Red Wing 764 and creame and sugar sets


I have attached some pictures of items that  I was wondering if you could tell me what they are worth.  One is a pedestal 2 handled bowl #764. I have only been able to find 2 online, one in pink  & one in a solid green, but neither had a price on them.


Also, I have attached a picture  of 2  sugar & creamer sets. They are not marked Red Wing, but look very close to a set I saw on your website from the Gypsy Trail line.  Are these Red Wing?  If so, what are they worth?


Thanks so much for any help you can give!!





The sugar and creamer in the photos were not made by Red Wing. They are similar in style to the “snack set” sugar and creamer from Gypsy Trail but are larger and have a more exaggerated shape. Most likely your set was made by Pearl China. Pearl China used gold trim on many of their items but Red Wing did not. One web site currently offers a similar creamer and sugar set marked Pearl China for $25.

the 764 is Red Wing, value on that is around 30.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing 435


Upon cleaning out my mother’s house I found this vase and was wondering if you could tell me what it is valued at.




Hi Sandy
this vase is worth around 30.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Belle Line, shape 877


it’s  stamped “red wing usa 877” on the bottom- cream colored/mint green interior. with original label. value? thanks!


this is part of the Belle line, circa 1964.  value is around 25.00.  thanks, steve n rose

Montmartre teapot without cover


teapot with no lid



Could you please tell me about this darling pitcher I got from my mother.  It has a little monkey in a dress on the back!

Thank you very much!



teapot with lid

The item in the photo is a Montmartre teapot without its cover.  Montmartre is one of ten Red Wing patterns made in the Futura shape.  Montmartre was made for two years, 1957-1958, and the whimsical design is popular with collectors today.  A Montmartre brochure described the scene as being from”sidewalks of Paree” and called the design “a light-hearted romance captured in gay colors of melon, warm brown and bright mustard” on a white background.  A Montmartre teapot complete with cover and in excellent condition is worth $75-100.  Without a cover the value drops by 40-60%. 


4 gallon Water Cooler, with spigot but no lid



Dear Expert,


I recently picked up a 4 gallon Water Cooler, with spigot but no lid.

It is in very good condition no chips or cracks.

I was wondering what the value is?

It doesn’t have any handles on the sides, does this make it any older/rarer?





Mike, with no handles on your Red Wing Water Cooler, it could very well be an older cooler.  Would need to see a photo of it to tell for sure. Without seeing a photo, my best and safest guess is $300 (with no lid or spigot).  That is for a perfect piece with no damage.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon Crock, 4 & 3 gallon shoulder jugs, all Red Wings



I received this 2 gallon crock as a gift, and recently found the 4 and 3 gallon jugs and purchased them at an antique resale shop.

Since my family is from the Redwing area, and I’m all the way down in San Antonio, TX, I took a chance and purchased them.


Can you tell me what they are worth please?


And, should I insure them?




Katie, the value on your 4 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug is around $75, the 3 gallon shoulder jug $60 & 2 gallon Red Wintg crock with 2 inch wing $45 to $55.  Al Kohlman

1 gallon crock with Eureka SD advertising


Dear Al,
   I found a piece coming up for auction and I was curious on the value and if this is for sure RW.  It is a 1 gallon advertising crock.  There are no issues with the crock other than some light flaking on the bottom.  It has a bar handled 1 gallon pedal lid with it.  The crock says line 1  Eureka Bazaar Co.  Line 2 “WHERE CASH IS KING”  Line 3 Eureka S.D.  The wording has a solid square stamp around all of the wording.
Thanks, Dru


Dru, the advertising 1 gallon crock with the lid from SD if in perfect condition would have a value between $700 & $1000.  Sounds like a nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Incised Peasant Salad Bowl, white


hello- i collect red wing and have since 1992 when i bought my first vase. however, back in the 90s i found a piece at an estate sale which i have never seen another even remotely like it. it’s a shallow bowl on a footed base, in the stonware material with relief pictures of people dancing and flowers. it says simply “Red Wing usa” on the bottom. help!! i would love to know value and time period, design style, etc!! thanks! stephanie


According to a July 1942 sales brochure, you have an “Incised Peasant” Salad Bowl. It is one of three items available in the Incised Peasant design. The other two are a Cookie Jar and a Munch Jar (low and squat in shape). The bowl is the only piece marked Red Wing. All three items were available in three colors: Brown, Green and White. These items were produced during the World War II years.

Unlike most Red Wing hand painted pottery, the peasant figures were cold painted (over the glaze). Because the colors are not sealed under the glaze they are easily removed. After 60-some years many of these pieces have lost a considerable amount of their original paint . That appears to be the case with your bowl as only a bit of paint on the faces of the dancers remains. An “all white” bowl is merely a cold painted bowl that has lost its paint over time.

An Incised Peasant Salad Bowl in excellent condition and with intact original paint would be worth $25 to $40, with the white color on the low end and green on the high end. Loss of paint detracts from the value, as do any chips and cracks.

10 gallon salt glazed crock, lazy 8 target decoration


Hello Al
I picked up a 10 Gallon Crock and would like to know when it was made and what the markings are and value.  I am including pictures of it.  No cracks although it does have a small chip on the handle, which I also am sending a picture of that. I do know that it is a salt glaze and has a dark brown glaze on the inside.  Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.


Mike, your 10 gallon salt glazed crock was produced between 1867 & 1895.  The decoration is called lazy 8 target which is the most common decoration. Also, a number of other potteries used this decoration.   I am not sure if your crock is Red Wing, Western or Ohio as I cannot see the rim.   Either way, the value will be the same if it is any of the other potteries.  Value as I see it is between $300 & $350.  Nice piece.  Al Kohlman

RWCS will consider membership dues increase at Annual Meeting

The RWCS Board of Directors voted to ask the membership to increase membership dues $10 beginning August 1, 2013.  This step was not taken lightly and followed a lengthy discussion. 

The Board recognizes that this might not the best time, economically, to ask the membership to increase dues.  There are a number of reasons the Board has taken this action, but, the number one reason is that the cost of membership does not cover the cost of the RWCS Newsletter.  It needs to be understood that the overall annual cost of the Newsletter is actually $10,000 less than it was in 2006, but because of the decline in membership, the per-issue cost of the Newsletter has increased. The Board even went to a 4-year contract vs. a 2-year contract to save additional dollars. Up until now, the Board was able to make up the difference in cost through other means; however, this is no longer possible with the decline in membership.  Additionally, as you know, prices for everything have generally increased steadily.

The RWCS Board has done an excellent job in reducing expenditures so dues would not increase in past years.  Here are some facts one should be aware of about budget cuts the Board made in the past to avoid a dues increase:

  1. The spring Board meeting was eliminated in 2008 and this practice continues.
  2. The fall executive meeting and full Board meeting were modified from actual face-to-face meetings to conference call in 2009.
  3. Board meals and travel reimbursement for all meetings and  conferences was eliminated in 2010
  4. The administrative assistant position was eliminated in 2011
  5. Since 2004, the RWCS expenditures were reduced by 27%
  6. While office supplies have increased in price, we have reduced office expenditures for supplies, equipment, postage, printing, etc by 10% since 2006

If the membership approved the dues increase at the Annual Business Meeting at the 2013 Convention in July, the Board would encourage members to renew their membership for two years before the dues increase goes into effect on August 1, 2013