10 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf crock


Hello I recently found this crock at a local store. It is in excellent condition. Would you please tell me of the approximate value. Thank you Wayne


Wayne, the 10 gallon Red Wing salt glazed leaf crock if in perfect condition would have a value between $650 & $750.  Al Kohlman

25 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock


Can you tell me the value of this crock? Justin


Justin, the value of your 25 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock if in perfect condition is $275 to $300.  Al Kohlman

Beige Flieck, end of production pieces


I was wondering about these serving pieces and bowls that were with my parents’ Pepe dinnerware set.

Are they Redwing, do they have a name, and what would their values be?

The small bowls are 5″ in diameter, the big bowls are 8 1/4″ in diameter.

The big bowls have a faint circular pattern around the 1″ rim.

The oval serving dishes are 6 1/2″ long by 4″ wide, 8″ by 4 3/4″ and 9 1/4″ by 5 1/2″.  The medium and large size bowls do have the Redwing stamp on the back.  They each have a fluted “wing” rim at each end.

The big oval plate is 11 1/2″ by 9 1/4″.  It has a fluted pattern all around the rim.

The long {cracker ? pickle ?} boat is 15 1/2″ by 2 3/4″.

The plain free-form-shaped plate is roughly 10″ in diameter.

If you could pass these questions on to the experts, that would be wonderful.

Thank you, and best holiday wishes to you and yours!

With appreciation,



All of the items shown in the photos were made by Red Wing.

The three oval bowls with fluted rims are Bakers from the Hotel or Restaurant line.  Bakers were available in three sizes in either beige fleck or white.  These bakers appear to be white.

All of the other items in the photos were glazed after production ceased at Red Wing Potteries.  A fair amount of greenware (unfired pottery) remained in the plant after workers left in mid 1967.  The remaining staff applied whatever glazes were on hand to the greenware.  Beige fleck, the background color for Bob White and other patterns, is the glaze most commonly found on these end-of-production items.  These beige fleck pieces were sold to the public in the Red Wing Pottery Salesroom.

The 8 1/4″ large bowl is from the Village Green line.

The 5″ small bowl is from the Like China line.

The long 16″ dish is a celery dish from the True China line.

The 10″ dinner plate is from the True China line.

The photos I received do not include a large oval platter, but the “fluted rim” in your description leads me to believe it is likely from the Hotel or Restaurant line.

Most of these pieces have a value of $10-15 if they are in excellent condition.  The celery dish and the platter are worth $15-20.



Red Wing reversed oval 5 gallon butter churn


i have a 5 gal butter churn crock that has the stamp in the middle and the 4 inch red wing at the bottom. its the only one i have seen like this . what would be the reason for this? it is 15 in tall x 10.5 in mouth andy


Andy, you have what is called a Red Wing reversed oval 5 gallon butter churn.   Though not as common as most churns you see, they are not rare.   It basically would have been up to the potter when they applied the stamps as I have never heard of these being a special order.  Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company 10 gallon unsigned salt glazed leaf crock



I recently purchased this salt glaze crock which I believe is a Minnesota/Red Wing piece.

I could not find one similar in the “Ask the Experts” pages in a ten gallon size.

It’s in excellent condition with only a small hairline on outside bottom edge that does not go through to the inside, and a 1/4 inch small flake on inside top rim.

The darker spots towards the bottom look much darker in the photo than they do on the actual crock.

I’m curious what its current value might be.

Thank You,


Cary, your  with the hairline on the bottom and small chip would have a value between $600 & $675 or so.  Even though the hairline is small, it stills affects its value. Nice looking piece!  Al Kohlman

20 gallon (unsigned) salt glazed Red Wing Stoneware butterfy decoration


Can you tell me what the value of this 20 gallon butterfly crock is (assuming the cracks didn’t exist)–damaged and trying to determine pre-accident value.

Thank you



Tami, if this 20 gallon (unsigned) salt glazed Red Wing Stoneware decorated 20 gallon butterfly were in perfect condition, the value would be $1500.  Al Kohlman

Celebrate 40 Project


The 2016 Convention will be the 40th Convention for the Red Wing Collectors Society.

To Celebrate the wonderful milestone coming. Chapter’s are working on the “Celebrate 40 project.” Each Chapter is encouraged to design a “40” of their own and incorporate photos, phrases, words, shards, memorabilia, and more.

Here are some ideas to get started on your Chapter’s “40”:

  • A Flat 40 – either actual size or smaller on paper, poster board or other material
  • 3-D 40 – metal, wood, plastic, re-purposed number(s), lumber, or paper craft as your canvas “fill it up”
  • A display of 40 items – a countdown of memories, messages, and photos

These 40’s can be a work in progress. They will be displayed at both the 2016 and 2017 Conventions; so, you will have the opportunity to add more between the two events.


