909 Vase, Belle Kogan designer


My father would like me to find out what this piece is and a value. I have been trying on my own but know next to nothing on how to search. Hoping you can help me give a 87 year old some answers.

Answer: t\This is shape 909. It was designed around 1939 by Belle Kogan.  Value is around $25.00 in perfect condition.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing sponge band advertising pitcher


The Advertising says:  ‘READY TO SERVE, SEVERIN MATTSON, GENERAL MERCHANT, BRAHAM, MINN.”  By the spout, between the advertising and the spout, there is a slight deglaze line about 3/4 inch long, you can’t see it on the pictures, otherwise the pitcher is in excellent condition.  Does the deglaze line devalue the pitcher’s value?

Sincerely , Jon


Jon, you have a zinc glazed Red Wing gray-line pitcher (also called sponge band) with advertising.  That de-glazed line does not affect its value.  These pitchers are down a little.  $275 to $350.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 10 inch bowl with blue lines


Can you submit this bowl as well that I picked up recently?  I think it may be a Red Wing.  It has no cracks and has a faint 10 on the bottom.  Just wondering if it is in fact Red Wing and what the value is? Pat


Pat, you have a Red Wing 10″ white with blue lines bowl.  It was produced in the late 1920’s & into the 30’s.  With no advertising the value is around $60.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 4 gallon shoulder jug, 1909



Just found this jug in my mother’s attic.  It appears to be a Redwing but I’m not certain as I can’t seem to find an image of one exactly like it online.

Can you help me determine its authenticity and potential value?

Thanks so very much,



Edward, you do indeed have a Red Wing 4 gallon shoulder jug.  This is an early shoulder jug most likely produced right around 1909 or so.  Value in perfect condition is between $125 & $150.  Al Kohlman

Duck Ashtray and Frog Planter



Was wondering if you had any information on these two red wing items in the attached picture.
I can’t seem to find any info on the internet. If you could tell me about them and what an estimated value would be would be great.

Thanks, Chad


The yellow duck-shaped item is an individual ashtray from Red Wing’s Gypsy Trail dinnerware line. The catalogs listed these as Duck Ashtrays and showed them as available in the standard Gypsy Trail colors (blue, orange, yellow, turquoise and white).   They were made from about 1937 to 1942.

Value fora Duck Ashtray in excellent condition is $40 to $60.  Some are marked RED WING, others are not marked.  The value for a marked ashtray would on the higher end of the range. Larry

the frog is a planter, #992,worth around 60.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

25 Gallon Double Birch Squat Crock


I took a flyer and appraised it at $350. estate value. It was definitely squat, I would guess 2.5 feet. I collected Red Wing stoneware at one time, and never saw one that size, but than I was not interested in the larger pieces. It was very heavy! Can you confirm the value of this?



June, you were right on target with the $350 value on the Red Wing 25 gallon sqaut crock.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon Rib Cage Salt Glaze crock


I have had this for over 30 years. I’m downsizing to a small apt and getting rid of things. Would lie to know if this has any value before I put it in my garage sale. If so who would you recommend to purchase it?

Thanks so much


Answer: Your rib cage RW crock has a value of between$150-200 assuming the is no damage.

Pink Ball Vase


Hi there, My mother-in-law recently gave me this pink vase that was passed down from a grandparent. Here are a few pictures of it. It has a faint “RED WING” on the bottom and maybe a number below that.  So I was wondering if you could tell me about it and if you would know how much it would be worth? Thanks so much for any information you can provide, Danielle

Answer: I can’t find the shape number, but from the glaze I would say 1950 ish, a simple form, maybe worth around 25.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose