8 gallon Red Wing with lid

Question: Hello: We have an 8 gallon Red Wing crock with a lid.  It has a patent date of what appears to be Dec 21, 1915; marked Red Wing Union Stoneware Co., Red Wing, MN; and also has a red wing mark.  It is in near perfect condition.  Would be interested knowing the estimated value.  
We also have a two tone (brown/gray) crock with the only discernable marking of a 5.  This is in good condition – no chips. Would be interested to know if it is a Red Wing crock and the estimated value. 
Thank you.


lets break this all down.  The 8 gallon Red Wing lid has a value between $175 & $200.  The 8 gallon Red Wing crock $150.  The two tone crock is not Red Wing so no idea of value. Al

6 gallon Red Wing crock

Question: Interested in teh value of this piece

Answer: the 6 gallon Red Wing crock has a value between $100 & $125.  The lid is not Red Wing, so I really don’t see a value on it. al

8 gallon, 6 inch wing, ski oval crock

Question: I was interested in getting an estimated production year and value on this 8 gallon crock.  No chips or cracks, but a light 4” diameter crow’s feet hairline on the inside bottom and a 2” hairline on the outside bottom edge around the right side.  Both hairlines are faint and I believe only to be in the glazing.

The top diameter is slightly out of round as well.  Not sure if that would impact the value much.  





Nice looking 8 gallon Red Wing with a six inch wing.  Production was between 1909 and before 1915. Value with the crows feet hairlines $150 to $175.  al

4 gallon salt glazed crock with lazy 8 and target market


To whom it may concern,

I have this 4 gallon salt glazed crock. I would like to know if you think this is Red Wing. If not, do you have any idea who the maker is. It is in great condition with no cracks.

Thanks for the info.,


Answer: This 4 gallon salt glazed crock with lazy 8 and target market is Red Wing.  Value is around $200.  Was produced between 1870 & 1895. Al

Water Cooler with water fount

Question: What can you tell me about this water cooler and lid.

Answer: With a 4 inch wing.  Also the lid has a chip on it.  From what I can see the value is between $400 & $600 if no other damage.   al

Red Wing Sponge Mini Jug



 I have a miniature blue and white sponged stoneware jug that I think may be Red Wing,but is not signed,so thought you could help. It has an applied handle that looks like RW,and one of my RW collector books show this jug,but only in larger sizes of 1/4 and 1/2 pints.(The cork was obviously added.) Pictures are attached to e-mail,and this measures 2 and 5/8″ high,about 6 and 1/2″ around,base is 2″ across.It holds exactly 1/4 cup,or 1/8 pint.I know that RW did make other minis in this size,so am wondering if I have an extremely rare or hard to find mini,or if this is an imposter? Thanks for any help you may give me. Cindy

Answer:  this sponged mini is Red Wing.  They have been found in 1/8, 1/4 & 1 pint size.  They say that they have never been found signed, however, I have seen an 1/8 pint signed.  Valve in perfect is $2500 to $3000.  Nice piece, haven’t seen one for awhile.  al

2 gallon salt glaze Single P and a 3 gallon churn


Someone is selling these are Red Wing RARE target and beehive stoneware and I wanted to buy them but am unsure of the value and authenticity of them as being Red Wing. No where on the crocks do they have the “red wing” or marked as Red Wing.  Can you tell me the value of these pieces?





Answer: the first crock is a 2 gallon Red Wing Single P salt glazed crock.  Est vale in perfect condition today is $125.  The other piece is a 3 gallon salt glaze butter churn.  The shape & glaze looks Red Wing, but the decoration does not look to be Red Wing.  I guess I would really need to see it first.  From the photo, I would not purchase it.  Even if it were Red Wing, with that decoration, top price (if in perfect condition would be $275.  al

Pottery on the Square Swap Meet, Monmouth, IL

Monmouth, IL

Join Us for “Pottery on the Square”

Celebrating Monmouth, Illinois’ historic tradition of creating quality stoneware and pottery is the idea behind our annual Pottery on the Square Swap Meet event on June 23rd, 2012 starting at 8:00am and running until noon, on Monmouth’s Public Square.  Activities will include a pottery and stoneware swap meet, pottery demonstration, pottery auction, and window displays of rare pottery pieces. 

The pottery/stoneware consignment auction will begin at 10:00am.  The public is welcome to bring vintage items the day of the event for the auction or can register them ahead of time and have them advertised on the auctioneer’s website www.burnsauctionservice.com.  Auction fees are 10% for a sale, 3% no sale, and $5 per item or set check in fee.  Swap meet and consignment auction participants are not limited to Illinois pottery, but pottery items must be vintage. 

