4 gallon Unmarked Red Wing Beehive


This is a #4 unmarked Redwing Beehive Jug.  It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  Would appreciate your verification and value.

Thank you,

Ralston and Temple

Answer:  the 4 gallon beehive jug is Red Wing.  With just the #4 and no decorations, they sell for around $200.  al

5 gallon birch leaf, and 5 gallon salt glaze with burn mark


Dear Sirs ;

Enclosed please find pictures of 2 Red wing glazed pottery jugs . The first one Has what appears to be an elm leaf emblem & is in good shape except for a small chip on the mouth of the jug  .It also has an insignia that says Union Stoneware Red Wing Minn

The second one has a curious marking which looks like a bee , but has no identifying insignia . It also has what appears to have a stain  on the “bee” .

Can you give me an estimate of their value.

Thanks ,



the first jug is a Minnesota Stoneware Company Birch Leaf  beehive.  It was produced between 1895 & 1906.  With the chip in the spout, the value is around $200.

The second 5 gallon salt glaze beehive with the lazy 8 target mark is not Red Wing.  Also, the mark by the decoration is not a stain, but a kiln burn (jug was to close to a hot point in the kiln when fired).  Sorry, I do not know a value for this jug..  al

4 gallon Birch Leaf Churn

Question: Hi and Thank You! for this service!
I have a Red Wing butter churn and am wondering the value of it.  Will attach pictures so that you can have better idea of what I have. There are two chips on lid.  The paddle looks too ‘rough/unfinished’ to me to be the original.  A small area on bottom looks spider-like
tiny cracking–will try to get pix to include.  NO cracking inside. Thank you so much for your help. This has the 4 toward top (blue); double birch leaf (blue); the oval red wing stamp.  NO Red Wing stamped on it and I wonder if this makes mine older OR newer? 


Red Wing Console Bowl 750


I inherited a Red Wing console bowl.  It has the number 750 along with Red Wing USA imprinted on the bottom.  It is in very good condition; no crack or chips.  It has a smooth bronze color finish.  Any information as to age and value would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Carol


this one dates to 1961, with a value of around 25.00.  thanks, steve n rose

Red Wing sponged saffron bowl, 5 inch



 I have two bowls that I believe are Redwing, and I would absolutely love it if you could tell me more about them! They are both similar looking, but one is larger with the number 6 on the bottom, the other smaller with the number 5.

 These bowls are yellowish in color with blue and rusty brown sponging. Number 6 is 6 3/4 inches wide at the top, 2 1/2 inches wide on the bottom and 3 1/2 inches tall. Number 5 is correspondingly smaller. The interior glaze on both is crackley and some is worn off. Number 5 has some discoloration on the bottom interior of the bowl. Each bowl has a 1/4 inch surface chip on the rim.

 I will be so grateful to hear back from you! 

 Thank you!


Answer: Tammie, Your piece is a Red Wing sponged saffron bowl. The number is the size in inches across the top. Sometimes they are marked Red Wing or not. With no advertising from a business they are worth $50 to $70 mint. These spongeware bowls were produced in the  1920’s & 30’s.

Red Wing 1354 and the 1163


I have a vase with the marking on the bottom saying red wing USA 1354.  It is 7 1/2 inches high and green.  It is in perfect condition.  Also, !  I have another…..about 9 inches tall…pale grey?  trailing leaves on side and handles?  Says Red Wing, USA  1162 on the bottom. Could you tell me something about it?  Wendy

Answer: Wendy, the 1354 was designed in 1949, value is around 40.00 or so. Here is a link to a previous question regarding the 1162


 thanks, steve n rose

6 gallon Elepant Ear Ice water with oval



 I would like to know the estimated value of this ice water crock labled Union stoneware.

It has no chips and the front is smooth, even where it appears to be discolored by the spout. I am enclosing three pictures. I am really hoping the pictures come with this email.  It does not have a lid.

There are no markings on the spout. and it appears to have a slight dent by the spout like it didnt come out of the mold correctly. There is no glaze missing but you can see by the way it sits that some part should have been there.    Any information you could give would be greatly appreicated.

Please contact me via email if this does not come across correctly.  Thank you very much for your help.   



The 6 gallon Elepant Ear Ice water with oval would have a value between $4500 & $5000.  Tough piece to find.  al

20 gallon Red Wing Crock with handles

Question: Here are a couple photos of a crock that my Dad inherited.  There is a date of 12-21-15 by the handle. Just curious of it’s value.  
Thank you so much for your time!


The date on the crock is for the patent on the handles which should read Dec 21st, 1915.  Value with the 4 1/2″ wing and today’s marker if it is in perfect shape is around $150.  al

3 gallon and a 10 gallon Red Wing’s with damage


I have a 3 gallon and a 10 gallon. The 3 gallon is in decent shape. The 10 gallon is missing its wire handle on one side. It also has 2 cracks that go all the way through. There is also a patented date on the 10 gallon, is that common? I am wondering your opinion of them and possible value. Thank you for your time. Ryan

Answer: Both the 3 gallon & 10 gallon have damage.  The 3 has a spider crack right in front of the crock.  This damage on both just kills their value.  3 gallon $25,   10 gallon $30.  al

10 gallon Red Wing piece is a Coffee Urn liner

Question: Hi There~  

We found this at auction and were told that it was a commercial cooler insert for beverages. We haven’t been able to find one like it anywhere. Could you please help us in identifying and pricing this wonderful piece.


Your 10 gallon Red Wing piece is a Coffee Urn liner.  They are listed in the Red Wing Stoneware 1915 catolog.  Value is $50 to $75.  al