Red Wing USA 931, decorator planter series


I have an orange triangle shaped pot marked Red Wing USA  931.  I’m interested in when it was made and what it’s  alien might be.  It’s 6 1/2 in H, 10 1/2 in L and 7 in W.

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this is from the decorator planter series in 1965.  this is the top, it has a base it fits in #930.  Value is around 25.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose


Question: Is this peice of Red Wing Valueable or rare?

Answer: this cornucopia dates to around 1957, not really rare, with a value of around 30.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing Console Bowl 758


 I came accross this redwing pottery piece when I was cleaning out my Mother-In-Laws chicken house.  Would you be able to tell me about it (what exactly it is, approximate value, where made, etc)  I would say it is some kind of planter but really not sure.  It is approximately 4 inches tall & wide and 12 inches long.   It has a pink glazing on it.  No cracks or chips but does have a few light stains from a plant being potted in the container.   On the bottom it has 758 Redwing.   A picture is attached.  Thanks Shirley

Answer: Hi Shirley
this is a console bowl, from 1953.  Value is around 25.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Delta Blue Dinnerware



We have just aquired 70+ pieces of Delta Blue, only 2 or 3 have small chips, and some have a few blow outs which is normal….I need a value guide to sell this.  I have about 15 serving pieces



The values I provide are my current estimate of what a knowledgeable buyer would be willing to pay a knowledgeable seller, which in my opinion is fair market value.  Actual selling prices difficult to gather because they are generally not available to the public.  This is especially true for a hard to find pattern like Delta Blue.  My values assume excellent undamaged condition and are for one of the item described. 

Dinner plate:  $60-75
Salad plate:  $15-25
Cup & saucer:  $20-25
Saucer:  $7.50-10
Fruit bowl:  $15-20
Creamer:  $20-25
Sugar with cover:  $20-25
Oval divided veg dish:  $30-35
Round veg bowl:  $30-35
15″ oval platter:  $40-50
Pitcher 4 cup size:  $40-50
1 gallon coffee pot with side knobs and cover but no stand:  $80-100
Butter dish with cover:   $40-50
4 quart casserole with cover and stand (under plate):   $75-90
Teapot with cover:  $90-100
Bean Pot with cover 2 quart: $50-60
Waffle dish cover:  $100-125  (very rare piece)


Collection of stoneware crocks and bean pots


My 53 year old wife remembers her grandmother making pickles in the 8 & 30 gal Red Wing crocks (in the attached pictures) as a young child.  There doesn’t appear to be any chips or cracks in any of the pieces and the handles also appear in good shape.  We are almost sure that the 2 gal crock with the brown glaze interior is a Red Wing and we believe that the small crocks with covers and the (1-2 quarts) tri-side jug with screw top may also be from Red Wing.  Would you please let us know if these are also Red Wings?  We would also appreciate any comments concerning the pieces and an estimated values. 

Thank you,

Gregg & Amy


First of all, all of your pieces look to be Red Wing.  Now, estimate values

Unsigned Red Wing bean pot  $20
30 gallon Red Wing crock with 6 inch wing, mint $300
Red Wing Albany slip foot warmer, unsigned. $50 to $75
8 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 1/2 inch wing $125 to $150
2 gallon Red wing crock, $50 to $70
Red Wing salt glaze double P crock $125 

Hope this is what you were looking for.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Gray-line casserole

Question: Hello and Good Evening,
I’m just now learning about this beautiful pottery and seeing all the pieces people write to you about.  So I need your expert opinion if you don’t mind……..
I bought this beautiful piece at a garage sale sitting by it’s lonesome for $2.00.  All other items the lady was selling were Christmas items way overpriced.  I saw this crock and loved it……..I asked her “How much please?” and her response was “$3.00” So obviously I got her down to $2.00
The item is in MINT condition…….Clean with no chips or cracks.  I don’t think it’s ever been used.
Would you be able to put a value on this for me?  Would be greatly appreciated…..Hoping I found a treasure…….
Thank you and make today a good day!
Irvine, CA.

Answer: In mint condition with the lid, this Red Wing Gray-line casserole has a value between $275 & $300.  A great find!    al

Collection of Salt Glaze Crocks

Question: Hello, 
My Mother and I have recently acquired the 6 crocks shown in the attached pictures. We don’t know much about them and were hoping you could guide us in the right direction.  All 6 are in great condition, no cracks or chips.  None of them have any kind of stamp or signature.  Any information that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Lindsey H.


The 5 gallon Salt glazed crock is very primitive, but I believe it is Red Wing.  Value $200 to $250

4 gallon lazy 8 is Red Wing  Value $200 to $250

3 gallon is not Red Wing.  I think it is Ohio the way the lazy 8 flows into the target mark.  No idea of value

3 gallon salt glazed crock is not Red Wing.  no idea of value

5 gallon salt glazed crock with lazy 8 with ribs is a Western Stoneware Crock.  No idea of value

2 gallon Red Wing target crock.  $125. Hope this is some help.   al

5 gallon Birch Leaf Crock sign MSW


Hi Experts…. I found a crock and with the  lid
Two Leaves (Birch)
and the Initials MSW

Any Value?

This crock is not in mint condition. It has some issues ….their is some soiling and a  chip on the side of crock.

The Blue markings are strong and not faded.

The lid is in good shape.

Some black tar also on it.  I attached some pictures for you to look at.  I have not tried to clean it at all.   Maybe you have some suggestions for cleaning it.   Soap Kind? 

Thanks for any kind of info you can supply me.   Donna  


This crock is very difficult to find with the signature.  Estimated value is $1800 to $2000. Jeff

Theft of Red Wing Stoneware Reported to RWCS Office

 Red Wing Stoneware Theft Reported from a Amboy, MN Antique Shop

Amboy, MN – On April 16th a theft occurred at the Villager Antiques in Amboy Minnesota. At least 20 pieces of Red Wing pottery were stolen from the antique store.

Among the stolen pieces were several water coolers, quite a few jugs, including the older brown ones, and some chicken waterers, many very old items as well as some of the Red Wing collectors pieces from past conventions. The most recognizable piece is a very distinct early 4 gallon salt glaze crock with a cobalt blue bird decoration (seen at right). This crook is not marked Red Wing but is an early piece. Nothing else appears to have been taken from the shop. Photos of other pieces stolen are below.

Anyone with information regarding this theft is asked to contact Mankato Police Department of Justice in Mankato, MN at (507) 304-4814 Case number #12-0372.