Red Wing Stoneware Company 4 gallon birch leaf Ice Water


Hello Stacy,
Thank you so much for taking my call today.  As I said my husband and I found this water crock about 18 years ago under my Uncle’s porch and we just love it.  We are very interested to know if it is Red Wing or what and about how much it is worth.  It does have a small chip out of the neck area but not all the way through.
Thank you so much for your help!


You have a  Red Wing Stoneware Company 4 gallon birch leaf Ice Water. These were produced between the late 1890?s and before 1909 and are earlier than the Red Wing Water Coolers. Mint condition value around $450- $525 with nice dark blue marks, chip hurts value depends on where it is,  minus $100 or so. Beautiful piece. Cliff Olson

3 gallon reverse birch leaf churn


I can not find this specific redwing stoneware anywhere.  I have found similar but the writing has been blue or colored. This one has black writing. just was curious on age and if it’s worth anything.



The reversed oval birch leave churns are out there, they are just not as common as the others. Your churn with mint would have a value between $175-200. Dates around 1900. Thanks Cliff

20 gallon Red Wing upside down oval


Hello. I am wondering about the value of this 20 gal upside oval crock. It has a 6 inch wing. One small chip out of the handle, small 1 inch crack above the base on the outside. The markings are pretty strong. Thank you.


Answer:  Jeb, Your upside down oval is unusual but they are out there. A 20 like this mint would be a $200 crock add $100 for a upside down oval. A line takes the value down $150-$200. Cliff

North Star Stoneware Company 10 gallon primitive butterfly crock


Attached you will find a picture of a crock that we have had floating around for a rather long time …. It is my hope that you may be able to tell me if it is an antique or not … if not, my husband wants to use it as a planter.

The dimensions are 15-3/4″ outside by 17″ high.  It appears to be about 20 gallon and I cannot find any stamp on it either side or bottom … the picture is all that I have to go on.  I am not even sure that it is a Red Wing or not.

Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.



Marlene, you have a North Star Stoneware Company 10 gallon primitive butterfly crock that was produced in Red Wing, MN.  The North Star Company when out of business somewhere around 1893 due to a depression.   It is a very desirable crock among the Red Wing collectors and if in perfect condition, can fetch anywhere between $800 & $1000. So tell your husband to go find another planter!!!!!!  Al Kohlman

5 gallon North Star Company leaf churn


If this is Red Wing, can you tell me an approximate age and value?

Thank you,


Value of a 5 gallon North Star Company leaf churn in mint condition is between $350 & $400.

Blossom Time jardiniere


The item in the photo is a jardiniere and is intended to hold planted flowers.

In the early 1950’s Red Wing made vases and jardinieres in several shapes and sizes that were decorated with artwork borrowed from three popular dinnerware patterns.  The patterns were Magnolia, Lotus and Blossom Time.  The item in the photo is a Blossom Time jardiniere.  Red Wing price lists show these vases and jardinieres were categorized as art ware, not dinnerware, and they do not appear in dinnerware brochures.

These vases and jardinieres were not big sellers and were made for a short period.  Today they aren’t rare but they are scarce.  The value for this Blossom Time jardiniere is $50-75 if it is in excellent, undamaged condition.  Any damage reduces the value significantly.

Larry R



I came picked this piece up at  a flea market recently.

I am uncertain of what it is for. Planter? Can you tell me?

It measures at widest point approx. 9 in. and 6 ½ in tall

Thank you


3 gallon Red Wing birch leaf butter churn


Hi, I just purchased this nice butter churn from a flea market in Pinetop Arizona.  There are no chips or cracks that I can notice.

The man thought it was pretty old, and I just really loved it. I looked up the design on the pottery , and found that it was made in

Minnesota, but I thought all Redwing pottery at the “redwing” logo on it. Could you please date this piece for me, and tell me what

it is worth. Thank You


Answer: Vuctoria, your Red Wing birch leaf butter churn was produced between 1895 & 1909.  If both the churn and lid are in perfect condition the value is between $150 & $200.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 5 gallon salt glazed leaf crock


Hi, could you let me know if this is a Red Wing crock?  And, if so, a value range given it is not in mint condition.  There is some chipping of paint and a chip in the stoneware on the bottom edge.




Karla, you do indeed have a Red Wing 5 gallon salt glazed leaf crock.  The chipping on the bottom edge is very minor as well as the pitting in the Albany slip on the inside of the crock.  Value is in the $300 to $325 range.  Nice piece!  Al Kohlman

20 gallon Red Wing Koverwate

Question: What is the value of a 20 gallon Red wing koverwate?


Value on a 20 gallon Red Wing Koverwate in perfect condition is between $250 & $300 all depending on how well the markings have been applied.  Al Kohlman

2017 RWCS Convention to be Held at Minnesota State College Southeast’s Red Wing campus

2017 RWCS Convention to be Held at Minnesota State College Southeast’s Red Wing campus

Minnesota State College Southeast Red Wing

RED WING, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society Annual Convention, July 6-8, 2017 will do some “time traveling”  when the RWCS celebrates its 40th Anniversary. The 2017 Convention will feature a new location: the Minnesota State College Southeast Red Wing campus.

The Red Wing School District informed the RWCS this fall that due to facility improvements and upgrades, Red Wing High School won’t be available to host the Annual RWCS Convention in 2017 or 2018. We can’t thank the district enough for its past support, as the high school has been a great facility for our event and the staff has been a pleasure to work with since we started holding the Convention there in 1996.

The move to the local college presents a perfect theme for the 40th Anniversary – “Back to the Future” – as the RWCS held its Convention there from 1979 to 1995. Members who attended in those years have fond memories of what was then called the “VoTech”.

“The college is excited to host the RWCS Convention in 2017,” said Katie Hardyman, Director of Business Relations at Minnesota State College Southeast. “I am excited to be working with the Red Wing Collectors again!” Hardyman is very familiar with the RWCS Convention, as she once served as the group’s membership services staff person. In addition, she also was an employee of the RWCS Foundation prior to joining the college.

The campus has since been renovated and will serve as an excellent venue for activities like educational sessions, hands-on pottery classes, Commemorative distribution and the always popular Convention Display Room. The only events that Minnesota State College Southeast can’t accommodate are the official RWCS Convention Auction on Thursday, July 6 and the Convention Show & Sale on Saturday, July 8. The RWCS is close to finalizing a new location for these activities and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Nancy Lambert, RWCS Historian and Anniversary Committee Chair, has been busy already planning for the 40th Anniversary celebration with a freshened event schedule as well as the anniversary attendee pin members have come to enjoy. The RWCS has commissioned Scott Draves of Door Pottery to once again create a tile for the club’s milestone event. All RWCS members will have the opportunity to order the tile on their Convention order forms in the February RWCS Newsletter. This unique piece will be offered in addition to the annual Convention commemorative that the organization’s Commemorative Manager, Bob Morawski is busy finalizing.

RWCS members are encouraged to attend MidWinter, February 24-16, 2017 in Des Moines, IA to get all the latest information on Convention! Lambert and Stacy Wegner, RWCS Executive Director, will share more details about the 2017 Convention during the event’s keynote presentation.

Annual membership in the Red Wing Collectors Society costs only $35 and includes six 16-page full-color newsletters mailed to your home throughout the year. The RWCS was founded in 1977 in Red Wing and there are more than 3,000 members worldwide. For more information or to become a member, call the RWCS business office at 800-977-7927, e-mail or log on to You can also follow the RWCS on Facebook at and Twitter at @RWCollectors.