20 gallon Elephant ear back stamped crock


Attached are pictures of my 10 gallon jug and a 20 gallon transition crock. I would like to know if the jug is Red Wing and what is the value of the transition with the back stamp.



Bob, if your 20 gallon Elephant ear back stamped crock is in perfect condition, the value today is between $2000 & $2500.  Now your 10 gallon salt glazed beehive (I own the exact one you have photo’d here is not Red Wing.  I believe it is an Ohio piece, but could be Western also. Cobalt decorated beehives in the 10 gallon size are rare to say the least.  I have mine valued at $3000 if that helps.   Two very nice pieces.   Al Kohlman


Iowa advertising buttermilk feeder


My dad came across these items recently. We are wondering if there is any chance that they may be Red Wing? If so, what is the value? There are no markings that I can find. Thanks, Ashley


Ashley, those two pieces your father found are Red Wing.  The brown (Albany slip) piece is a Red Wing foot warmer.  In perfect condition the value is between $50 & $60.  The other piece is a Red Wing advertising Chicken water/buttermilk feeder.  In mint condition and with the base the value is between $375 & $425.   Al Kohlman

Stoneware Jug


Hello. I recently aquired this jug from an Estate in Ohio and am trying to find out more about it. No luck with EBay & Google searches. It does have a small rim chip otherwise it is in excellent condition.

I find it interesting that it is double marked, on the handle and also on the lower side. Any information you could share would be fabulous. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!



Value is between $1200 & $1800 depending on the size and placement of the chip. Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware Company Bailed handle Brown top jug with St. Paul advertising

Question: Hello,
My name is Melissa and I have this jug but not sure exactly what I have. I will attach pictures and was hoping someone could tell me something about it.
I was given this by my father who passed away in May and the only thing I know about it that he said it was made by Red Wing. I don’t see any stamps or markings so I have no idea what I have.
Thank you for your time.


Melissa, you have a . It looks to be a gallon size.  With the St Paul, MN advertising if in perfect condition, the value is between $250 & $300.  Al Kohlman

Monmouth, IL Pottery on the Square Swap Meet scheduled

Join Us for “Pottery on the Square”

You are invited to the annual Pottery on the Square Swap Meet in Monmouth, Illinois that is scheduled for June 27th, 2015 starting at 8:00am and running until noon, on Monmouth’s Public Square.  Activities will include a pottery and stoneware swap meet and a pottery appraisal clinic.  The appraisal clinic will begin at 8:30am, where knowledgeable Illinois pottery collectors will be on hand to examine pieces of Illinois pottery brought by the public.  Rare items have been seen at the appraiser’s booth and it is exciting to see what prized item might show up. This event also provides a learning opportunity for the aspiring collector.

In conjunction with the event the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce is offering to the public an opportunity to purchase a handcrafted limited-edition, bristol jug with a bail handle and a Monmouth Pottery Company TM logo.  The jug stands approximately 5 3/4 inches tall (not including bail handle) and 4 3/8 inches in diameter.  Place your order now for the jugs that will be available the day of the event.  They are priced at $35 and shipping charges vary based on quantity ordered.

Monmouth Pottery Company was formed on February 1, 1893.  They manufactured all kinds of stoneware and survived a few plant fires.  Monmouth Pottery Company used their name on their products in different fonts and different designs along with various logos.  Then on November 29, 1905 Monmouth Pottery Company was sold and by 1906 was merged with six other pottery companies to form Western Stoneware.

For more information on the event or the Monmouth Pottery Company jug please contact the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce at 309-734-3181 or e-mail amm@monmouthilchamber.com. You may also go to the “Pottery on the Square” page of the Chamber’s website for information and photos from last year’s event, www.monmouthilchamber.com.

3 gallon Elephant Ear crock with Minnesota oval


Hi, I have a 3 gallon elephant ear red wing crock with the blue “Minnesota” oval.  It does have the hairline crack at the base which is in the back of the crock with relation to the stampings. Could you give me a fair market value for this piece? Thank you. Jordan


Jordan, if your 3 gallon Elephant Ear crock with Minnesota oval were in perfect condition, the value would be between $700 & $800 today.  With the hairline, that value will drop to half.  $350 to $400.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Collectors Society Secures Display of “Little Brown Jug” for its Convention

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces today that the University of Minnesota has granted permission to display the Little Brown Jug for the week of the 2015 Convention – July 6-12.

The RWCS recently announced that the Convention keynote presentation by Ken Magee, author of The Little Brown Jug: The Michigan-Minnesota Football Rivalry, would be open to the public. It’s slated for Thursday, July 9 at 10:30 a.m. at Red Wing High School.

Magee encouraged RWCS Executive Director Stacy Wegner to reach out to Adam Clark, Director of Football Operations at the University of Minnesota to request having the Little Brown Jug on display for his keynote presentation.

“I always thought in the back of my head it would be cool to have the jug, but never thought it would happen!” Wegner said. “Ken came through for us and working with Clark at the University of Minnesota has been easy.”

Wegner was more than pleased to secure the jug for the keynote session. But when Clark made it clear that the University of Minnesota is eager to share it with the people of Minnesota, she asked if the Society could display the jug for the full week of the 2015 RWCS Convention. Starting Monday, July 6 through Sunday, July 12 the jug will be in Red Wing. The Pottery Museum of Red Wing will be the main viewing location, but it will be at Red Wing High School on Thursday, July 9 for Magee’s keynote address.

“We are excited that the Red Wing Collectors Society was able to secure the ability to display the Little Brown Jug during Convention,” said Robin Wipperling, manager of the Pottery Museum of Red Wing. “Showing this iconic Red Wing stoneware jug in Red Wing is a great opportunity for the RWCS, the Pottery Museum of Red Wing and the Red Wing community as a whole.”

Make plans to see the Red Wing Stoneware Company’s most famous jug during the Red Wing Collectors Society Convention and hear its history on Thursday, July 9 at 10:30 a.m. at Red Wing High School, 2451 Eagle Ridge Dr., Red Wing, MN.

8 gallon Red Wing salt glazed ribcage crock


There are no crack or chips to be seen.
Could you please let me know how old it is and the value as well.

Thanks for your time and help!



Annie, your 8 gallon Red Wing salt glazed ribcage crock if cleaned up & in perfect condition would have a value between $300 & $350.  It was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company sometime between 1883 & 1895.  Al Kohlman

20gallon front stamped salt glaze butterfly


I recently picked up this piece at a garage sale and wanted to ask about the estimated values and how old the piece is.

Thank you!



Annie, this is a nice front stamped Red Wing butterfly.  However, the large crack in the back just kills its value.  As I see it, the value is in the area $200 to $250.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler without the lid or spigot


Hi there. Here is the water cooler. It had a plain lid with a 4–not correct. These are the only chips-very small and it is in great condition other than that.

Just wondering the value and if I should look for a lid? If so-which one? How old aprox.?

Thank you so much for your time! I picked all 3 up for $725 at a garage sale-I think I got a pretty good deal after looking online a bit!

Thanks again!



Annie, your Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler without the lid or spigot and small chip on the base has a value between $275 & $300.  Al Kohlman