Red Wing Bowl 998


What ca you tell me about this bowl it says 998 on the bottom- Rob


Hi Rob
this bowl is from around 1940, the glaze is called luster oxblood. Value is around 25.00 or so, in perfect condition. thanks, steve n rose

Tweed Tex platter and a Tweed Tex bread tray


I have enclosed a few pictures for the experts to help me determine a value for.  They are boyh Red Wing pieces.  One is a platter that is 15″x12″  and the other is a Bread Plate that is 7.25″X10.5 .  They are both tweed tex and they were bought at the same estate sale.  Both are in excellent condition with no flaws anywhere.  The Red wing on the Bread plate is somewhat smudged for some reason but other than that they are both great.  We can’t find a value anywhere so we thought we’d ask for your help.  It’s much appreciated.  We probably will sell these if the price is right. If you need more or better photos and I will get them right back to you.
Rob and Caryl


The photos show a Tweed Tex platter and a Tweed Tex bread tray.  Tweed Tex is one of six patterns produced in the Anniversary shape and was made from 1953 to 1956.  The ink stamp used for Tweed Tex is unique to this pattern.  It is the standard wing-shaped pink-red stamp used on most dinnerware made from 1950 to 1957 but with the words “HAND PAINTED” removed from the middle.  Values for Tweed Tex tend to be a bit lower than for the hand painted Anniversary patterns.  The platter is worth $20-30; the bread tray $30-40 assuming excellent condition.


Driftwood Pitchers


Did they ever make a pitcher in Driftwood?  If so where would a person look and aprroximately how much?


The tall covered pitcher with a cover and long spout is a beverage server.  The tall pitcher with no cover is a water pitcher.  The short item with a cover and long spout is a teapot.  Each is worth $60-90.  Under $60 would be a good price.  Antique shops usually price these at over $100 each.


Andrew Weswtin & Co. Newberry, Mich. advertising beater jar


I have a questions that I would appreciate if you could turn over to Al Kohlman.  I collect, among other things, advertising stoneware from Michigan.  I have had the AH Eddy Soo, Mich. beater jar for years.  I just today picked up one marked: It Pays to Mix With Andrew Weswtin & Co. Newberry, Mich.  What I am wondering is two things.  Has Al ever heard of this Newberry beater jar?  Second, are there any known MICHIGAN beater jars other than the one from Soo and this Newberry one?  I have heard tell that there might be one from Munising, Michigan, but have not ever seen one.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 
PS  Great website by the way!



Jeff, I do not collect beater jars, but have had and seen a few from Newberry, Mich., but cannot remember if it had the Mix with Andrew Weswtin & Co advertising.  I have not seen one from Munising Mich, but there could very well be some from this town.  Wish I had more information for you.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Ewer M 1510, designed by Charles Murphy

Question: How much is a Red Wing Ewer M 1510 7″ tall…green (Ocean? Light?) mint condition. Any info much appreciated.


Warm regards…Deb

Answer: Hi Deb
this is a design by Charles Murphy, from around 1956, a bud vase.  Value is around 25.00.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Planter 445


I’ve had this beautiful pot for many years.  I don’t see anything like it in any books, but it clearly says Redwing.  I had a creamy white one but sold it.  This one is 11″ high and 12″ across.  Any idea of value?

Thanks so much.



Hi Pat
this is shape #445, it was made for many years, in a variety of colors and sizes.  Think the value should be around 45.00 or so for this one.  thanks, steve n rose

15 gallon Red Wing crock with lid



I’m Looking for info on a Crock  came across in cleaning up an old house.

it is a Red Wing 15 it has 2 cracks & handles are rusted off it does have the lid  with 15 in one of the petals it still needs further cleaning

the lid has 2 small chips but is solid it has a patent date of 1915

I would like to know the age & value of this piece

Thanks Much



Lynn, your 15 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1915 & 1930.  With the hairlines and today’s economy, the value is between $50 & $70.  The 15 gallon Red Wing lid with two chips and the salty brown top  (should be a snowy white) would have a value between $60 & $80.  Al Kohlman

Hobby Shop candleticks shape 1409



I am hoping you can provide more information regarding this teardrop piece I found at a garage sale.  I am only able to find the teardrop candle holder and was told this may be a “prototype” by the artist that designed the candle holder.  Is this true?  Is/was this something your artists did?  The piece is approximately 51/4 inches high and about 4 inches wide.  As you can see it has a shiny blue glaze with red “splotches.”  I hope you can help provide more information.

Thank you,


Answer: HI Kay
no, this isn’t a prototype for this particular shape.  When the factory closed, molds were sold to others, craft stores, etc.  This isn’t a Red Wing glaze, so was done at a later time, somewhere else, not at the Red Wing factory.  we call these “hobby shop” items.  value maybe around 10.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

6 gallon Red Wing Butter Churn


I recently aquired a 6 gallon Red Wing butter churn with 6 inch wing without a lid. I am having a difficult time placing a date or value on this item. There is not a single hairline or chip on it, but it has a chalky lime-like streaks outside and inside. Any thoughts on proper restoration will be much appreciated along with an estimated date and value. Thank you so much. (picture attached) -Josh


Josh, you have a 6 gallon Red Wing Butter Churn.  It was produced between 1912 & 1915.   If you clean it up and remove the lime (Lime-a-way toilet bowl cleaner in the gel form works best) the value would be in the $350 to $400 range.   Al Kohlman

20 gallon Red Wing salt glaze butterfuly with Minnesota split oval


We recently aquired this Butterfly crock with a Minnesota oval. What can you tell me about it.



Jacob, you don’t see to many Red Wing butterflies that are stamped with the Minnesota split oval.  So that is a good thing.  The bad thing is the 3 hairlines and today’s economy. With the hairlines, I would put the value in the range of $800 to $1000.  Al Kohlman