The pottery appraisal clinic will begin at 8:30am, where knowledgeable Illinois pottery collectors will be on hand to examine pieces of Illinois pottery brought by the public.  Rare items have been seen at the appraiser’s booth and it is exciting to see what prized item might show up.

In conjunction with the event the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce is offering to the public an opportunity to purchase a handcrafted limited-edition, bristol crock with handles and a Monmouth Pottery Company TM two men in a crock logo.  The crock stands approximately 4 inches tall and measures approximately 3 ¾ inches in diameter.  Orders are currently being taken for the Monmouth Pottery Company crock that will be available the day of the event.  The deadline for orders is May 15th, 2012, and they are priced at $28.  Shipping charges vary based on quantity.

Monmouth Pottery Company was formed on February 1, 1893.  They manufactured all kinds of stoneware and survived a few plant fires.  Monmouth Pottery Company used their name on their products in different fonts and different designs along with various logos.  Then on November 29, 1905 Monmouth Pottery Company was sold and by 1906 was merged with six other pottery companies to form Western Stoneware.

For more information on the event or the commemorative Monmouth Pottery Company crock please contact the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce at 309-734-3181 or e-mail amm@monmouthilchamber.com. You may also go to the tourism page of the Chamber’s website, www.monmouthilchamber.com.

Continental Buffet-Service



I have the complete Continental Buffet-Service set in a matte finish cream/white color with nickel stands and candle warmers. I would like to know the current value please. Two pieces have some damage which I will describe and you will see in the attached photos. This set was purchased from an estate in MN about 17- 20 ago.  It was packed in a Red Wing cardboard box. I was told by a neighbor that the original owner was a Red Wing salesman.  Sorry, I didn’t think to keep the address or get his name. The only price guidelines I have are from Ray Reiss’ Red Wing Dinnerware price and identification guide published in 1997.

All pieces are in excellent condition with no stains cracks or chips except as noted. Thank you for your time researching this.  Cheryl

These are the pieces I have:


Platter with Dome-Cover and Stand

Double Casserole with Cover and Stand

2 Quart Casserole with Cover and Stand ( a 2″ hairline crack from top edge going down.)

Salad Bowl with Fork & Spoon

Sauce Boat with Cover and Stand

Beverage Server with Cover and Stand (1/8″ shallow chip on underside of lip)

Sugar with Cover

Set of Salt and Pepper



Continental Buffet is of limited interest to collectors because it was a buffet service, not a full dinnerware pattern. Many items commonly found with a set of dinnerware (plates, bowls, cups & saucers, and other accessories) were not made for Continental Buffet. That said, there are collectors who seek Continental Buffet because it is unusual and fairly rare. Yours is the only set I’ve seen complete with all of the metal stands and the salad fork & spoon. The fork and spoon are usually missing or not recognized as part of a Red Wing set. In most cases they have been separated from the set at some point in the 50 years since this set was produced. Thus the fork and spoon are rare and could well be the most valuable part of this set.

The values found in the 1997 Ray Reiss guide are probably not too far off today given the current economy and slumping values for most antiques and collectibles. It’s difficult to establish a current value for an item that is seldom seen for sale. Here are my estimates:

Platter with Dome-Cover and Stand: $80-100

Double Casserole with Cover and Stand: $80-100

2 Quart Casserole with Cover and Stand (a 2″ hairline crack from top edge going down.)

$50-75 in mint condition; the hairline will reduce the value by at least half

Salad Bowl: $50-60

Fork & Spoon: $250-500 (best guess since I’ve never seen a pair sold)

Sauce Boat with Cover and Stand: $60-80

Beverage Server with Cover and Stand (1/8″ shallow chip on underside of lip)

$90-120 in mint condition; the chip will reduce the value by at least half

Sugar with Cover: $30-40

Creamer: $20-25

Set of Salt and Pepper: $75-100

As for how to sell, the info found in the FAQ section of the RWCS web site applies. An ad in the RWCS Newsletter might be worthwhile for an unusual and complete set like this. Hopefully somebody would be interested in purchasing the intact set rather than splitting it up. Collectors who specialize in specific items (pitchers, salt & peppers) would likely pay well for those particular items if the set is split up. The fork and spoon pair would be of interest to a person who owns a set of Continental Buffet but is missing those items.  On the other hand if the owner splits up the set there is the risk of finding no buyers for the less collected items like casseroles and sauce boats. Larry

Red Wing 1327, Engobe line, designer Charles Murphy


I recently found this Engobe piece in a local antique shop. I would like to know the value of this piece and when it was produced. It says e Wing 1327 on the bottom.

Answer: these are pretty hard to find, from Murphy’s African series, as we call it, circa 1949.  I would guess 200.00 or better if in perfect condition.  thanks, steve n rose