Memorial Service for Eva Zeisel

Eva’s Memorial Weekend

Saturday, June 2nd 2012
First Unitarian Church
Brooklyn Heights, NY

12 Noon

Saturday, June 2, the Memorial Service will be held at 12:00 noon at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn Heights, followed by a coffee reception in the church to which all are invited.  For directions to the church go to Eva Memorial Service.pdf    Eva’s grandchildren will be greeting guests at the doors of the church, and as you sign the guest book, ask in what part of the church members of the Eva Zeisel forum are seating themselves, so that we may greet each other.  
On Saturday evening there will be a no-host dinner at 8:30 at a small local restaurant called Savann.  It features Turkish cuisine, and is located on Amsterdam Avenue between 79th and 80th on the west side of the street.  Meals are about $25, including a glass of wine and tip. Some of Eva’s family members will be there, and it will be a good time to continue the day’s conversations and socializing.  Reservations must be made, so be sure to check your rsvp on the listing below.

On Sunday, the 3rd there will be a casual and optional drop-in with light refreshments at the apartment where Eva lived for many years, at 600 West 115th Street, Apt. 72, from noon until late afternoon.   This will be a relaxed time to see where Eva lived, and for further schmoozing, but be aware that the apartment has been cleared out for future subletting, and that none of Eva’s designs will be on display.  There will be people in place to admit you to the building and the apartment.  To get to Eva’s home take the #1 subway to the 116th Street station.  Stay at the back of the subway and get out at the 115th Street exit.  Also, the Broadway bus #104 goes to 115th St.  The phone number of the apartment is 212-864-0341.

On Monday, the 4th Pirco Wolfframm will conduct docent tours of Eva’s country home, beginning at 1:00, to which members of the Eva Zeisel forum are invited.    Jeannie warns that the house is in a state of extreme disorder, as Eva’s possessions are still in boxes stacked here and there, and the living room has been given over to photography for the book.   However, Eva’s designs are still on display in the studio area of the house, and Pirco will be able to take us to the workroom and storage areas, where many of Eva’s prototypes are still being uncovered.  Because of the overcrowding, tours will be for four people at a time, and preference will be given to out-of-town guests.  If there are too many reservations for the tours, those living in the NY area can make arrangements to see the house at another time.  Cameras welcome, of course.  The tours will start rather promptly at 1:00, and will last about half an hour for each group.  Jeannie will have coffee and light refreshments available for those waiting for their tour.  To reach the country house by car, go up the Westside Highway, cross the George Washington Bridge, bear right on to Palisades Parkway North, then go to exit 12.  From there, take an immediate left and then an immediate right.  You will be on Route 45.  In half a minute you will see The Orchards.  Turn right onto South Mountain Road and go two miles to No. 455.  The driveway is on the left.  There really is no practical public transportation to the house, so carpooling is suggested.  If you will be driving and are willing to take passengers, or if you will need transportation,  please let me know at the email address below, and I’ll send along a list of drivers and passengers so that you can contact each other to make arrangements.

*the Memorial Service
*the no-host restaurant dinner on Saturday night
*the drop-in at Eva’s apartment on Sunday afternoon
*the country-house tour on Monday at 1:00

Our best regards,

Pat and Gene

©Eva Zeisel forum

Red Wing Planter, stove shaped


i haave this vase and i cannot find it anywhere on the internet. I am wondering what its worth? A. Hunter

Answer: hello
it’s a planter, from the fifties, value is around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose

Tweed Tex pattern butter dish

Question: Hi,

I have a white covered butter dish.  From research I just found out it may be vintage and collectable.

This is white, not pink or green and would love to know the pattern.  Maybe its worth, given it is in excellent condition.



This is a covered butter dish from the Tweed Tex pattern, one of six patterns made in the Anniversary shape.  Tweed Tex was made from 1953 to 1956 and all items are entirely white.  Most collectors value Tweed Tex lower than the colorfully decorated items from the other five Anniversary patterns.    Value for a Tweed Tex butter dish in excellent undamaged condition is $20-30.


Lexington Dinnerware Collection


Can  you tell me what I should be asking when selling the following items from the Lexington Dinnerware line.


Perfect pieces


Spoon holder

3 cups

2 small sauce bowls

2 divided vegetable bowls

1 divided relish

1 saucer

1 flat celery dish

4 plates

Oval platter


Imperfect pieces


Gravy boat

2 cups

3 small sauce bowls

Casserole w/lid (lid handle was broken in two, glued back together, but not very well)

2 saucers

Small bowl

Large serving bowl

4 plates

Tall pitcher – tiny nick in spout



Some of the imperfections are crackle.  Do you think bleach would take some of the dark away?




Please see below for my estimated values.  All values that I provide are my estimate of the current market value for a SINGLE item in excellent, undamaged condition.  I cannot say what the owner should ask as a sales price because that depends on numerous factors that are unknown to me.  See the “Selling Red Wing” portion of the FAQ section on the RWCS web site.  I also cannot provide estimated values that are adjusted for damage.  My general rule of thumb is that damage reduces the value by 25 to 75%.  Damage must be viewed to make a proper evaluation and even then collectors often disagree.  The decrease in value depends on the location, extent and visibility of the damage and whether or not the item is especially difficult to find. 

I never use bleach to clean stained dinnerware.  If not done properly it can ruin pottery. I have attached an article that I wrote on the subject for the RWCS newsletter back in 2003. 

Creamer:  $5-10

Spoon holder:  $50-75

Tea cup:  $5-7

Small sauce bowl:  $5-10

Divided vegetable bowl:  $20-30

Divided relish (3 sections): $20-30

Saucer:  $5-7

Celery dish:  $20-30

Plates: $5-15 each, depending on the size

Oval platter:  $20-25

Teapot:  $25-35

Gravy boat: $20-25

Casserole w/lid:  $20-30

Small bowl (cereal?):  $10-15

Large serving bowl:  $15-20

Tall pitcher: $20-25


Cleaning Red Wing Dinnerware

To bleach or not to bleach….

….that is the question.  All pottery collectors have encountered a beautiful piece of pottery, perfect in appearance except for an ugly, greasy stain.  Should you attempt to remove the stain, or should you leave it alone and enjoy the piece as is?  Is cleaning pottery with bleach safe?  Are there better alternatives?  Those are the questions to be addressed here.

This article will reflect my experiences with deep cleaning dinnerware and my opinions on the subject.  Please understand I am not an expert in this area, I am simply sharing my experiences and opinions with my fellow collectors.  Also, my experiences do not include deep cleaning stoneware.  In a few months I plan to write a follow-up article after doing research on the scientific and chemical principles involved.  In that future article I’d like to include opinions and experiences from other collectors.  Please see my contact information below.

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Red Wing 1 gallon Chicago Adv. jug


I have just begun collecting Red Wing Crocks (a novice) and still have a lot to learn. I did order the Red Wing Stoneware book by DePasquale/Peterson but am in the dark until it arrives here.

What can you tell me about this one gallon advertisement jug?

It’s in good condition.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



I have just begun collecting Red Wing Crocks (a novice) and still have a lot to learn. I did order the Red Wing Stoneware book by DePasquale/Peterson but am in the dark until it arrives here.

What can you tell me about this one gallon advertisement jug?

It’s in good condition.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





Terry, this Red Wing 1 gallon Chicago Adv. jug must be the one that is on eBay currently.  It is a nice jug that was produced somewhere between 1920 & into the 1930’s.  Value will be between $250 & $300.  Al Kohlman

20 gallon Red Wing crock



            I have inherited redwing crock. I was wondering if you could help me understand what it is, was used for, and a approx value.  It is dirty and I don’t see any cracks.  I have not tried to lift it to see the bottom yet. Theresa


Your 20 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1909 & 1915.  It has the block 20 & 6 inch Red Wing (which is the largest of the red wings produced.  It was used for canning.   Value in perfect condition is $200.  Very nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon crock with the Hendricks Minnesota advertising



Hello from the sunny plains of South Dakota; Would you be so kind as to tell us whether you believe this crock is Redwing or not?  Sorry it’s not clean.

The crock measures appx. 8″ high.  Also, the value??

Thank you kindly for all of your historic work!



Stacy, this Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon crock with the Hendricks Minnesota advertising would have a value between $800 & $1000.  Very nice piece.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon Blue Banded jug


I have this blue banded, what I think  is one gallon. It is 11” tall, 2″ mouth, 7″ bottom. The markings are

RED WING (under Red Wing) STONEWARE and what looks like C o. I would like to know what I can find out about it and value? Thanks in advance. Rodney


You have the Red Wing Stoneware 1 gallon Blue Banded jug.  These jugs were produced by the Red Wing and Minnesota Stoneware Companys. Value is between $350 & $450 in perfect condition with the bottom signature.  Al Kohlman

Red Wing #220 Pitchers


Dear Rose and Steve Splittgerber,

I have two Red Wing #220 Pitchers, each with the dragon figure on its handle.  Reading over the previous assessments on the Red Wing Collectors Society website, I understand that the dates that the pitchers were produced and their values are dependent upon their color and glazing. 

I am interested in selling these two items either to an antique vendor, on ebay, or in a garage sale and would like to know their approximate date and value for the sale.  Your help is much appreciated.

I also want to thank you for having a very useful and user-friendly website.

In gratitude,

Answer: Hi Kristine
these date to the late 30’s, I think somewhere around 75.00 each would be a fair price.  thanks, steve n rose