Red Wing packing jar


The lid has a small chip and the bottom has two small chips. What is the date of manufacturing and the value on this piece.



Debbie, your Red Wing packing jar was produced between  1936 & 1947.  Value as it sits, $200 to $225.  Al Kohlman

Minnesota Stoneware Company Safety jar


Hello. I recently purchased at auction a safety valve stone ware piece. It has ” minnesota stoneware Co red wing minn” on bottom and blue safety valve pat on the side at bottom. I can’t make out the pat year . It is missing the lid and handle or valve. I was wondering what it is worth as is and as well with lid and handle/valve. I would also be interested in pruchasing these items if any one os them. Thank you in advance



Alan, if your Minnesota Stoneware Company Safety jar was complete with all the hardware & in perfect condition, the value is between $100 & $125.  Yours missing the lid and hardware and the value drops to $40 to $50.  Finding the lid will be somewhat tough, finding the hardware will be extremely hard to do.  However, it is the hunt that is the most fun.  Good luck.  Al Kohlman

B1408, a Belle Kogan shape



Can you tell me about this bowl? It measures 13″ x 10 1/2″ at its widest points. It’s marked “Red Wing USA” and the number looks like B1408. It is great condition.




this is B1408, a Belle Kogan shape from 1953, there are several of these “morphic” shapes in bowl forms.  Value is around 20.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Village Green casserole stands



Can you tell me anything about these plates and the value of the set of three?  They are 8″ across and 10″ at the handles.  The only marks are “Red Wing USA”.  Two are in great condition with factory flaws in glaze?  The third has the same discolorization and a small chip on the rim.  Thanks.



The items in the photos were sold as Village Green casserole stands, although they could certainly be used as plates.  Stands were made in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes to hold 1, 2 and 4 quart Village Green casseroles.   Value for these 8 inch stands would be $25-30 each in mint condition.  Damage or manufacturing flaws will reduce the value by 25-75% depending on the extent and visibility of the flaw. 


Lead content in Red Wing dinnerware


Hi, I just got some Red Wing dinnerware (not sure what pattern, stamped Red Wing 120) from my mother. How do I know if it’s safe to eat off of? Do these have incredibly high lead content? Love the look of it. Just not sure it’s safe.

It came with a coffee cup and salt and pepper set in a different pattern, a sort of basket weave that has some weird grey staining inside, which looks like a red flag telling me not to eat or drink anything from it.




I am not an expert on the chemical composition of Red Wing dinnerware but it’s my understanding most Red Wing glazes contained lead.  Intact pieces with no chips, cracks or stains should be safe to use.  Damage, including tiny surface cracks or crazing, indicates the glaze is not intact and chemicals could potentially leak out.  Avoid using damaged pieces to serve food.


Capistrano use in Microwave & Dish Washer


Hello.  I’ve just received some plates & bowls that are redwing capistrano.  They are an unusual “retro” style.  I really like them, and I plan to use them.  Can they go into the microwave?  Can they go into the dishwasher?


Thanks for your help!




Can Capistrano dinnerware be safely used with microwaves and dishwashers?  The best answer I can give is “probably”. Over the years nearly all of Red Wing’s promotional literature for their dinnerware states it is “Oven Proof”. In the late 1950s “Detergent Safe” was added to the brochures. But dishwashers and microwaves were not common household appliances at this time, and the brochures do not mention using Red Wing dinnerware in them. I’m not aware of any organized effort to study this issue, so trial and error is the only real way to verify whether or not your dishes can safely be used in these appliances.

While I have no experience with Capistrano or its sister patterns in the dishwasher, my family did routinely wash a later pattern (Charstone Bleu) in our dishwasher for nearly 20 years with no ill effect. If the dishes are intact — no chips or cracks — they should be safe to use in a dishwasher. You might want to run one or two pieces through the wash cycle a couple of times as a test before trying it with the full set. You might also want to consider buying a couple of inexpensive pieces for such a test.

I really can’t recommend using Capistrano dinnerware in a microwave.  Keep in mind these dishes are 50 to 60 years old.  They probably have normal wear and tear from years of use.  Plates and bowls likely have tiny scratches in the surface of the glaze. If the dishes have been stored away unused for all these years then perhaps it would be OK.  But even so it’s worth remembering that Capistrano was not made to “microwave safe” standards since they didn’t exist at the time. In my opinion it would be better to use a modern dish to heat the food in the microwave, then transfer the food to your Capistrano dishes before serving.


