Fondoso pitcher leaching residue


I recently purchased a light green Fondoso pitcher.  (I’m not sure of the official color’s name, but it’s a jadeite hue.)  Its interior is glazed in white.  I brought it home and gave it a couple thorough washings with dish soap. It doesn’t have any obvious discoloration, and when filled with water, the water remains clear and tasteless.  However, any time water contacts the exterior of the pitcher for more than a brief hand-wash and dry, it leaches a rusty brown color.  The residue is not sticky and has no smell.  It’s easily removed.  I submerged the pitcher for about the last 24 hrs. and have had to change the water twice because the water has gotten so discolored.  It looks almost like tea after a few minutes!

I’ve never seen anything like this.  Is this common with Red Wing pottery or with this line or glaze?  The only thing I could think of is that red clay was used and the glaze is thin, but even that seems a stretch.  Is there anything I can do to clean it so that the film no longer forms?  Any expertise you can offer would be most helpful.

Thank you!



Red Wing did not use red clay to make dinnerware, so that’s not the source of the rust colored residue that is leaching from your pitcher. The problem is almost certainly due to crazing. Crazing occurs when the clay and the glaze shrink at different rates, leading to fine cracks in the glaze. This was a common problem with the glazes used to make early Red Wing dinnerware such as Fondoso. Once an item is crazed, liquid held by the item can seep through the glaze and into the clay. Most likely the rust colored material you see came from coffee, tea, cola or some other dark liquid that seeped into the body of pitcher over repeated uses long ago.

As you have seen, soaking the pitcher in water will draw the contaminants out of the clay. The easiest and safest way to clean your pitcher would be to simply submerge the pitcher in water for as long as it takes to remove the contaminants. Change the water when it is dirty. When the water remains clear  your pitcher should be clean. This process may take weeks or longer. Some people use bleach (I do not recommend this) or hydrogen peroxide (the 30% or 40% strength found at beauty supply stores, not the 3% strength used to clean wounds). Baking the item on low heat has been used to remove greasy contaminants.


Reid, Murdoch & Co. pickle dispenser and Grommes and Ulrich advertising jug



I have two pieces I believe to be Red Wing Stoneware.  Pictures are attached.

The first is a white bailed advertiser jug stamped Grommes and Ulrich Chicago. It also reads “1 GAL LIQUID MEASURE” on bottom face front.  It has a hairline along the base and the original bail is well rusted with damage to the wooden handle.  Otherwise is in great condition.

The second is what I was told is a pickle dispenser with advertising for Reid, Murdoch & Co.  It has a 2 very small chips and no cracks or other damage.  The glass appears to be original with 2 small chips.

Can you confirm that these are Red Wing pieces, give me any background you may have, and advise what you feel their value may be?

Thanks and best regards,



Ted,Both the Grommes and Ulrich Chicago. It also reads “1 GAL LIQUID MEASURE & pickle dispenser with advertising for Reid, Murdoch & Co are Red Wing pieces.  The Grommes & Ulrich with the crack has a value between $50 & $60,  The Reid & Murdoch Pickle dispenser $300 to $350. Al Kohlman

4 gallon Red Wing churn, reversed Ski oval


Hello, I was wondering what this 4 gallon churn with the Oval above the wing is worth? It is in mint condition. Thanks!



Jeremy, with the reversed Ski oval and lid, your 4 gallon Red Wing churn should be right around $300 give or take $25 either way.  Al Kohlman

Steinmeyer, Milwaukee advertising jugs


Would you have a value for this piece? Thanks Amana


Amana, these Steinmeyer, Milwaukee advertising jugs are quite common.

This particular jug shown is not made by Red Wing but has a value of $100 or so.  Al Kohlman

Textura, Belle Kogan design


Got this at a yard sale but I can’t tell what this is, perhaps a vase?  It’s about 7″ tall.

The sticker says “75 years – Red Wing 1878-1953”

Any idea of value?

Please & Thank you for your help!



can’t find the shape number off hand, but think it’s a Kogan design, from around 1950, textura.  value around 25.00.  thanks, steve n rose

5 pound Red Wing saffron ware butter pail


I recently acquired this and am unable to find any other than 3 pound. Is this a rare size? Terrence


Terrence, I wouldn’t call a 5 pound Red Wing saffron ware butter pail a rare size.  These butter pails used the same mold as the gray line ware.  They are always kind of a tough fine, but not rare.   $400 to $500 with lid and in perfect condition.  Al Kohlman

1 gallon Red Wing crock with the 4 1/2″ wing and lid with wing stamp


Hi I am Ed and I thought you could help identify, date and possibly give me some idea what the crock is worth. My wife and I purchased our home. Along with the house came a lot of junk and this curious crock with lid. The crock is plain with the only markings of a 4 1/2 inch red wing center mass of the crock. Measuring approximately 7 3/4 inches high and 7 3/4 inch wide diameter. The crock is near perfect other then a 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch not very deep chip on the bottom edge. The lid is perfect with no damage other then old looking. In the center of the lid is a button handle with a number 1. Radiating out from the center is a multi-pedal design circling to a non glazed circle then to the glazed edge. The lid also has a 2 inch red wing and a little yellowing color compared to the crock itself. Was this lid made for this crock originally? Thank you for any information.


Ed, you have a couple of nice pieces here.  The 1 gallon Red Wing crock with the 4  1/2″ wing with small chip on the bottom is valued right around $400.  The lid is much rarer than the crock because of the small red wing on it.  The red wing on the lid is not very well stamped so it will hurt the value somewhat.  $600 to $650.  Also, that lid was made to fit any Red Wing 1 gallon crock and not necessary yours.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon Elephant Ear beehive jug


Good Afternoon:  I’m just beginning research on this piece. We found it yesterday in our parents home as we work through it for closing the estate.  Is it work anymore research – we can’t find much about it?  I can get you more details I you’d need them.



Carma, you have a 3 gallon Elephant Ear beehive jug which was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1906 & 1909.  All cleaned up and if in absolutely perfect condition & I mean perfect, no chips, cracks, hairlines etc, the value is between $3000 & $3500.  Any damage & the value will drop to half what I posted.  Nice hard to find piece.  Al Kohlman