12 gallon Red Wing crock



These pieces were left by the former owners when my parents purchased their home in the early 1960s. They are rather dirty right now as we just ‘unearthed’ them and took the photos, but in good condition – no cracks inside or outside. My brother decided to investigate Red Wing and we found your website and here we are, asking you for the value of each piece, particularly the smaller piece with what appears to be a swirly 8. The larger piece has handles that you can’t see well from the photo and I understand the handles were patented in the 1910s.




Joanna, your 12 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition would have a value in the neighborhood of $100 to $125 when all cleaned up.  The patented date for the handles was Dec 21st, 1915,  so you were fairly close.  Your second piece is a 3 gallon salt glazed crock.  It is not Red Wing.  Not being Red Wing, I just have no idea of history or value.  Still a cute piece.  Al Kohlman

2014 Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Minutes

Below are the PDF’s of the 2014 RWCS Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – approved – Friday, February 7, 2014, Des Moines, IA

Board of Directors Meeting – Wednesday, July 9, 2014 – Red Wing, MN

Annual Meeting Minutes –draft – Friday, July 11, 2014 – Red Wing, MN
Draft posted –  approved version will be posted following the next meeting in 2015

Board of Director Meeting – October 4 & 5 – Red Wing, MN
Pottery Museum of Red Wing
8:00am – 9:00am Open Session

Executive Committee Budget Meeting
Friday, November 7 – Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Full Board Budget Meeting
Sunday, November 16 – conference call 6pm

Members wishing to attend meetings may contact the office for meeting information.

Fantasy line dinnerware


I have a set of fantasy line dinnerware complete with 12 cups and saucers, 12 small plates, 10 dinner plates, eight small bowls, serving pieces, coffee pot, sugar and creamer, butter dish and two sets of salt and pepper shakers. Is this a rare line? I can’t seem to find one piece of this design on ebay. I am interested in selling this set but I can’t figure out it’s value. Can you help me?

Thank you.



The Fantasy pattern isn’t rare but it can be difficult to find.  It turns up on eBay occasionally but not routinely as seen with more common patterns.  Here are values for the Fantasy items listed.  All values assume excellent condition.

Cup & saucer:  $10-15
Salad or bread plate:  $8-12
Dinner plate:  $15-20
Cereal bowl or sauce dish:  $8-10
Beverage server with cover (coffee pot): $70-80
Sugar and creamer:  $25-30
Covered butter dish:  $30-35
Salt & pepper shakers:  $25-30


Rooster pitcher, Chevron pattern


Could you please tell me about this lovely rooster pitcher?  Is it Redwing?
When was it made? What was it called?  Any info would be appreciated!  Thank
you in advance.



The Rooster pitcher is definitely Red Wing.  It is from the Chevron dinnerware pattern, one of four patterns in Red Wing’s extensive Gypsy Trail line.  A colorful but undated brochure believed to be from 1937 introduced the Chevron pattern.  This brochure describes your pitcher as a “cocktail jug” and it came with a wooden dasher (stir stick) which is nearly impossible to find today.  Matching 4oz cups with rooster handles were also available.  Cups and the jug were available individually or as a “Cocktail Set”.  Cocktail Sets were sold as a service for 4 or 8 and consisted of a cocktail jug with dasher and either four or eight cups and 8″ Chevron plates.  It is not known how long these cocktail items were produced, but Gypsy Trail catalogs dated 1940 and later do not include them.  The brochure lists blue, orange and ivory as the available colors but we have seen the jug in a variety of colors besides these three, including varying shades of pink and yellow.

The Rooster cocktail jug is popular with collectors.  It is considered scarce but not rare.  Value for a cocktail jug in excellent condition is around $150.


PS:  I’ve attached two photos.  One shows an orange jug with cups; the other shows a light blue jug with the wooden dasher.

30 gallon Red Wing salt glazed back stamped Butterfly crock


I would like some information and valuation of this 30 gallon crock. It is in excellent condition with no hairline cracks and it is stamped Red Wing on the back.
Thanks, Bret


Bret, your Red Wing salt glazed 30 gallon back stamped Butterfly crock was produced between 1880 & 1895.  If there are no chips, cracks, hairlines or cracks the value today is between $4500 & $5500.   I hate to have such a large spread on the value, however, until one gets to really look at the piece for flaws like flaking in the glaze, stains or spider type hairlines, this is the safest way to go.  It is a great looking piece!  Al Kohlman

Terry Moe & Larry Roschen inducted into RWCS Hall of Fame during 2014 Convention

Red Wing, MN – Terry Moe and Larry Roschen were inducted in to the Red Wing Collectors Society Hall of Fame at the 2014 Convention during the Annual Business Meeting on Friday, July 11.

Terry Moe and Larry Roschen were recognized for their contribution in the area of Red Wing Dinnerware The Red Wing Collectors Society Hall of Fame was officially established in 1991. The honorees are individuals who have made a major positive impact in the collecting, preservation and/or education of stoneware and pottery made by Red Wing companies. These members are nominated by the membership and voted on by the Board of Directors. Inductees are given a plaque and recognized with a ceremony during the RWCS Convention Annual Business Meeting.

