15 gallon transitional crock


What is the value of this 15 gallon transitional crock? It has a hairline in the front as you can see, but it’s very faint and is only in the glazing. but it’s an elephant ear with logo, hand drawn 15 with brown interior. Jordan


Jordan, with two large cracks such as this, the value will be $500 or less.  I would not go over $500 with hairlines this long.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman

8 gallon Red Wing button lid



I was wondering if you could help me on the value of this Red Wing Crock with Lid.


Thanking you in advance.





Dorothy, the value on the 8 gallon Red Wing button lid will be somewhat low do to the chip in the lid and the dark salt on the top of the lid.  Collectors today are looking for the creamy white lids in perfect condition.  Value $100 to $150.  Al Kohlman

20 gallon crock we believe to be Minnesota Stoneware



We came across a 20 gallon crock we believe to be Minnesota Stone Ware with black lettering and the double birch leaf (photo attached). After some research, I found that an unmarked crock might have been commissioned for Sears Roebuck company. Just wondering a value and approximate date range?

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Kelsey, you are correct on your statement.  The Minnesota Stoneware Company crock you have here was produced between 1895 & 1906.  Value in perfect condition is around $200.   Al Kohlman

12 gallon Red Wing crock with the 6 inch wing


I have a 12 gallon red wing crock with both handles. I have seen other people mention a date on their crocks but i am unable to find one on mine. I was wondering the estimated value. I have attached a photo of the crock.

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Toni, your 12 gallon Red Wing crock with the 6 inch wing was produced right around 1915.  In perfect condition, the value is between $150 & $175.  Al Kohlman

Prince Albert Liquor Co


On April 11/12 Al Kohlman answered a question on ask the expert about a 5 gallon Western Commercial jug with a 3 inch wing. this jug is from Saskatchewan- Alberta provinces. He states that it was made between 1918 and 1930. I know of other liquor jugs from different towns in Saskatchewan and Alberta in 3 or 5 gallon sizes with the three inch wing, is it possible that these jugs were made before 1918 as these two provinces started the Liquor Prohibition on June 30 of 1915

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Hello again, Andre.  As usual, you have some great pieces!  Yes, the jugs in your photo were made before 1918.  The reason Al gave you the 1918 to 1930 time window is that’s when Red Wing used the 2.5 (or 3) inch wing and I’m guessing he didn’t see your photo.  The wing used on your jugs is a little over 4 inches long.  I believe all three of these companies appear in the Red Wing Potteries Ledger, which contains orders placed for advertising stoneware between 1906 and 1914.

The Prince Albert Liquor Co. placed a rush order for 25 3 gallon jugs on Feb. 19, 1913.  The Western Commerical Co. ordered 100 5 gallons jugs on April 26, 1913.  Both the Western Commercial Co. and Prince Albert Liquor Co. placed multiple orders between 1906 and 1914, so Red Wing likely made more jugs than the # quoted.  There are about 150 pages to sift through in the ledger, so I didn’t have time to look through all of it and find an entry for the Kamsack jug.  But, I think I recall seeing it in there.

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Rick Natynski

RWCS Newsletter Editor

Tip Toe Pitcher


Hi,  I have a pitcher givin to me about five years ago and would like to see if you can give me any im=nformation about it.  It has no cracks or chips,  on the bottom it says redwing usa. tryed to take a pic of bottom but did not come out. Here is ne of the pitcher. Thanks for your time. Linda


The name of this pattern is Tip Toe.   The Tip Toe pattern features a band of tulip flowers, and the name refers to the song “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”.   Tip Toe was a pattern in the Casual shape, the same line that included Bob White, Smart Set and Round Up.  Tip Toe was a rather drab pattern compared to other patterns of the late 1950s, and sales were modest.  Tip Toe was produced from 1958 to 1960. 

The item in the photo is a Tip Toe water pitcher.  The pitcher was available in two sizes:  60 oz (12 inches tall) and 112 oz (14 inches tall).  The smaller pitcher is more common.  Values for Tip Toe water pitchers in excellent, undamaged condition are $40-60 for the 60 oz pitcher and $70-90 for the 112 oz pitcher.   


Willow Wind Value


I have a large set of Willow Wind (pink) dinnerware, cups/saucers, celery plate, divided veg plate, pitcher, gravy, salt&pepper, serving platters, casserole w/lids etc.  Grandma left many sets of dishes; this is the set i would like to sell.  Do have a referral for me to determine a monetary value?  I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank You,



I can provide estimated values for the items listed; but, we do not attempt to match buyers and sellers on this web site.  Please see the FAQ section for advice on selling Red Wing. The RWCS does publish a newsletter bi-monthly and offers classified placement that does post to our website.

The following values for Willow Wind Pink items assume excellent, undamaged condition.

Cup & saucer: $12-15

Celery dish:  $25-30

Divided vegetable dish:  $25-30

Water pitcher:  $50-60

Gravy boat:  $25-30

Salt & pepper:  $30-35

Platter:  $25-30

Casserole with cover:  $30-40


1 gallon Red Wing Albany Slip lids


This is a perfect shiny 1 gal with the RW 7 mark on the bottom.  The RWS guide book says only Minn. marked examples are known. 

What do you think about value, rarity, etc.?



Mike, this is the first Red Wing bottom signed lid that I have ever seen or heard about. Normally the 1 gal Red Wing Albany slip lids are fairly cheap due to the large number that are out their (any where from $125 to $200).  I think with yours being signed you could add $200 to $300 to those values on the lid.  Now this is just my thoughts as I have no history to base a better value with.  Extremely sharp lid!!!!!   Al Kohlman

Red Wing Corn Cob


I have a ceramic red wing that is the shape of a corn cob. It was my great grandfather’s. It is yellow and has a cork. It also has a small shot cup with it. It sits sideways, can you tell me more about this, and what it might be worth? Thank you…..Julie


the corn jug and shot glass are from around 1930ish.  haven’t seen one sell for awhile, but I would guess at least a couple hundred for both.  it is a fairly unusual item.  thanks, steve n rose

Blossom Time



Thank you for your service.  My family has the attached Red Wing dinner ware.  I am not with the set so I don’t know exactly how many pieces and what size.  What is the design called and approximate value for the set. 



The name of the pattern is Blossom Time.  The following values for Blossom Time items. assume excellent, undamaged condition.  Any damage reduces the value significantly.

Cup & saucer:  $10-15

Dinner plate:  $15-20

Bread & butter plate:  $5-10

Small bowl (sauce dish):  $5-10

Larger bowl:  $10-15

Platter:  $20-30

Creamer: $10-15

Sugar with cover: $15-20

Salt & Pepper:  $15-20

Beverage server with cover:  $50-60