Bob Downs, Maple City Pottery, dies

The Red Wing Collectors Society is saddened by the death of “Master Potter” Robert Downs of Maple City Pottery.

Since 2010, Bob Downs and his team at Maple City Pottery have produced the Red Wing Collectors Society annual Convention Commemorative. In addition, Downs has given several educational seminars at both at the RWCS MidWinter GetTogether and National Convention. He shared his knowledge about pottery production and the commemorative production process.

Obituary Notice published on

Daily Review Atlas (Monmouth, IL)
Posted Nov 21, 2012 @ 12:23 PM

Monmouth, IL – Robert Downs, 56, of Monmouth, passed away 10:20 p.m. Nov. 15, 2012, at the Monmouth Nursing Home in Monmouth.

Robert was born Oct. 3, 1956, in Moline, the son of Robert LeRoy and Darlene Alice Mitchell Downs. Robert was raised in the Quad Cities, attended local schools and graduated from Central High School in Davenport, Iowa. Robert was married previously to Cheryl Lynn Seligman.

Robert was a potter all of his working life and began by opening and operating a pottery shop near Davenport, Iowa. Later he did the same for a number of years in Wilton, Iowa. He then went to work at Rowe Pottery in Cambridge, Wisconsin, for five years until he came to Monmouth and opened Maple City Pottery which he operated for 25 years. Robert was a “Master Potter” all of his life. He also loved to dance and enjoyed classic cars.

He is survived by his sons, Michael W. (fiance Megan) Downs, of Macomb, and Robert L. Downs of Monmouth; his father, Robert L. Downs, of Rock Island; and one aunt, Marilyn (Merlin Swanson of Rock Island. He is preceded in death by his mother.
A memorial service is planned for 10 a.m. Saturday at Turnbull Funeral Home in Monmouth. Cremation has been accorded. Fellowship will follow the service at Robert’s residence in Monmouth. For more information, please visit

Stoneware Collection


Hi there,

 I have a few neat pieces of Red Wing in my collection. I was curious if i could get a value on them please? I have attached pictures of them all. 

 Thanks much, Brian

  1.  One Gallon crock with small wing in pristine condition
  2. 10 gallon crock with large wing and no oval in pristine condition
  3. 4 gallon Butter Churn in pristine condition with lid and original stick
  4. 5 gallon water cooler with st. paul mn advertising in pristine condition
  5. The stand and rare drainage spigot for the 5 gallon cooler
  6. Butter crock with advertising from Storden Minnesota
  7. 1977 Commemorative in perfect condition

Thank you, Brian


Brian, you have some nice pieces here.  

1. One Gallon crock with small wing in pristine condition $200

2. 10 gallon crock with large wing and no oval in pristine condition $150 to $200 ($200 to the right collector)

3. 4 gallon Butter Churn in pristine condition with lid and original stick $300 with everything included

4. 5 gallon water cooler with st. paul mn advertising in pristine condition (they are down on price $300 to $325)

5. The stand and rare drainage spigot for the 5 gallon cooler.  No idea on value for the stand, the drainage spigot goes for about $80

6. Butter crock with advertising from Storden Minnesota $225 to $250

7. 1977 Commemorative in perfect condition (todays market $600 to $700) Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

spongeware umbrella


I need some information about my umbrella stand.  I need to know if it is indeed red wing Sponge ware or not. Also I would like to know the value of this umbrella stand. It is 18″ tall the opening is 10″ across, the weight is 25 lbs. We can not find any marking at all to give us any clue that it is indeed red wing.  And the reading that I have done on your website & did not help me, but they do show a photo of one just like mine.  But I still do not know if it is, because of the missing logo.

Thank you,  I joined Red Wing last night so I can ask these questions & become more knowledgeable about red wing.

The jugs painted numbers are so artistic & feathery looking, how was this done ? Ruth


Ruth, your spongeware umbrella stand is Red Wing.   In perfect condition the value is between $1200 & $1600.  Nice piece!.  Al Kohlman