Hamms Popcorn Bowl


I have a hamms popcorn bowl in excellent condition. I would like to know its worth.

A large 12 inch Hamms bowl in excellent condition is worth $400-500.


Mount Rushmore Ashtray


What can you tell me about an ashtray marked Red Wing U.S.A., green in color, approx 6 1/2″ square, has Mount Rushmore faces and the following wording:  SOUTH DAKOTA MT. RUSHMORE SPEAKS TO THE AGES THE FORTITUDE OF WASHINGTON THE VISION OF JEFFERSON THE VIGOR OF T. ROOSEVELT THE FAITH OF LINCOLN.

Answer: The Mount Rushmore ashtray usually sells in the $100.00 range in perfect condition.  It is not a very common piece, and commonly came in either the green glaze you have or a brown glaze. Collectors from South Dakota especially love this piece. Thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing 1110 Vase



I have a vase and I know nothing about it other than my mom always said the redwing pottery was the good stuff.  Can you tell me about this vase.

It is 7 1/4 inch light blue with a pink interior.  

2 handles one higher than the other

lines and flower decoration on both sides

bottom stamped redwing usa 1110

It doesn’t appear to have any cracks or chips.


Any information you can give me would be appreciated.



Answer: Hi Mark
this dates to around 1941, luster blue is the glaze name, and it has a value of around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Art Pottery Line 908



I am looking for any info you can give me on this piece,it belonged to my mother & I really know nothing else about it..

Thank You,


Answer: Hi Sherry
this was part of the art pottery line of 1939, value is around 30.00 on this one.  thanks, steve n rose

Brushed Ware Flower Pot



I have a Red Wing planter.  It is 7 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter.  On the bottom encircled in blue it reads “Red Wing Union Stoneware Co Redwing, Minn”  The outside of the planter has a matt finish, but the inside of the planter is a glossy green finish. There are no chips or cracks.  Is this brushware?  What would the value be?

Thank you in advance for your information.

Best Regards,


Answer: Hi Mary
yes, indeed, this is brushedware, circa 1930ish.  there were several sizes of this flower pot, this being the smallest.  Value is around 75.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Vase 1295


I inherited a Red Wing vase, 1295, in pristine condition.

I see from the Red Wing Collectors site that it was likely made in 1947 or so. I would like advice on 2 things: 1) what’s it worth, and 2) how to best go about selling it.

I have hundreds of vases and other things that my mom collected and for which I have absolutely no place to store them, and I’m at a loss for what to do to lighten my load. Any advice you have for me is greatly appreciated.



Answer: Hi Karen
the date is correct, this is worth around 35.00 or so.  As for selling all your things, it does sound like there is quite a bit.  I would hire a local auctioneer, and have them sell it all for you.  I think you would get the best overall prices by doing it that way.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Shapes: 1168, 1263, 1267, 5030


I came across several Red Wing Artware pieces at a local antique store.  The pieces remind me of Art Deco and I would like to learn more about them.  I was also curious about the value of the pieces. 

Piece 1 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1168; pink glaze vase with spiral pattern on both sides

Piece 2 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1263; terra cotta glaze, geometric shape

Piece 3 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1267; pink glaze – small chips

Piece 4 – On the bottom: Red Wing 5030; Zephyr Pink vase-height 12″

Any information would be appreciated


the 1263 is a planter form 1946, value around 30.00
the 5030 is attributed to the garden club line, circa 1957, value around 45.00

Links to previous questions:

  steve n rose

Rumrill Ball Pitcher 547


I recieved this from a coworker and decided to research it.  It seems that this is a rare pitcher in the Rum rill 547 pottery collection.  If I am correct made in 1978 as a Commenorative piece. Can you verify my findings and tell me the approximate value.


The photo shows a 547 ball pitcher and the color is known as Scarlet & Bay.  No photo of the bottom of this pitcher was included, but most likely it is marked 547 RUMRILL or RUMMRILL.  This pitcher is fairly common, not rare.  Red Wing produced this pitcher for several different lines.   Pitchers marked RUMRILL or RUMMRILL were glazed with art pottery colors for George RumRill’s sales company.   Pitchers marked RED WING also were glazed with art pottery colors and sold by Red Wing.  The 547 pitcher was also a part of the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line for many years and can be found nearly all of the colors used for Gypsy Trail items over the years.   Value for the Scarlet & Bay pitcher in the photo is $40-50 if it is in excellent condition. 


5 gallon St. Paul Book and Stationary Cooler, dome top salt glaze, and sponge band bowl.



I was curious of the value of these three pieces

5 Gallon Advertising St Paul book and Stationary Water cool, has one small crows foot in the back otherwise is fine. The lid had a few cracks

Red wing Dome top salt glaze with one chip

A spongeband bowl, does have a few cracks inside the bottom but the lid is perfect

Thanks again! Brett


Brett, cracks in stoneware today is just killing the values.  Collector are being extremely picky when it comes to pieces for their personal collection.  Your advertising water cooler with small spider in the cooler and damaged lid would have a value in the area of $300 to $500.

Your salt glazed Dome top jug with the chip would have a value between $75 & $100 depending on the size of the chip.

An your gray line casserole with mint lid but cracked bottom $100 to $125 for the lid & $30 for the bottom.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but in today’s market, it is a tough sell on pieces that have damage.  Al Kohlman

Stoneware Canteen


Not sure if this is a Red Wing piece or not.  Katie said to send to the experts to see.  I have attached a picture of it.  Thanks much.  Calli


Calli, from what I can see of your canteen, it looks to be Red Wing.  I have not seen this advertising before, but that does not mean it is not Red Wing.  The date on the bottom of the canteen fits the time frame as does the style of the handles and spout.  Would really need to see this in person to say for sure, but looks good in the photo.  Al Kohlman