3 gallon double rib cage, Minnesota Stoneware Co.



I just purchased this Red Wing crock at an estate sale and would like to know about the design, age and value.  I have other Red Wing crockery but not any with this design.

It is in excellent condition, no cracks.

Thank you in advance.



Answer: Donna, you have a Minnesota Stoneware Company 3 gallon double rib cage crock.   It was produced between 1883 to 1895 or so.   Unsigned and in perfect condition, the value is between $250 & $300.  Al Kohlman

Rumrill #505, backwards bottom marked.


HI STEVE, I am not sure if you answer emails like this, but a friend turned me on to this site,  I do not often come across Red Wing, nor Rumrill.. But I enjoyed reading the letters to you and your answers..

Now for what I have, and cannot find out anything for sure..
I have a large planter or console bowl in the shape of a shell.  I have attached photos if you want to take a look..

The shell is marked on the bottom with all letter reversed,  LLIRMUR U.S.A  and the number 505 backwards as well.  Beisides the markings being backwards, some one also painted the bottom black, not sure for what reason.. I purchased this at an Country barn an estate of a couple that passed on and were quite well to do.. So did not think it was junk.. Attached see pictures, the dish is about 12″ long..
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Rochelle


Answer: That’s an odd one, I have no idea how its marked backwards.  Its not a RedWing glaze or shape, so I’m not sure on a value.  Thanks, Steve&rose


Information found by submitter later:

As written in RumRill book The Ohio Years 1938-1942

505 shell console bowl Neptune green 1942 Gonder made. 16″ long. $250.-300. They were finished in soft muted shades of green and tan, and their interiors were usually a high gloss pink finish. These large pieces also had an unusual charcoal black bottom—another sign of a Gonder-made RumRill. these unglazed bottoms were also sometimes numbered with a three-digit shape number, starting with the 500 series. These pieces were produced in late 1941 and 1942 at the Zane Pottery Company which later was renamed Gonder Ceramic Arts. Rare ash black bottoms had a distinctive reverse impressed mark. These pieces were made during the transition period when Gonder started producing RumRill  Pottery.

Read all about it here complete with pictures..





Red Wing Bean pot crca 1894-95


This seems to be a salt glaze pot, about 7 ” tall x 7 1/2″ diameter at the bottom, and the bottom is marked Red Wing Stoneware Co. I need help to determine whether this is genuine and if so how old it is.

Thank you


Your Red Wing bean pot is the oldest version of their bean pot line.  It is kind of a Boston bean pot version and is show in the 1884 catalog in the Albany slip line.  Yours is zinc glaze which began right in the 1894-95 era,  It is an original Red Wing bean pot.  Al Kohlman

Magnolia urn


I have two jars with lids. See attached photo. Perfect condition. What is their age and worth. I appreciate your time and help.

Thank you,


Answer: Magnolia line, circa 1940.  Around 90.00 each if in good shape.  Thanks Steve n rose

Brushedware garden urn


We recently picked up with piece what can you tell us about its history and value.

Answer: Brushedware garden urn, circa 1930, value 500-1000 Nice find….  Steve n Rose

Red Wing Butter Crock with Albuquerque advertising


I am attaching the following photos of a Red Wing Crock I found.  I wanted to know if you could give me any more information about it (age, value, what it was used for, etc.).

It is marked:

A. W. Cleland, Jr.

Bottom marked with Redwing Stoneware Co.

It is approximately 5″ tall and 7″ in diameter.  It has a glaze drip on the outside that’s the color of the inside brown.

Thank you for any information you may be able to provide,



Andrew, you have quite a find here.  You have an early Red Wing Stoneware A.
W. Cleland, Jr. Grocer Albuquerque bottom signed butter crock which was produced between 1877 & 1894.  If it is in perfect condition, the value would be in the area of (are you sitting down yet) $2500 to $3500 or so.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon birch leaf crock no oval


Hello Expert,

Is this a piece of from Union Stoneware?  If so, did they forget to put the stamp on it?

Thanks for your time.



Margaret, no the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not forget to stamp the oval on your 2 gallon birch leaf crock.  These crocks were commission for the Sears & Roebuck Stores.  Sears & Roebuck did not want ovals on there stoneware for whatever reason (some folks believe that Sears & Roebuck wanted to have their customers believe that they were the producers of this stoneware, but this is just hearsay).  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 2 gallon reversed oval crock


I was searching for similar pictures of the attached photo and have not found anything. Is this a replica?
Kind regards.




Karri, you have a vintage Red Wing Stoneware 2 gallon reversed oval crock.  I see from the photo what looks to be a small chip at the base of your crock.  If this is all the damage on the crock the value is in the area of $65 to $75.  Al Kohlman

Dragon Pitcher, 220

Question: The subject pitcher is approximately 10 1/4″ tall. The primary color is white with a faint blue hue. Fluted and intricate design. As the picture shows, it has a face with serpent type figures on either side of the face. The handle is a serpent type figure. The bottom appears to be impressed red wing with the number 220. It’s difficult to make out the number.  As you can see in the photo, there is a chip on the under side of the lip. Otherwise, it’s in great condition. I’m interested in the value of this piece, as well as the identity. Thank you for your service. Respectfully,


Answer: 220 sounds right for the shape, circa 1935.  Value with the chip around 35.00 or so.  Thanks, Steve&rose

5 gallon salt glazed leaf crock


Looking for information on this crock that I recently purchased at a moving sale. Not sure if it is Red Wing. There are no marking. It is a salt glaze. But I have not been able to find this particular design.  The design glaze is blistered. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.



Answer:  Vicki, your 5 gallon salt glazed leaf crock is Red Wing.  It was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company.   If the crock is in perfect condition and with the amount of fry to the cobalt, the value would be in the range of $300 to $350.  Al Kohlman