Minnesota Stoneware Company 8 gallon Elephant ear crock


I have been trying to identify and find a value for this crock~ it was my gear uncles and I inherited from his estate.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



Melissa, your great uncles has a Minnesota Stoneware Company 8 gallon Elephant ear crock.  It was produced between 1895 & 1906.  In perfect condition the value is between $275 & $300.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 2 gallon salt glazed double P bottom signed crock


Hello!  We inherited this piece, and are looking for some information on it’s history and value. It is stamped Red Wing on the bottom of the crock.  Thank you!

Katie & Jennifer


Katie & Jennifer, you have a Red Wing 2 gallon salt glazed double P bottom signed crock.  I was produced sometime between 1867 & $1895.  Value today is between $125 & $140.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing stamped this 1 gallon shoulder jug


Dear Sir,

I have a 1 gallon redwing funnel top all white with a mall red wing on the side.

I cannot find it in any of the books I have and so I suspect that it is rare.

Do you have any idea of the value?





Dale, you do indeed have a rare one here.   My guess Red Wing stamped this 1 gallon shoulder jug in the same time period they placed the red wing on the 1/2, 1 & 2 gallon brown top vinegar jugs in the 1930’s.   However, this is the first all white zinc glazed 1 gallon shoulder jug with a small red wing that I have seen.  With this being said, it is hard for me to place a value on it as I do not have another to compare it to.  It could very well hit a $1000 or even a little higher to the right collector.  The one gallon brown top shoulder jug with the same size red wing is valued today at $175, but yours being all white is much rarer.   Again, this is a guess on my part with no other one ever being sold to compare it to.     Hope this helps some.  Al Kohlman

Auction Manager releases Convention Auction preview!

From salt glaze to Nokomis, Brushed Ware to advertising, a nice offering of dinnerware and a unique 2 gallon crock (pictured below), collectors of a wide variety of Red Wing’s wares will find something of interest at the RWCS Convention Auction this year.

The Thursday RWCS Auction is coming together with a nice variety of offerings. The photos shown here represent a few of the items that have been submitted. Remember, every piece in this auction has been submitted by a member or a chapter, so by bidding on these items, you are directly showing your support for RWCS members and the Society as a whole.

The Auction Check-in is from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11 in the Red Wing High School Gymnasium and 8 to 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 12. The earlier you can be there to submit your piece, the better. Auction viewing will run from 12:15 to 4:15 p.m. Thursday and the event will start at 4:30 p.m.

We hope to see you there! -Bruce Selfridge, RWCS Auction Manager

Red Wing Pottery Dump Diggers Will Keynote 2013 Convention

Red Wing, MN – For decades the Red Wing Pottery Dump Digger educational seminars have been standing-room-only at the annual Red Wing Collectors Society Convention.

With many groundbreaking, exciting things from the past year to report to Red Wing Collectors, the “diggers” will kick off the 2013 Convention — “Diggin’ Red Wing” — as the keynote presenters on Friday, July 11, at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, Minn.

The keynote session will be a panel of longtime dump diggers Steve Showers and Dennis Nygaard, along with newcomers Paul Boudin and Connie Mathison.

Photo by Ruth Nerhaugen

Showers, who is known as the “Red Wing archeologist,” has more than 50 years of dump-digging stories to share. Nygaard joined Showers in the dump almost 40 years ago. Together Showers and Nygaard have shepherded many interested diggers, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Paul Boudin and Connie Mathison joined Showers and Nygaard shortly after joining the RWCS in 2007.

The keynote presentation will give convention attendees an opportunity to experience the lively discussion led by Glenn Beall, education manager. As moderator, Beall will guide the conversation and give each “digger” an opportunity to share experiences in the pottery dump and talk about their favorite finds. It’ll be a rare peek, providing a new look at  the relationship of these dump enthusiasts.

Convention attendees are encouraged to submit their questions in advance to either Executive Director Stacy Wegner, director@redwingcollectors.org, or education manager Glenn Beall, education@redwingcollectors.org . Submitted questions will be used in the forum discussion and in the question and answer session.

To learn more about the keynote session presenters, be sure to pick up the Convention Supplement and read all the details. Convention supplements will be available starting at pre-registration on Wednesday, July 10, at the Pottery Place Annex, or at Red Wing High School throughout the convention. The Convention Supplement will also be inserted in the Red Wing Republican Eagle on July 10.

To see read more about the 2013 Convention Education Program visit the Education Page and Hands On Education.

20 gallon Red Wing crock


I was wondering how old this pottery is and where the date is found? Thanks Nancy



Nancy, the date of your 20 gallon Red Wing crock can be found through the history of production by ovals, size of the red wing, handles or no handles etc.  Because your 20 gallon Red Wing crock does not have handles (handles were introduced in 1915) and the first red wing which was 6 inches long was placed on their pottery in 1909 and the oval which looks to be 2 7/8 inches wide, puts it right in that time period between 1909 & 1915.   Al Kohlman

4 gallon S/A jug and crock

Question: Hi

I just picked up this jug at an auction and was hoping that you would appraise
it for me. I went toe to toe with another bidder who really wanted it, but I

It is in excellent shape, but there are three minor chips on the outside of the
spout. The markings are very dark.  I acquired the crock a few months ago.
It has a small chip on the left handle, otherwise it is in excellent shape.



Answer: Andy, your 4 gallon S/A jug is a real beauty.  I don’t think either piece is Red Wing, but collectors who love S/A pieces either think they are or don’t care.  They just plain love them!  Value on your 4 gallon S/A Beehive.  $1500 to $1800.  The 4 gallon S/A crock $300 to $400.  Al Kohlman

August Becker Pitcher

Hello – I have a 1914 August Becker Pitcher and am wondering what the current value might be.  Thank you



Answer: Carol, if you have the white August Becker Pitcher in perfect condition, the value today is between $2500 & $3000.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon salt glazed leaf crock

Question: What is the value of this crock?

Answer: The Red Wing 6 gallon salt glazed leaf crock in perfect condition would have a value between $350 & $450.  Al Kohlman