Colonnes items


I spoke to Stacy at the office about a week ago regarding a small collection of Red Wing (Colonnes pattern) that we are looking to sell.  The pictures aren’t the best, but hopefully you get the idea of the condition the pieces are in.

Shown are as follows:


4 – cups

1 – gravy boat

1 – creamer

1 – sugar bowl

1 – large serving platter

1 – serving bowl

1 – divided serving bowl

1 – relish dish

7 – bowls

2 – saucers

2 – salad plates


We would appreciate any (and all) feedback.  We live in central Wisconsin and are willing to travel to Red Wing if the price is worth driving for.  I can be reached at any time at, 715-209-5172.


Thanks in advance,



Thank you for including the photos of your Colonnes items. While some chips are evident, the photos don’t provide enough detail to assess them for damage such as hairlines, flakes and small nicks.  Photos can help but a complete and honest description of any damage is even more helpful.  Condition is best viewed through the eyes of a potential buyer as some have a greater tolerance for damage than others.

The following values are for Colonnes pieces in mint condition.  Any damage will reduce the value significantly, by 25 to 75% or more depending on the extent of the damage and the location.   

Cup:  $10-12

Saucer:  $10-12
Gravy boat: $30-40
Creamer:  $25-30
Sugar bowl: $25-30
Platter:  $35-45
Nappy (serving bowl):  $25-30
Divided vegetable bowl:  $25-30
Relish dish:  $25-30 
Bowl (cereal or sauce):  $10-20
Salad plate:  $15-20


Fondoso pieces



I have a question about Fondoso. I’ve collected almost every Fondoso piece that Red Wing made. I know that at some point they changed the size of the batter pitcher, and I have an example of each. One stands 8 inches high and holds 48 ounces. The other is 7 inches tall and holds 36 ounces. Attached is a photo of the two (along a syrup jug). Terry Moe, a fellow collector (and a friend of yours) tells me there might be a batter pitcher in a third size. Do you know anything about that? If it exists, what size is it? Can you share a photo of it, comparing it to the more common size? Any light you can shed on this mystery would be appreciated.






I am aware that the Fondoso batter pitcher was made in two sizes.  Like you I have one each of the 7″ and 8″ pitchers (photo attached).  Sorry but I know nothing more than you about the possibility of a third size.  A while back Terry mentioned a possible third size but did not go into any detail. I believe he came across a batter pitcher at a shop or show that he believed was neither of the two known sizes.  But I have no photos of the pitcher Terry saw or have any further details.  We’ve seen Gypsy Trail catalogs and brochures that include the Fondoso batter pitcher but they make no mention of even two sizes, much less three.  In my opinion the existence of a third size is speculation at this point, although if Terry is doing the speculating there’s a good chance it’s true. 


Red Wing 8 gallon water cooler


Good Evening Mr. Kohlman…My husband and I recently attended a country auction here in Virginia and came upon this beautiful 8 gallon Red Wing Cooler. The cooler is in excellent condition, no hairline cracks, original spigot intact and solid, both original handles, the top and a nice glaze covers the item. The top is the only part that has an issue, a broken piece out of the rim as seen in the picture. The markings on the front are crisp with the Red Wing sign and an oval at the bottom above the spigot with the Red Wing information inside. Could you please provide us with any information you can share about the date of the piece, the value of the piece, a sale price if we were to sell it and any other information you have on the piece.

Thank you for your time and any information you can share with us…Steve and Martha



Steve & Martha, your Red Wing 8 gallon water cooler was produced between 1936 & 1947.  This was the newest version of the Red Wing water coolers.   The cooler itself in perfect condition and being a larger size than most found has a value in the area of $400 to $500.  The lid with the piece knocked out is valued around $50.  When folks were using these coolers a number the had taken a hammer and knocked out a small area for a ladle.   If the lid were perfect, it would have a value in the $500 range.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing one gallon crock


I was recently given my great grandmothers red wing ! gallon crock pot with lid.  It has not seen the light of day in 70 years.  My grandmother had it stored away in her home and then my mother.  No one has ever used it or displayed it. There are no chips in the pot and only a small hairline crack in in the handle of the lid.  My mother figures it circa 1910.  I have attached a picture of the lid and the crock.

Can you plea shed some light on the value of this piece?