  1. Will the 40 project replace the Chapter Challenge Baskets?
    Yes, the RWCS Board decided to implement this new event to celebrate the 40th Convention of the RWCS.
  2. Will these be for sale at some point?
    At this time, the projects are not being sold.
  3. What size can they be?
    They display needs to fit on a standard 8-foot table.
  4. Where will they be displayed?
    These will be in the Cafeteria area at both the 2016 and 2017 Conventions.
  5. Will these take the place of the current Chapter Story Boards located in locker area?
    No, these will be temporary displays for the 2016 and 2017 Conventions.
  6. What materials can be used in construction?
    Any materials at your disposal can be used to make the 40.
  7. Will the Society Store the displays for 2017?
    No, at this time the Chapters will need to take them and bring them back in 2017.

If you have more questions please contact the RWCS Office at director@redwingcollectors.org or 800-977-7927.


RED WING, MN – Hundreds of stoneware and pottery collectors will converge upon the Olympia Resort & Conference Center in Oconomowoc, Wis. next month for the Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) MidWinter GetTogether. Scheduled for Feb. 5-7, this will be the second year that the event is held in Wisconsin.

The Red Wing Collectors Society is made up of more than 4,000 members worldwide who collect stoneware crocks, jugs, churns, dinnerware and art pottery manufactured in Red Wing from the 1880s to 1960s. The February event helps tie collectors over until the next RWCS National Convention in Red Wing in July. Both events serve as great opportunities for members to connect over Red Wing and learn about the history of the potteries that once operated in Red Wing, their diverse production lines and the impact they had on the American pottery industry.

As with any large antique event, the opportunity to buy and sell is top of mind for collectors and dealers. In this case, the RWCS MidWinter GetTogether never disappoints. Many attendees will prop open their doors and sell Red Wing wares from their hotel rooms during the weekend – some starting as early as the night of Wednesday, Feb. 3. A formal Show & Sale will run from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 6 followed by an auction at 5 p.m. – both of which are open to the public. Auction proceeds will benefit the Pottery Museum of Red Wing and more information can be found at www.houghtonauctions.com or the classifieds section at www.redwingcollectors.org. Whether you’re new to collecting Red Wing or an experienced collector, anyone and everyone is invited to attend this fun event and find a new piece for their collection.

The MidWinter GetTogether includes a number of other organized activities. The theme of this year’s event is “Crocktoberfest”. A German-themed reception featuring food, prizes and fun will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 5. Attendees are welcome to wear lederhosen and other traditional German attire.

Education is also a major focus of the event. Highlighting this year will be a keynote presentation from Wisconsin stoneware collector Peter Maas. A lifelong Milwaukee-area resident, Maas has collected and researched Wisconsin bottles and stoneware for more than 40 years. He’ll discuss and share photos of pieces from a dozen different stoneware/earthenware factories that operated in southern Wisconsin from the 1840s until the 1870s.

In the breakout sessions that follow, RWCS Hall of Fame members Larry Roschen and Terry Moe will present on the Ebb Tide and Ceramastone lines, which were last dinnerware patterns produced by Red Wing. RWCS Newsletter editor Rick Natynski will share his excitement for Red Wing salt glaze, showing pictures of crocks, jugs, churns and water coolers with decorations ranging from the most common to the rarest and most desirable.

In “Social Media, Red Wing and You”, RWCS members Laura Beall and Yoshi Hoffman will cover all the ways the Internet and social media can be used in collecting to keep in touch with friends, find information, discuss your finds and connect with other collectors. Many different platforms will be covered, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Come armed with questions, and they’ll answer them! The RWCS Foundation Board will also hold a Q & A session to answer questions about Pottery Museum of Red Wing news and other future projects.

In addition, RWCS KidsView education program chairperson Linda Wipperling will keep with the German theme and feature activities that will teach younger collectors about Red Wing’s first commercial potter, German immigrant John Paul. Participants will even get to create their own personalized root beer mug.

All activities will be held at the Olympia Resort & Conference Center, 1350 Royal Mile Rd. in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, which is off I-94 just 30 minutes west of Milwaukee. Visit www.redwingcollectors.org to register or learn more about the MidWinter GetTogether.

Feb. 5-6 will be a fun weekend for antique lovers in Southeastern Wisconsin, because in addition to the Red Wing event, the Wisconsin Antiques Dealers Association will hold its 42nd Annual Winter Show at the Waukesha County Expo Center Forum Building in Waukesha, WI – only 15 miles away from the Olympia Resort. For more information about that event, visit www.wisconsinantiquedealers.com.

The 40th annual Red Wing Collectors Society Summer Convention is slated for July 7-9 in Red Wing, MN. Annual membership in the Red Wing Collectors Society costs only $35 and includes six 16-page full-color newsletters mailed to your home throughout the year. The RWCS was founded in 1977 in Red Wing and there are more than 4,000 members worldwide. For more information or to become a member, call the RWCS business office at 800-977-7927, e-mail membership@redwingcollectors.org or log on to www.redwingcollectors.org. You can also join the RWCS on Facebook and follow it on Twitter at twitter.com/RWpottery.