Terry Moe – 2014

Terry Moe of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Red Wing Collectors Society Member #5933 inducted into the Red Wing Collectors Society Hall of Fame this 11th day of July, 2014 in recognition of these lifetime achievements:

  • Joined the RWCS in 1991
  • Convention and MidWinter Educational Seminar presenter since 1999
  • Donor to the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Museum
  • Member of the RWCS Iowa Chapter
  • RWCS Website Ask the Experts dinnerware expert
  • Numerous RWCS Newsletter articles
  • Co-Author of RWCS Newsletter series “Intro to Dinnerware”

Terry Moe has tirelessly researched original Red Wing Pottery dinnerware source documents. His research has been published in RWCS Newsletter articles and other publications. Terry co-authored with Larry Roschen the RWCS Newsletter article series “Intro to Dinnerware” which has become the current cornerstone of Red Wing Dinnerware knowledge. In addition, Terry has shared his knowledge with RWCS membership through numerous Dinnerware Educational Seminars at both RWCS Convention and MidWinter. Terry’s commitment to advancing members dinnerware knowledge has greatly enhanced and expanded the RWCS members understanding and appreciation of the dinnerware produced in Red Wing. The RWCS is delighted to welcome Terry Moe into the RWCS Hall of Fame.

Larry Roschen – 2014

Larry Roschen of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Red Wing Collectors Society Member #949, inducted into the Red Wing Collectors Society Hall of Fame this 11th day of July, 2014 in recognition of these lifetime achievements:

  • Joined the RWCS in 1980
  • Convention Educational Seminar presenter since the mid 1980’s
  • RWCS Commemorative Manager 1993-2000
  • RWCS Foundation Board Member 2009- Present
  • Donor to the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Museum
  • Gopher Chapter member since 1980
  • Gopher Chapter President 1984-1986, Commemorative Manager 1990-1992 and 2001-2011, Vice President 2002-2006, Secretary 2006 – Present
  • Founding RWCS Website Ask the Expert for Dinnerware since 2005
  • RWCS Newsletter Contributor
  • Co-Author of RWCS Newsletter series “Intro to Dinnerware”

Larry Roschen’s curation and research of original Red Wing Pottery source documents has uncovered significant findings about Red Wing Dinnerware. He has shared this information in the RWCS Newsletter and other publications. Larry co-authored with Terry Moe the RWCS Newsletter article series “Intro to Dinnerware” which has become the current cornerstone of Red Wing Dinnerware knowledge. In addition, he has shared his knowledge through countless Dinnerware educational seminars at both Convention and MidWinter. Larry’s responses to the RWCS “Ask the Experts” web service have become a web- based reference for Red Wing Dinnerware. By sharing his knowledge he greatly enhanced the understanding and appreciation of the dinnerware produced in Red Wing. The RWCS is delighted to welcome Larry Roschen into the RWCS Hall of Fame.

The RWCS Hall of Fame inductees can be seen on the Hall of Fame Page.

20 Gallon Squat Crock and Lid


I have this large crock and lid at my work. Can you tell me it’s value?


This is a squat Red Wing 20 gallon crock with 6 inch wing and handles. If in perfect condition it is valued between $600 & $650 for just the crock.  If the lid is in perfect condition and is a Red Wing lid and creamy white, it has a value in the area of $300.  It is a very nice piece.  Al Kohlman

2014 Convention Commemorative

The 2014 Red Wing Collectors Society Commemorative is a Success Filter with lid. First produced in Red Wing in 1894, they came in two sizes – 4 gallons for home use and 10 gallons for hotel use. The upper crock contains a natural stone filter that collects the impurities in the water, thus leaving the user with clean water in the bottom crock. Production of filters was phased out in the 1930s.

The RWCS produced three different versions of its commemorative in 2014. Version A is zinc glazed and decorated with a RWCS ad and red wing. Version B is salt glazed with a cobalt ad. Version C is the seldom seen blue sponged Success Filter.

Version A is 90% of total production, Version B is 9% and Version C is 38 pieces to match the Convention’s anniversary. Members did not know which version they received until opening their box at Convention or receiving it in the mail.

The lower crock is ink-stamped “RWCS July 10-12, 2014” on the bottom. The crocks were cast in a four-piece mold and the lid was pressed. The decorative toggling on the crocks was built into the mold. All commemoratives were produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Co. The Version B pieces were salt glazed at Red Wing Pottery. Both potteries are under single ownership. This is only the second time in the history of the club that the commemorative was made in Red Wing. The first time was 2007. There were no potteries actively producing stoneware in Red Wing when the club started in 1977.

For the second-straight year, the RWCS also offered an accessory piece that could be purchased only by members who attended the Convention. The 2014 accessory piece is a stoneware riser with decorative toggling that the Success Filter rested on top of, allowing users to fit a mug under its spigot when dispensing water. It was produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Co. and cast in a six-piece mold. A limited number of risers were made in zinc glaze, salt glaze and blue sponge.

The RWCS Special Commemorative is a German Spittoon. Eighteen spittoons were hand-turned on the wheel. The toggling was applied by hand. Half the spittoons are zinc glazed and half are salt glazed. All have an Albany slip interior and all are ink-stamped “RWCS July 10-12, 2014”. The zinc pieces were given away to display winners. The salt glaze version was used for prizes and various drawings. One of each was also silent auctioned in the Commemorative Room during Convention.

A limited number of filters were also specially made for KidsView. The pieces are zinc glaze and have various color handprints randomly stamped on them. The pieces were auctioned and proceeds went to KidsView.