Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug


Good evening!

I have a question for you! Actually it could lead to several questions!! First, I bought this 5 gallon whiskey jug as it caught my eye since it had the 5 stamp of the Redwing. However, it does not have any other marks! No red wings stamp or the circle of the Redwing logo. So I’m quite confused with it. I have another 5 gallon jug and the 5 stamps are identical. Just in different places. It has no chips or cracks, excellent condition. The antique store I bought it from said it was a Redwing. I shall have a 20 gallon crock, 6 gallon and several other pieces. I love them! Can’t get enough!! So if someone can help me out here I would really appreciate it very much!!

Thank you!!



Denise, you do indeed have a Red Wing 5 gallon transition shoulder jug. These jugs where produced for a short period right when the Red Wing Stoneware Company & the Minnesota Stoneware Company merged.   Red Wing had taken a number of the Minnesota Stoneware Company potters who placed the gallon-age number on the top of the dome.   With just the number 5 and no other decorations, the value is somewhat lower than if it had a wing or leaves.  Value in perfect condition is between $50 & $60.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing reversed oval 10 gallon butter churn


My name is Kyle and my family and I have a 10 gallon Red Wing butter churn with large 6″ wing (no lid or wood tool.)  After researching information on your site I believe the age to be between 1909-1915 from your Stone Oval reference.  This has been in my family for many years and I am looking for additional information for my own personal information, and proper insurance coverage.

Thanking you in advance for your help.



Kyle, your Red Wing reversed oval 10 gallon butter churn is absolutely stunning.  Just too back that someone drilled a hole in the bottom of this gorgeous churn.  The hole will take  the value down some, but still a nice piece.   Value as I see it, $2000 to $2400.  Al Kohlman