Pink Morning Glory Dishes


I would like to Ask the Expert the value of the Pink Morning Glory dishes
that I have.    My list includes:

Water pitcher
10 plates 10 1/2 in
Beverage Server
11plates7 1/2 in
Graves Boat with tray
1 plate 6 1/2 in
Tea pot with Lid
13 saucers
Chop Plate
Casserole with lid
Divided Relish dish
sugar with lid
2 Nappies
salt and pepper
1 Cereal bowl
10 sauce dishes
2 tier Serving Plate
extra lid for tea pot

all in good condition

thank you


Estimated values for the Morning Glory Pink items listed. All values assume excellent, undamaged condition.

Water pitcher $25-30

Beverage server with cover $25-30

Teapot with cover $30-35

Dinner plate 10.5″ $10-15

Salad plate 7.5″ $5-10

Bread & butter plate 6.5″ $5-10

Gravy boat $15-20

Chop plate $20-25

Cup $5-10

Saucer $5-10

Casserole with cover $25-30

Creamer $10-15

Sugar with cover $10-15

Relish dish $20-25

Salt & Pepper $15-20

Nappy $20-25

2 tiered serving tray $20-30

Cereal bowl $5-10

Sauce dish $5-10

Extra teapot cover $10-15 ??


RWCS Convention Display Winners!

Red Wing, MN – This year marked the 40th Convention of the RWCS. The article below and photos were reported in the August 2016 Issue of the RWCS Newsletter.

The RWCS Board of Directors wishes to thank outgoing Display Chair Laura Beall and her family for supporting the Display room for all these years. Laura Beall has been involved in Display for 13 years either on the display committee or as chair. Beall was instrumental in guiding display to the standards and program we have today.

At this time the RWCS would also like to announce that Tyler Green, a young member from South Dakota has agreed to serve as Display Chair in 2017. Tyler can be reached at 605-251-9944 or email at