Red Wing vase 196 with crystaline type glaze



I purchased this Red Wing Art Pottery vase from an estate along with some Roseville pieces and have been unable to find out any information on this particular glaze. It has the Red Wing Art Pottery ink stamp on the bottom with a raised 196. I am aware that there are “hobby shop”

pieces out there, so am wondering if this may be one of those, although the time frame for this particular piece doesn’t really fit considering where I got it. The inside of the vase is white except along the upper part where an underglaze was sort of dripped down on the inside of the neck. The black design has the look of peacock feathers and fern leaves (?). Any information including value that you can give me will be appreciated.




I’ve seen a few of these early forms with a crystalline type glaze, altho not quite like this.  is it paint?  it seems to have texture to it.  the original vase is quite smooth.
if it’s actually glazed, I would say around 300.00 or more.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing/Rumrill ashtray



I have this ashtray 4″ wide, 2 1/4″ tall, top opening 2″.  Green in color. Is this Red Wing, Rumrill. or Camark.


this is redwing item/rumrill.  the glaze is rumrill.  value around 60.00 or so.  thanks, steve & rose

1/2 gallon Klondike advertising chicken waterer


Hello Al,
  I picked up this 1/2 gallon Klondike advertising chicken waterer this weekend at auction.  There is no base but the bell is in almost perfect condition with oval in the back.  No chips, cracks, etc…  Can you give me an approx. value on this? 
Thanks, Dru


Dru, your advertising Red Wing Chicken Waterer is valued right around $400 without the base.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon Red Wing, 8 Gallon Ice Water,and wing crocks


Hi, Just looking for the value of a few items. Main concern is that 8 gallon ice water, could not find it anywhere. Attached is pictures. Thanks in advance!



Colton, your Red Wing two gallon crocks have a value between $40 & $60 each.  The more and larger the decoration, the higher the value.  Your 8 gallon Ice Water is around $800.  If the printing were darker and stencilling more complete the value would have been higher.  Al Kohlman

3 gallon zinc is marked only on the neck


Al, I keep finding these Red Wing stoneware pieces not in the books. The 3 gallon zinc is marked only on the neck in grey. There is a partial Red Wing mark stamped into the bottom… It looks like a “R.W.8” as shown in the DePasquale, Et Al white book. The crock is in good shape with a small chip on the shoulder. History/value?



Chuck, this is an early Red Wing shoulder jug which was produced just after 1917.  The value is quite low due to no advertising or decorations.  Value $35 to $45.  Al Kohlman

Collection of stoneware


Dear Al,
   Was looking for a market value on some nice pieces that I’ve come across and am interested for my collection.  I apologize I dont have pics so I will do my best in describing.
1) 5 gallon Waconda Water shoulder jug.  There are a couple of minor bottom rim chips.  4 1/2 in wing on the top, Waconda logo in the center, red wing oval on the bottom.
2) 12 gallon Minnesota stoneware leaf crock.  All hand design, 12 in top, cat wiskers in middle, then leaf on the bottom.  Color is very good.  Albany interior.  Mint condition.
3) 3 gallon Minnesota stoneware molded leaf churn.  Color is a little light.  Probably a fifty cent piece chip that begins on the bottom rim to the side of the churn.
4) 5 gallon Birch Leaf shoulder jug with oval.  5 on the neck. Stamping is good.  Very good condition very minor chips around bottom rim.
5) 20 gallon Minnesota stoneware leaf crock.  This is beautiful.  Color is good. 20 on top, cat whiskers in middle, Double leaf on bottom.  I don’t believe it is stamped.  Albany interior.  Darn near mint.
6) 5 gallon butteryfly crock.  Color is very good.  Crock is great minus some staining arond the bottom.
I realize this is tough without pics or even better, seeing for yourself.  If you could ballpark it that would be great so I have a guideline.  I appreciate your help Al!


Here is are your ball park pieces:
1) 5 gallon Waconda Water shoulder jug. There are a couple of minor bottom rim chips. 4 1/2 in wing on the top, Waconda logo in the center, red wing oval on the bottom. $750 to $850
2) 12 gallon Minnesota stoneware leaf crock. All hand design, 12 in top, cat wiskers in middle, then leaf on the bottom. Color is very good. Albany interior. Mint condition. $800 to $1000
3) 3 gallon Minnesota stoneware molded leaf churn. Color is a little light. Probably a fifty cent piece chip that begins on the bottom rim to the side of the churn.$550 to $750
4) 5 gallon Birch Leaf shoulder jug with oval. 5 on the neck. Stamping is good. Very good condition very minor chips around bottom rim. $550 to $750
5) 20 gallon Minnesota stoneware leaf crock. This is beautiful. Color is good. 20 on top, cat whiskers in middle, Double leaf on bottom. I don’t believe it is stamped. Albany interior. Darn near mint. $1300 to $1500
6) 5 gallon butteryfly crock. Color is very good. Crock is great minus some staining arond the bottom. $300 to $450

Hope this helps Al Kohlman

Golden State Chapter Annual Benefit Auction – March 9 – Galt, CA

Spring Chapter Gathering

Saturday, March 9th

1:00 pm

All Red Wing Collectors in California and those passing through, are invited to join other Red Wing Collectors at the Golden State Red Wing meeting in Galt, CA!

