2016 Commemorative Released

The 2016 Red Wing Collectors Society Commemorative is a stoneware advertising mini jug. Red Wing mini jugs with dated ink stamps can be found from the early 1900s through the 1930s. They were made to commemorate meetings and conventions, promote liquor dealers and other businesses, serve as Red Wing souvenirs and even celebrate a college football rivalry.

In 2016, the RWCS produced three different versions of its Commemorative. Version A advertises the RWCS 40th Annual Convention.  Versions B and C have vintage ads for conventions in Red Wing. Version B is the Redman in 1927 and C is the Postal Workers in 1939.

Version A made up 90% of the total production. Version B was 9%, and 40 Version C pieces were made to match the 40th Convention.

The jugs were slip cast in a three-piece mold. Jug handles were applied by hand. The decoration is a decal that was fired on. Production was done at Rowe Pottery in Cambridge, WI.

The RWCS also produced an accessory piece. For the first time it could be purchased along with mail order Commemoratives. In the past, members had to attend Convention to purchase an accessory. The accessory is a 2 1/4″ brass die-cut challenge coin.

The 2016 Special Commemorative is a mini shoulder jug. Eighteen jugs were hand turned. Half are decorated with a Union Stoneware oval and the other half has a “Souvenir of Red Wing” stamp. The Union Stoneware jugs were given to display winners. The “Souvenir of Red Wing” jugs were used for various drawings and prizes. One of each was silent auctioned in the Commemorative Room at Convention.

A small number of jugs were hand-decorated to represent the club’s youth programs. These jugs contain a coin slot on top. The pieces were auctioned off and proceeds benefited the youth programs.