White Mercury Jug


I have attached a different jug that I believe is yours and was wondering if you could tell me an approximate value?



This RW mercury mini jug is less common than the other style and is worth between $250-$300.

RumRill Ball Jug, #50


I have a RumRill Ball Jug 6 1/4 ” Tall , Marked #50, Without the stopper, the color is a light turquoise is it called Nokomis glaze ? Does it have a value without the stopper ? Thank-you for your time.  Stacy

Answer: Stacy
this is a RumRill jug, but the glaze isn’t nokomis, just a standard RumRill glaze.  There is value without the stopper, a lot of those got lost along the way.  I would say around 40.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing 4 gallon shoulder jug with the ‘Imperial’ marking


Hello!  I recently found this Red Wing 4 gallon shoulder jug with the ‘Imperial’ marking.  I know that the 4 gallons are more valuable than 3’s or 5’s, and ones with the ‘Imperial’ marking are more valuable than ones without, but I’m not sure what that means for this particular piece!  It’s in wonderful condition – no chips or cracks, and the markings are strong.  I believe it to be a 4.5″ wing.  I’d appreciate any information you could give me on value etc!

All the best,



Amber, the imperial jugs were made for Canada. They are 1.4 gallons in every gallon (or your 4 gallon jug will hold about 5 gallons of liquid).  You are also correct that 4’s in the jugs have a higher value than the 3’s & 5’s.  Value on your 4 gallon Red Wing Imperial jug in perfect condition is $150 to $175.  Al Kohlman

2 gallon Red Wing churn



Attached is a picture of the #2 Butter Churn that I possess.  I had seen 2 postings with #2 Butter Churns (June and July of 2012), however neither had the metal handles, nor the “Patent December 21, 1915” stamped on them.  The churn is in good/excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  Could you advise me of the value of this Butter Churn?

Thank you in advance,



Holly, nice looking 2 gallon Red Wing churn.  If your churn is perfect as well as the lid, complete the value is between $375 & $400.  Al Kohlman

Badger Chapter Plans Bus Trip to Schleich Museum following MidWinter

The RWCS Badger Chapter is sponsoring a MidWinter one day bus tour to visit the Schleich Pottery Museum on Sunday February 10th.  We will leave from the 2013 RWCS GetTogether convention – Holiday Inn.

Come see the museum before it moves to its’ new home in Red Wing!


Sunday February 10th  

7:00am   Leave Des Moines
10:30am   Arrive Schleich museum
2:30pm   Leave museum
6:00pm   Arrive back in Des Moines – Holiday Inn

Members may stay an additional night at the Holiday Inn-Des Moines at the special MidWinter convention rate. 

This tour is limited to the first 47 RWCS members. Cost is based on the number of people. This is a luxury coach tour and there is a restroom on board.

The cost for 47 passengers is $35 per person, for 25 passengers is $50 person. We need a minimum of 25 people but we believe we can fill the bus. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

These prices are for the bus only, you are on your own for lunch.  Entrance to the museum is by donation.  The tour cost does not include the donation.

If you have any questions, or would like to join us, please call Bob Morawski, Badger Chapter President & RWCS Commemorative Chairman, at 262 853 8269 or email morawskib@yahoo.com. You will need to reserve a seat.

Get the word out, talk it up and let’s fill the bus.  It’ll be a great time. I guarantee it!

Bob Morawski
President, RWCS Badger Chapter

– Bob

Hotel or Restaurant dinnerware marks


Dear Experts

    I recently bought an off-white bowl with a Red Wing mark on the bottom.  It’s about 4 1/2 inches across and 1 3/4 inches high, and has ridges on the outside.  I have a number of Red Wing pieces, and have seen a lot more, but I don’t remember this mark.  Could you tell me about it, please?



This upright wing ink stamp mark can be found on two kinds of Red Wing dinnerware. It was first used to mark Hotel or Restaurant dinnerware, a line of heavy durable dishes made for the restaurant trade in the 1960s. This bowl is from the Empire pattern, one of two designs in the Hotel or Restaurant line. (The other pattern is named Regal.) This ink stamp was also used to mark a variety of dinnerware items that were finished after Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967.  Workers glazed the green ware that remained after the plant closed with whatever glazes were still on hand, primarily the popular beige fleck glaze. Dinnerware items with this upright wing mark in non-standard colors were made by Red Wing and are categorized as post-production items.   


Beigh Fleck Chop plate, Bob White trivet and tumbler


My mother recently gave me her set of Red Wing Bob White. I’ve been able to research most of the items myself, but have questions on a few pieces. I have attached pictures.


First is what she called a fish tray. It does not have the Bob White decoration but does have the coloration of the pattern and says Red Wing on the bottom. Is it Bob White and what would be a value?


Next is a tumbler. She had two of these…one for each of us boys. It’s obviously a second….the picture will show the flaw. Otherwise they’re in excellent condition. Value with the flaw please.


And finally a Bob White trivet in excellent condition. Value please.


Thanks for your help.




The platter (fish tray) is not Bob White. It is one of numerous Red Wing items produced with the popular Beige Fleck glaze and no other decoration. These items were intended to be used with any pattern, especially those with the Beige Fleck background color (such as Bob White). Value for the platter is $20-25 in mint condition.

The Bob White trivet is difficult to find and was made for only two years (1958-1959). Value is $150 to $200 in mint condition.

Bob White tumblers are also difficult to find and were made for a limited time beginning in the early 1960s. Value in mint condition is $60-75. The flaw shown on the tumbler will reduce the value by approximately 50%.


Dachshund Planter, shape 906


Could you help me verify this planter? It does not have the label on it that says redwing art pottery. I do believe it is Redwing. It is 12 inches long. I cannot find any numbers on it or anything. there is no chips or cracks on this piece. Its pretty perfect. 

Thank you



Hi barb
this is a redwing item, #906. from 1964.  there are two forms, similiar, but this is the larger one.  Value is around 200.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

40 gallon self-drainer


I have this 40 gallon self darning jar and I am curious as to what it was used for and what it is worth. Thank you so much my mom passed it on to me and I just know nothing about them.



Landon, our mothe’,s 40 gallon self drainer was used in large chemical companies for dispensing chemicals.  If in perfect condition, $450 to $500.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing 30 gallon crock


We picked this up from a Craig’s List ad yesterday. We absolutely love it and are curious of its value and uses. What were these enormous crocks used for? It doesn’t have a kid bit appears to have had one previously. If does have about a 12 in hairline crack starting at the rim and going down. I compared the stamp to ones on the website and it appears to match the one from 1917-1918 time frame. Aside from fhe hairline crack, it is in great shape. We are excited to have gotten it and would like information about it. If you could help us we would be so grateful. Mainly what they were used for and possible value and as much information as you can possibly provide. I realize the crack diminishes the value by half or so. Thank you so very much.



Charla, you were close to the date on your Red Wing 30 gallon crock.  It dates 1912 to 1915.  These large crocks were used for food storage.  Anywhere from cook down meats to vegetables.  If your 30 gallon crock were in mint condition, the value would be $300 to $350. With the hairline. 4150 to $200.  Very pretty piece and well marked.  Al Kohlman