10 gallon crock with the 6 inch wing, 5 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 inch wing

Question: Hello,

I was so excited to find your website and have enjoyed looking at the different crocks Red Wing has made. I have two, and was wondering if you could give me an estimate on their value. They do not have any cracks, but each one of them has a small chip on the rim. The larger crock has an insignia by the handle that says P A T E N T E with the date Dec. 24, 1915 or 1918. I have attached pictures.

Thank you for the information.



Linda, nice to hear you enjoy the site.  Your Red Wing 10 gallon crock with the 6 inch wing,  would have a value between $125 & $150.  The patent date is Dec 21st, 1915.  This is the date that Red Wing patented the handles.  Also, looking at the photo, one of the handles on the crock is not Red Wing.  It is the one where the wire makes an X in the middle.  Someone must have replaced the original handle with this one.  The 5 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 inch wing would have a value between $70 & $80.  Al Kohlman

6, 3, and 2 gallon Red Wing Crocks



I have 3 old crocks and was wondering what they might be worth.

6 Gal. / 3 Gal. / 1 Gal. There is a handle on the 6 gallon.

They are in good shape, no cracks or chips.

Thanks so much. Vicki,


Vicki on your 6 gallon Red Wing crock it looks like there is a hairline on the bottom front of your crock.  If this is the case, the value is around $40.  If it is a glaze run, then figure about $70 to $80.  Both the 3 gallon & 2 gallon winged crocks, $60 to $70 each.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon Red Wing leaf crock, 4 gal birch churn, 2 gal salt target churn


Hi I have a few pieces that I was curious about the value. 6 gallon has some staining but otherwise perfect.  Churns are in great condition.  Thanks Brad


Answer: Brad, your Red Wing 6 gallon leaf crock has a value between $500 & $600 depending on how bad the stain.  The 4 gal Birch leaf churn, $150 to $160.  Red Wing 2 gal salt glaze target churn, $800 to $1000.  Al Kohlman

Provincial dinnerware, rust color



I acquired this set of, what I think is, Oomph dinnerware last summer.  I am curious to the value of this set and if I decide to sell it, where/how I would do that.

It’s not a complete set and some of the pieces have small chips. Any information you have is greatly appreciated!


The dinnerware in the photo is not Oomph, which was dark brown and green and made in the 1940s.  This rust colored dinnerware was known as Provincial and was made in the early 1960s.  It was made to go with the Provincial Bakeware set of casseroles, bean pots, and other baking dishes.  Provincial dinnerware is hard to find today but it doesn’t attract much attention from collectors, probably because due to the limited number of items included in the pattern.

Can’t really tell from the photo but this appears to be a service for eight with a few accessory pieces included.  If all pieces were in mint condition I would put the value of this collection at $300 to $400.  Any damage reduces the value considerably, usually by 25 to 75% or more.  The more severe the damage, the greater the reduction.  The salt & pepper shakers, sugar and creamer, and the butter dish are the most valuable pieces in this collection.  If they are in undamaged condition it might be worthwhile to offer them separately from the rest of the set.



Red Wing 7 inch sponge ware Cap bowl


I just got the attached spongeware bowl.It measures 7″ across and is ribbed. I am not positive that it is Red Wing, but I sure hope so. The only mark on the bottom is the 7c. It is clean with no chips.
First-Is it Red Wing and 2nd an approximate value?
Thanks for your time-Again!!

Answer: Tim, you have a Red Wing 7 inch sponge ware Cap bowl.    Value on your bowl is $50 to $60. Al Kohlman