Thank you,



Laurie, your grandmothers Red Wing one gallon crock is quite hard to find in perfect condition and with the larger 4 1/2 inch wing.  Value is between $400 & $450.  It’s lid with the hairline has a value around $50.   Nice little find for you!  Al Kohlman

15 gallon salt glaze, lazy 8 decoration


I have what I believe is a redwing crock in the 10 gallon size (according to what I see on your site).  But it has a major crack up the left side and a star or spider on bottom.  I’m working on an estate and need to figure a baseline price for this large crock.  It has been wired at the top just under the rolled edge.  Nice clean crock despite the crack.   I do believe I have the lid for this also, but alas it has a crack in it as well (found in basement).

Can you help?   Most appreciative of your  time. 



Toma, your Salt glazed crock is a 15 gallon and not a 10.  The decoration is called lazy 8 target marked.   The crack however is major and greatly affects it’s value.  $40 to $50 at best.  Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company 6 gallon salt glazed leaf crock


I have a 6 gallon crock which I have been told is an early Red Wing.There are no cracks, but two chips on each handle on the sides. Glazed inside is brown. No markings on the bottom. Am interested in selling for my Mom. Can you tell me its worth?



Joyce, your mothers Minnesota Stoneware Company 6 gallon salt glazed leaf crock has a value between $350 & $450.  Al Kohlman

3gal Red Wing Vacuum Poultry Waterer


I would like you to look at and please give me a price on. It is mint condition with no cracks.

Thank you


Mark, your Red Wing Vacuum Poultry Waterer in todays market is valued between $450 & $500.  Nice piece.  Al Kohlman

RWCS Joins Pinterest

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces they have joined Pinterest.

Pinterest,, is a web base tool for collecting and organizing things using a virtual pin board. Users can share their images and also re-pin images from other users to their board.

The Red Wing Collectors Society joined Pinterest to show the organization’s events, collections, and member activities in a different visual way. It also gives the RWCS a way to connect with potential members through other Pinterest users’ pins.

RWCS member Laura Beall, RWCS Convention Display Chair, worked with executive director Stacy Wegner to start the RWPottery Pinterest board and within moments people were connecting with the RWCS.

“This is a great way to show your collecting interest virtually without even making a Red Wing purchase. It gives people a way to collect and connect even when their lifestyle may not support physically owning Red Wing,” said Beall.

“We hope that by joining the Pinterest community casual collectors of Red Wing will be able to connect with the organization and consider being an online community collector and member,” said Wegner.

The RWCS has been exploring an eMembership for members. Pinterest is a great way to find out how receptive an online membership would be and discover what potential members may be looking for in internet based membership benefits, and how these benefits may differ from current membership benefits. The organization plans to launch an eMembership in time for their Annual Convention, Diggin’ Red Wing, slated for July 11-13, 2013 in Red Wing MN.

To learn more about the annual Convention, or the Red Wing Collectors Society, visit, find them on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Red Wing Blue Nappie, baking dish


A friend of mine told me he thought this was a stoneware pie plate made by Red Wing.

It is 9″ in diameter at the top, 6 1/2″ at the bottom and stands approximately 2 3/4″ tall.

It is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or crazing.

When was is made and what is its value?



Terry, your piece is called a Red Wing Blue Nappie.  It is a baking dish.  In perfect condition, the value is between $250 & $275.  Al Kohlman

15 gallon Red Wing crock with spigot hole


I have that I cannot find information on.  Hopefully it is an original and worth looking into.   It seems to be a 15 gallon glazed Red Wing cooler with only the single red wing.  No leaves.  The cork is original (as I am told), and the bunghole is missing.  I have inquired about this issue with other specialists and was told that I could purchase one cheaply that would increase the value significantly. 

I unfortunately do not have the lid.  But I was also told that this will not significantly effect the value of the piece.  

There are a couple of cracks in the cooler, which are shown in the pictures that I have attached, since you said to e-mail them to you for further information. 

 I know there is a Red Wing convention coming up in a couple months and appreciate any information/price on this piece if you are available to do so.  

I am grateful for any insight you have.  

Thank you so much again-



Chrissy, your 15 gallon Red Wing crock with spigot hole is not really a cooler.  These large crocks with spigot holes were used in Hardware Stores, large Dairies and Chemical companies.  They were used for dispensing chemicals, vinegar and other liquid products.  Having the spigot for this crock would not increase the value.  The lid if it were mint and you had one would be valued between $200 & even $300 if it were a mint creamy white button lid.   Your crock with spigot hole has the same value as a 15 gallon Red Wing crock with a 6 inch wing with out the spigot hole.   If your crock were in perfect shape and in todays market, the top value would be $200 as I see it.  With the hairline cracks, $100.  Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman