was made later, probably in the 1970s or 1980s.


The company assets were sold to the public when Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967.  The molds used to form a wide variety of dinnerware and art pottery pieces were included in those assets, and many of those molds were purchased by art schools and amateur potters.  No effort was made to remove the Red Wing name from those molds because the company was no longer in business, thus there was no perceived need to protect the company name.


There are many “Red Wing” pieces out there that were made by amateur potters.  Many of them have a date and the potter’s name or initials scratched into the bottom.  As best I can tell this butter warmer does not have those features.  But the color is a shade of yellow not found on authentic Red Wing pieces.  And the numerous flakes in the glaze all over the piece are a strong indication that this was the work of an amateur potter.




15 gallon salt glazed crock


I would sure appreciate it if the Red Wing Stone Ware Expert would let me know the estimated value of this crock and the approximate time it was manufactured.

It has the small chip in the front left  base  as can feel seen in the photo and a couple of small rust spots on one side.  I do not see any other chips or cracks on the outside.  In side the brown glaze has a few spots where it has flaked off.  I assume that is from storing items in it.

Thank for your help.



Bill, Your 15 gallon primitive crock was made around 1890’s and value around $1200. Really nice crock. Thanks Cliff

safety valve jar


Hi there

I was wondering if you knew the age and value if any of this old Red Wing stoneware.. it is 9″ tall with a 7″ diameter.. The only marking on the jug is its stamped on the bottom Red Wing Stoneware…

Thanks Kevin


Kevin, These are safety valve jars made around 1895. There was a metal cam lever hinged to a yoke which hooked into a ridge around the neck exerted pressure on the cover, holding it down on a rubber gasket. Value would be around $50.

Clifford Olson

20# transition butter crock


Hi, here’s my stoneware – I believe its a 20lb butter crock.

It has no cracks at all – there is a small chip just inside the top rim (picture attached).

The only markings on it are the “20” and “#” – in very nice condition, and there is nothing on the bottom.

It came with the lid that you see in the picture – I was told this is the ‘original lid’.

On the inner most circle of the lid – I guess the actual handle – there is what looks like a very faint “3” stamped in the pottery.

The lid is slightly different colour, the outer size is the same as the crock, but the inner part isn’t, so there is a wee bit of sliding.

My questions are:

value and age?

did butter crocks come with lids, or is this lid really from something else?

and a silly question – it being a butter crock, can I use it for fermenting kraut (as there are no cracks in it?)  It holds water fine.

Thank you SO much!



Sue, You have a nice Red Wing transition butter crock. The lid is not Red Wing  and they were used without the lid. It is fine to use for soaking about anything you want. I would buy a nice  3 gallon crock and use it. I put the vale around $700. Thanks Cliff

A.J. RUSTAD JUG., broken handle



I have a small jug that I found in the red River in North Fargo. I am not sure if you do appraisals or if you charge for them. The handle has been broken off.

Thank you,



Adam, Your jug even with broken handle can bring about $150-$200. Nice find! Cliff Olson

Red Wing grey line “Cookies” casserole with lid


I am interested in selling a Red Wing grey line “Cookies” casserole with lid.  It is in excellent condition.  Is a $1200 asking price consistent with today’s values?  I also have several grey line casseroles with lids, bowls, a butter pail and few commemoratives for sale.  What are your recommendation regarding advertising them and shipping and handling?

My zip code is in Virginia.




Maureen  , The value on Sponge band  items have taken a hit with the economy.  a mint cookie jar may bring $500 nowadays .

If you need to sell them I would use eBay only because your being a long way from any other collectors.

If you can’t  ship you can take to a ship and pack business or even a eBay reseller and they do all the work . Cliff