30 gall Red Wing Crock


I have a 30

Gallon red wong crock not one chip (can send pic) wanting an estimate. Thanks!


Your 30 gallon Red Wing Crock is the older version, which is good.  Value $300 to $350.  Al Kohlman

6 gallon elephant ear crock



I picked up this crock at a sale.  Can you tell me if it’s Red Wing and what it’s value may be.  There are no cracks or hairlines.  It does have a couple chips on the right molded handle.   Thanks!


Yes, your 6 gallon elephant ear crock is Red Wing.  It was produced by the Minnesota Stoneware Company between 1895 & 1906.  Value in the condition you stated is $100 to $125.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing White bowl with blue stripes


Hello, I was just given a #12 Redwing bowl from my father, and I am wondering if its woth anything and possibly around what year it was made.
My dad was born in 1952 and he says his grandma made bread in this everyday. Other th1an the photo attatched thats all I have foe info. Its in great shape with the exception of a little dirt. The bottom just has a 12 and the words Redwing U.S.A.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much.


Erin, your father’s Red Wing White bowl with blue stripes was produced in the 1930’s.  In perfect condition it is valued in the area of $60 to $70.  Al Kohlman

Belle Kogan’s Prismatique line, 786



Thank you for offering information on Red Wing Pottery.  I am a novice collector / auction addict.  I purchased this vase last week in Wyoming and can’t seem to find any information on it.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



this is part of Belle Kogan’s Prismatique line, circa 1962.  Value is around 45.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

M 1498 vase designed by Charles Murphy



I’m a glass collector, but I recently purchased this pottery vase and I’m trying to identify it. I have a few contendors but the one I’m leaning towards at this time is Red Wing. It is a pink speckle pattern with a pale blue, almost purple interior glaze. It is marked on the bottom with an incised mark but is hard to make out any words. I can see 3 lines with USA in the middle line. It does seem to fit the shape for Red Wing on the top but it’s really hard to say for sure.

It measures 10 1/2″ tall and about 6 1/2″ wide.

I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to shed any light on the subject.

Kind regards,



this is shape # M1498, designed by charles murphy, around 1956.  the glaze is called fleck zephyr pink.  Value is aorund 40.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Jiffy Stand, brushed ware


I have a redwing stoneware pedestal with the markings Jiffy  5 Cents.  I do not have the top.  Do you know if a top is for sale? How much is it worth?


I’ve seen some similar forms, it may have had a glass globe on top to hold the contents.  Brushedware, obviously Red Wing…  not sure if the “Jiffy” is from the factory or not.  neat piece, value around 200.00 or so, hard to say.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing 949, Elephant handle 374 and M 1512


These came from my parents home.  the 6.5 inch pink has 2 chips, marked red wing 949; the green is crazed, elephants handles, stamped in blue ink red wing pottery in circular but no number , about 6 inches tall, no chips;  the blue is 4.5 inches, imprinted red wing 374 no chips; the last is 4 inches, 2 cracks, marked M1512.

A friend suggested the green could be rumrill?  IT is high gloss.

Dating ?  Value?


the 949 with the chips is worth around 10.00 or so, it dates to the 1940’s.  the green elephant vase is redwing, from around 1930.  the crazing is normal, value around 80.00 or so.  the other two, from around the 40’s timeframe, with a value around 25.00 each.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Duck Planter 914


I’d love to find out more about this piece that I just bought at a thrift store auction.  I was not familiar with Red Wing pottery before I made the purchase.  I love the color and the design. It is in great condition.  I’d like to collect more!

 It is a turquoise or teal colored, duck planter. Stamped “Red Wing 914” on the bottom (photos attached). Measurements are approximately:
 5”H x 7”L x 4”W

Open back measuring 3 ½” x 3”

Is it authentic Red Wing?  I was afraid b/c after researching your site, I saw another piece also numbered 914 (female centaur, bronze line graze.) If mine is real, when was it made, was it a part of a series, what is its approximate value today?  Thank you so much!


neat little planter.  this dates to around 1939.  sometimes the numbers were used over, for a different shape.  this is pretty common practice.  Value is around 80.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Hands-On Pottery Experience to Feature International Potter

RWCS Convention Hands-On Pottery Experience with Richard Spiller to Feature International Potter Aba Luostarinen

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces today that Aba Luostarinen, a student potter from Finland, will join Richard Spiller at the 2013 Convention – Diggin’ Red Wing slated for July 11-13 at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, MN.

Aba Luostarinen

Spiller traveled to Finland and Estonia this past year. In August 2012, he participated in the Eco Ceramics workshop that brought together ceramic artists from Latvia, Estonia and Finland at Kohila in Estonia. Spiller returned in January to give master class workshops at the HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the Estonian Academy of Art – EAA.

While participating in the workshops, Spiller learned that ceramics students had a program requirement for an international ceramics experience; he met student Aba Luostarinen, who was looking for an opportunity. Since his return in January, Spiller worked with the universities and Luostarinen on creating a pilot program to Minnesota.

Spiller approached RWCS Executive Director Stacy Wegner about the possibility of Luostarinen joining his RWCS Convention Hands-On Pottery session as part of the exchange program. By including Luostarinen, it would give him the opportunity to expand the Convention session and encompass it with the exchange program.

“Having Aba join Richard this year to expand the Hands-On Pottery Experience for our Convention attendees is a ground breaking addition to the Convention,” said Wegner. “We’re excited to be a part of the exchange program.”

Example of Lustarinen's work

“I am very excited to have Aba join me at the RWCS Convention this year to share Red Wing Pottery with an international student as part of her exchange experience,” said Spiller.

With Luostarinen’s assistance,  Spiller’s 2013 Convention Hands on Pottery Experience will be offered to attendees on both Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 at Red Wing High School. Participants in the two-hour session times will have the opportunity to learn pottery techniques and make their own creation. Following the Convention, the pieces will be fired in the Anderson Center kiln and shipped to participants; the cost is $35.

In addition to the Red Wing Collectors Society Convention, contacts with the Northern Clay Center, Anderson Center and experience in Spillers studio will make up a five week university accredited program to pave the way for future exchange programs.

Luostarinen, 27, lives in Hämeenlinna, Finland and is a student at HAMK University of Applied Sciences. Luostarinen is finishing her studies as a glass and ceramic designer. Her interest and experience is in using ecological materials in ceramics. And, like Spiller, she’s also interested in wood and gas firing kilns. More of her work can be seen on her website: http://abaluostarinen.fi.

The Red Wing Collectors Society Convention is July 11-13, 2013 at Red Wing High School in Red Wing. To learn more about the annual Convention, or the Red Wing Collectors Society, visit www.RedWingCollectors.org or find them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Red Wing Sponge bowl and 6 gallon butter churn



I found several pieces of what I believe to be Redwing Stoneware.  I have attached the photos and was wondering what you thought the value would be.  

The first photo is what I believe to be a Redwing Sponge bowl

The second photo has two pieces that I think are Redwing salt glaze.  There is what I think is a 6 gallon butter churn and there is another butter churn and the design looks like there are two butterflies on it.  Can you please send me any information that you have and what you think they might be worth?

Thank you for your time.



The bowl does appear to be Red Wing.  You did not indicate the size.  A 10 inch bowl would sell for around $150-175 in perfect condition.  The other stoneware items are not Red Wing.