Cherry Band pitcher with Webster, Wis. advertising


I have a Red Wing pottery Cherry Band pitcher with “Souvenir of Webster, Wis.” on it.  There are no markings of any kind on the bottom.  (Pictures attached)  Any idea of its age/value?

I contacted the Webster Chamber of Commerce but they didn’t know anything about it.



Joan, these Red Wing advertising pitchers first appeared in the Red Wing Stoneware catalog in 1916. The majority of these advertising pitchers were given away by Grocery, Dime Stores & even Coop’s of the town printed on them during the holidays to their better customers.  Value today on these advertising Cherry Band Pitchers is around $350 or so if in perfect condition.  Al Khlman

Bottom Marked Butter Crock


I recently saw this piece at a antique shop wasn’t sure what its worth or the proper name for it. Could you tell me a little more about this piece from the pictures I attached? There is a couple stickers on the front that are not part of the crock there just price sticker.
The bottom of the crock is stamped Redwing usa.
Any information  what its called and the value would be a helpful.

Thank you, Jim


Jim, you have a bottom signed Red Wing butter crock.  These crocks were used to store butter either from the churn or store.  In perfect condition the value is around $40 give or take $5 either way. Al Kohlman

2 gallon Red Wing transition target marked crock



I purchased this 2 gallon zinc crock with a Target design. Is it Red Wing and what could I sell it for? Small inside rim separation and small chip on bottom rim. No cracks or hairlines. Thanks!



Allen, your 2 gallon Red Wing transition target marked crock has a value between $250 & $300. Al Kohlman

4 gallon salt glazed crock with drop 8 with quotations.


I hope you can give me some information on the maker and time of these two crocks. Thank You In Advance, Ron


Ron the 4 gallon salt glazed crock on the right is a Red Wing drop 8 with quotations.  It was produced between 1877 & 1895.  Value is between $200 & $250 if in perfect condtion.  The 4 galloon salt glazed crock on the left would be called a lazy 8 target.  It is not Red Wing.  Not being Red Wing, I just have no idea of value or history. Al Kohlman

REd Wing 695 ashtray



I’ve had a such great time looking through the archives and have a question of my own to add!

I have an ashtray marked Red Wing USA 695 that I recently purchased.  Looking to find out more about it (year and value), it is in great condition with no visible damage or wear.  I’ve pasted the photo below.  Thanks!!


I was able to locate your piece in the Red Wing Art Pottery book by Ray Reiss. It was made in 1960 and it considered an ashtray. The value according to the book’s 2003 price guide is about $80. Stacy

King of Tarts color available


Hello Experts,

My question is-

How many King of Tarts were made total in each of the colors?

and are these all the colors?

multi colored

dusty blue

speckled blue green with black


pink with black



Thanks- Angela


Sorry but I have no idea how many King of Tart cookie jars were produced in each of the colors.  I don’t have access to production numbers and to my knowledge no such documentation exists.

We do not have thorough documentation on the King of Tarts cookie jar.  I have brochures from 1955 and 1956 that list the available colors as Fleck Blue and Fleck Pink.  Production of the multicolor jar began in the 1940s as evidenced by jars with an ink stamp that was not used after 1949.  The other colors were likely produced in the early 1950s but we have no documentation of dates or available colors.

My list of available colors would include multicolored, fleck blue with black trim, fleck pink with black trim, dusty blue, rust, and yellow.  Most likely rust = cinnamon and yellow = chartreuse.  I am not aware of a “wheat” colored King of Tarts jar, but would not be surprised to learn there are additional colors that I’ve not seen.


Gypsy Trail Hostesse ware bowl set


I received these bowls from my Great-Aunt. I do not know if they are Red Wing Pottery. Could you please check into this for me. I am doing my own research on line on many of the other items but still need help with some. Thank you so much.

Yes, enjoying retirement but miss my clients so much as they became friends thru the years of service.



The bowls in the photo were indeed made by Red Wing as part of their Gypsy Trail Hostess Ware line.  They were introduced in 1940 and were listed in catalogs until 1943.  Many collectors refer to them as Brides bowls and that is the term used in the 1942 catalog.  But catalogs from other years named them Shower bowls or two-toned bowls.  They could be purchased individually, as a nest of five bowls in sizes 5-6-7-8-9 inches, or as a nest of six bowls with the additional 10 inch bowl.  Your nest includes six bowls and thus is the complete set.

Generally these bowls are worth $40-60 each if they are in excellent condition.  Some buyers may be willing to pay a premium to acquire a complete set like yours.  It’s a very nice set!


Figural bird teapot


Dear Red Wing experts:

Maybe ten years ago, a street person from my neighborhood here in Washington, DC offered me two boxes of assorted glass/ceramic items for $6. An inveterate scavenger, of course I took the deal.

As it turned out, he had scooped these boxes up from an alley trash pile. The story goes that a widower cleaned out his deceased wife’s possessions, and apparently she had traveled around the area buying things, including a lot of teapots. Some were by Sadler, some by Hall, some by other companies I don’t recognize. I found a lot of price stickers in the $20-25 range, and a few receipts from PA and MD shops dated in the 1980s.

Amongst this little collection (my heart breaks when I wonder what had already been hauled away to the landfill), I found this teapot, which says Red Wing on the bottom. Knowing nothing about Red Wing, I have no idea whether it’s legit or not.

I can’t say the design – or its rather primitive execution – really appeals to me aesthetically, but there is something about its humble clumsiness (the poor beakless bird with its sloppily painted feathers, the raised design whose edges are neither crisp nor well defined) that makes me like it anyway. I imagine some worker, forced to take his/her grade school kid along to work that day, pulling out a brush and some paint and saying, “Have at it.”

If you can tell me something about this piece – anything – I would be grateful.



Red Wing Potteries produced dinnerware from the early 1930s until 1967.  Early dinnerware was glazed in a wide range of solid colors.  In 1941 Red Wing introduced its first dinnerware with hand painted artwork.  Over time this feature became a well-known hallmark of Red Wing dinnerware.  Artwork was applied in assembly line fashion by local girls and young women hired for that purpose.  Painters were each given one or two colors to add to each piece as it passed on down the line.  The three colors on your teapot were likely applied by three different painters.

In the mid 1940s Red Wing produced three tea sets, each consisting of a matching teapot, sugar and creamer. These sets do not belong to any dinnerware pattern, they are simply stand-alone tea sets. Most likely these three tea sets were sold as giftware. To my knowledge these tea sets have not been identified in a Red Wing catalog or price list so we don’t know their official names. Collectors sometimes refer to this teapot as a “figural bird”. I would put the value for this teapot in the $30 to $40 range, assuming excellent undamaged condition. While this teapot can be fairly difficult to find, it also does not seem to be in high demand so the value is rather low relative to teapots in the more popular dinnerware patterns.

By the way, the bird does have a beak.  The feet and beak are present in the bird’s raised figure but aren’t painted, they were left white because that’s how the teapot was designed.  This was not an oversight on the part of the painters.


Gypsy Trail Hostess Ware butter boat


I have a piece of Red Wing that I cannot find any info online about. IT is not bit so my first thought would be a measuring cup or a scoop or a creamer. It just looks to little to be a gravy boat. It is orange. Can you help me identify it and value it? It is perfect condition and i would probably ebay it. I didn’t clean it for the photo sorry. Thanks Jeanine.


Red Wing catalogs listed your item as a Butter Boat.  It was made in the early 1940s as part of Red Wing’s Gypsy Trail Hostess Ware line.  Value for a butter boat in excellent condition is $20-30. -Larry

6 gallon dobule birch salt glaze crock


Could you please tell me the value of this croc? It has a very small chip on the handle and a small chip on the inner ring. Thanks so much, Mari


Mari, double leaves on the smaller Red Wing salt glazed crocks are a tough find.  With the minimal chips you described the value to the right collector would be anywhere from $750 to $900 or so.  Nice piece.  Al Kohlman