GIVE TO THE MAX – Support the Museum – NOV. 14

Give to the Max Day is this Thursday, November 14th! This will be The Red Wing Pottery Museum’s third year of participating and we would love to reach our goal of $18,000.

You can help us by clicking on the Give MN logo above; it will take you to our donation page:

This year, we have two matching donations totaling $9,000. The Red Wing Collectors Society has pledged $5,000 dollars in the matching of funds that we receive. Also, the RWCS Foundation Board Members have pledged $4,000 dollars in matching funds. This means that if we can get donations totaling at least $9,000 we get an extra $9,000 for the museum! If everyone could just give a little, just $20, $50, $100 or more then we would be on our way to reach our goal.

PLEASE HELP US. Every donation is important to us and appreciated. You can give any time by clicking on the Give MN logo; it will take you to our donation page. Here you can read about us, click the donate button and it will easily walk you through the process.

If you do not feel secure in using a computer, you can call either Larry Peterson at 612-719-6113, Diane Hallstrom 612-247-9876 or Dave Hallstrom 612-718-0331. All three of us will be set up at the Red Wing YMCA on Thursday starting at 8:30 a.m. and we will be happy to get your information so you can send us a check in the mail.

Please help to make your NEW Red Wing Pottery Museum a must visit destination. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much!


Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Board
Dave Hallstrom, President, Director
Carmen Selfridge, Vice President
Barb Brown, Secretary
Diane Hallstrom, Treasurer, Curator
Wayne Miller
Dave Kuffel
Larry Peterson
Larry Roschen
Louise Schleich
Steve Brown
Sheldon Bohnhoff
Nancy Lambert

Collection of crocks: 15, 4, 3, 2, 10, 6


We where recently given some crocks as a donation (to be sold) and we are wondering if someone can help us assessing a good sale price for them?

As you can see in the picture we have 6 crocks total and here is a little about each one:

2 Gal = in good shape

2 Gal lids = a few small chips
3 Gal = some small chips
4 Gal = in good shape

4 Gal lid = cracked and looks to have been glued
(very good job though)

6 Gal = a number of crocks in one place on the base
(visible in the picture)

10 Gal = in good shape

10 Gal lid = one dime sized chip on edge

15 Gal = in good shape

15 Gal lid = one 6″ hair line crack on the lid
and chip near the handle

FYI the ones in good shape have no easily apparent chips or cracks

I think they all have original handles as well

Any help you can give on a good sale price for these will help us with the fundraiser we are selling these at.  Does selling a crock and the appropriate sized lid raise the overall pricing versus selling them separately?

Thank you greatly for your time and have great day!!!!!!



Brent, your 2 gallon Red Wing crock with small wing, $50 to $60.  The 2 gallon Red Wing lids with small chips, $75 each. The 3 gallon crock with 4″ wing & small chips.  $75.  4 gallon small wing crock $75 to $80.  4 gallon lid that was cracked and glued together, $20.  6 gallon small wing crock with a number of cracks, $30 to $35.  10 gallon small wing crock $75 to $100 at best.   10 gal crock lid with dime side chip on lid,  $100.  $15 gallon 4 inch wing crock $150. 15 gallon lid with hairline crack & chip near handle.  $50 to $75.  Brent it is always better to sell the lids separate from the crocks.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

Colonnes Teapot


I picked up at auction last week a box of RW which included a Futura Colonnes teapot in new-looking condition (no crazing, chips, cracks, or signs of use.)

The “ask the experts” info on your site (which I adore) rates this pattern as both a desired collectible, and uncommon.  I am unable to find a price range for it.

1.  how does one establish a fair price?

2.  what venues exist to sell an unusual piece– besides antique dealers and e-bay?
again, I am most grateful for any advice from the experts.



The Colonnes pattern was for only one year (1957), thus it is difficult to find today.  As with most patterns the teapot is among the more highly sought pieces in the Colonnes
pattern.  A Colonnes teapot in mint condition would be worth around $200 to a knowledgeable collector.


Please see the FAQ
section of this web site for advice on selling Red Wing.

Red Wing 5 gallon beehive jug


Hi. I have had this stoneware jug for 40 years, it was purchased in Kansas (pics included). I think it may be a Redwing 5 gallon Beehive. Can you identify it and provide any history and a guestimate as to its value? Thanks! Ed


Ed, you do indeed have a Red Wing 5 gallon beehive jug.  It was produced between 1895 & 1917.  To bad it only has the number 5 on it.  Decorations or advertising would have greatly increased it’s value.  As it sits now.   $125 to $150.  Al Kohlman

4 gallon salt glaze crock


I have a crock that is salt glazed with what looks like the number 4 on it. It would hold about 4 gallons (almost 12” tall). I think it might be Red Wing, but not sure.





Cassie, well the handle does look to be Red Wing.  The cut line is not normally seen on Red Wing pieces, but this could have been a potter from another pottery that came to Red Wing.  With all this being said, I am going to change my mind on your piece and go with Red Wing.  Value $175 to $200.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing: 7 inch cap bowl, Packing Jar, and Applie Sauce Jar


I recently acquired 3 interesting pieces of crock ware from my mothers house.  She became ill last Feb. and recently moved her into an apartment.   While cleaning out the house to get ready to sell, I came upon these cool items.  I’m not concerned about value, but would like to know some history and age of them.    The first picture is all three.     The 2nd picture is oven ware that is approx. 7” in diameter and 4” tall.   3rd picture is the bottom of it.       I honestly don’t know what to call the 2nd item.  In picture 4 it measures 10” diameter, and 13 1/2 “ tall.   The fifth picture is a close-up of print on it.        The 3rd and final item look like a miniature of the 2nd item.   In picture 6 you’ll see there are no markings on it at all.  And in picture 7 shows the bottom of it.     I’ve looked all over the web and found the crock ware but no info on it.    Thank you in advance for your help.



Mark & Mary, your first item is a sponged 7 inch Red Wing cap bowl.  These bowls were produced in the 1930’s.  Your second item with the red wing is a packing jar or also called an apple sauce jar.  It was produced for canning and made in the teens and through the 1930’s. The packing jar came in 5, 3 & 2 gallon sizes.  Your packing jar is missing it’s lid and the hardware to seal the lid.   Your last bottom signed item is a preserve or snuff jar.  Again also used for canning or storing snuff.  These were produced in the 1920’s.  It also came with a lid and was produced in 1 gal, 1/2 gal & 1 qt sizes.  Hope this is what you are looking for.  Al Kohlman

20 pound Red Wing Butter Crock


I believe this is a Red Wing 20 lb crock in great shape. I haven’t seen one without the border before. What do you think?


Laura, your crock is a Red Wing 20 pound butter crock.  Most of these 20 pounders will have a block around the 20 lbs and a red wing.  However, we have seen them like yours and also with just the 20 lbs and having the block around it, but no red wing.  The value on these without the red wing is much lower than those complete with blocking and the red wing.  Value is around  $200 to $$250 or so.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon REd Wing salt glazed beehive

Question: Hi my name is Dave I have a three gallon beehive jug that my wife and I bought at an auction sale last summer. I was wondering if you could give me some information on it?  I think  it is in good condition , a small chip on bottom front  no other chips or cracks. I am fairly sure it is Red Wing .What is the value and age of this jug? I will attach pictures. Thank you for your help.

Answer: Dave, from what I can see of your Red Wing 3 gallon salt glazed beehive, it could very well be Red Wing.   Not being signed and with the lazy 8 target mark, the value is around $300 to $350.  These salt glazed jugs were produce between 1877 & 1895.   Al Kohlman