Lot of exciting things are planned for the gathering:

  • Show and Tell about your Red Wing piece
  • Networking with other collectors
  • Great food and drinks (bring something for the BBQ and a dish to pass)

2012 event auctioneer

Annual RWCS Foundation and Kids View Benefit Auction!
Help us raise money to support the Red Wing Pottery Museum through the RWCS Foundation and the Convention and MidWinter Kids View Program. Everyone is invited to bring a piece to this fundraising auction!

For more information on attending contact:

Bruce Cameron, President

Mike Robinson

2012 auction lots

Members meeting and greeting

Helen Bell, RWCS Charter Member Dies

Helen E. Bell, 92

Helen Elizabeth Bell, 92, died Monday, Feb. 11, at Seminary Home.
Published by the Red Wing Republican Eagle, Tuesday, Feb. 12

She was born Sept. 19, 1920, at her grandmother Barry’s house in Goodhue, Minn., the daughter of Daniel and Loretta (Barry) Bell. She moved with her family to Red Wing when she was 6 weeks old.

Helen was a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Red Wing all of her life. She was active in the parish community and served as a Eucharistic minister, was chairwoman of liturgical committee for 20 years, was president of the John Ireland Club, and served as secretary of the parish council. She taught Christian doctrine to the primary grades, mainly 1st and 2nd graders, for many years, and later taught Bible study to the teenagers in the Faith Formation program. She was a Girl Scout leader for 7th and 8th graders as they worked for their special Marian Award. Helen organized and led Bible study groups for 50 years.

Helen was the parish historian for 25 years, influential in organizing and collecting church archives. She was appointed to serve on a fundraising committee, along with Willis Zignego and Joe Drake, for the building of the third Catholic Church on 7th Street. She also wrote a column in the parish newspaper called “Echoes of the Past.”

In 1960, Helen made her vows with Caritas Christi, a secular institute for women dedicated in the love of Jesus to do apostolic work.

Helen started her education when she was enrolled in 1st grade at St. Joseph Catholic School in 1927. She graduated from 8th grade and then moved on to Central High School, graduating in 1938. At the time of graduation, she received membership in the National Honor Society. In 1939, Helen decided to become a nurse and enrolled at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Paul for the 3- year program, graduating in 1942. She worked for some time in the newborn nursery at the hospital and decided to further her education in obstetrics. She did her post-graduate work at Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City, N.J. Following that, she returned to Minnesota and was employed at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester for 3 months in the labor and delivery department while she waited for an opening to work and care for newborn infants. The time came and she became charge nurse for premature infants. She remained there for 7 years and then went back to St. Joseph Hospital to work with preemies again.

In 1950, Helen received her degree from the University of Minnesota for nursing education, graduating with honors. She then became a member of the faculty at St. Catherine College, teaching medical nursing in the 3- and 4-year programs. In 1956, Helen became the director of nursing at the vocational school in Red Wing where she held that position for 27 years. It was a happy assignment because she had the opportunity of working with and encouraging women of all ages to become LPNs. Friendships were formed between Helen and the students that lasted even until today. They were the joys of Helen’s life.

During her years in Red Wing, Helen was very interested in community affairs. She was on the board of the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association; she served on the public library board; and she was on the faculty/advisory board for the vocational school. For many years, Helen played Mrs. Santa Claus for the City of Red Wing. Helen was a member of the Goodhue County Historical Society, serving on the women’s committee and working on newsletters.

Helen was recognized and received many awards. The Jaycees named her Educator of the Year in 1982. That same year, she received the WCCO Good Neighbor Award. She was named to the Wall of Honor at Central High School through the SOAR program.

In 1970, a group got together at the St. James Hotel Victorian Room to discuss Red Wing pottery. That evening, after much excitement and discussion, the Red Wing Collectors Society was formed. Helen was a charter member and extremely active in the yearly conventions. She had given the keynote speech, spoken at four banquets, and had presented educational sessions for members. She usually spoke under the title “Memories of a Pottery Worker’s Daughter.” Helen was elected to the Hall of Fame of the Society.

Helen is survived by twin grand-nieces, Denise and Debra Thompson of Texas; godchildren, Ann (Barry) Andersen, Patrick Maranda, Lynn (Steele) Stark, and Burnette Dressen; the Pat and Lois Barry family and the Edward and Mary Maranda family; many other cousins and friends.

Preceding Helen in death were her parents; her infant twin brother; an older brother, Bill Bell; and niece, Diane Thompson.

Mass of the Resurrection will be 11 a. m. Thursday, Feb. 14, at the Church of St. Joseph with Father Thomas Kommers officiating. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery. Visitation will be for 1 hour prior to the service at the church. Memorials preferred to Mayo Health Systems Red Wing Area Hospice or donor’s choice.

Mahn Family Funeral Home, Bodelson-Mahn Chapel, is handling arrangements. Online condolences may be sent to the family at

Red Wing 649 Vases


Hi Stacy,

I have attached some photos of some what I believe to be vases?  I was wondering if Al could place a value on them?



Answer: Hi George
interesting to have so many different glazes on the same form.  these date to around 1959, and are worth around 30.00 each.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing vase 1317


What is this vase worth?


I think this is shape 1317, from 1947.  Value is around 55.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose