King of Tarts Bank

I have a King of Tarts bank. It appears to have been made at the factory out of a King of Tarts cookie jar, except the coin slot and the hole in the bottom are both done prior to glazing. It is clearly stamped RED WING on the bottom. If you look in the hole you can see where the lid was attached. Can you give me any ideas about this item and its value? It has no chips or cracks.
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Town & Country “Shmoo” by Eva Zeisel

I am currently researching Eva Zeisel for a graduate school project. I am interested specifically in the salt and pepper shakers from the Town and Country line. I am wondering if you have the original price listings for the set? I am also trying to find records of prices on the secondary market so that I can analyze the results, but have had little luck. The few records I have found have been from major auction houses, which is not very helpful. Do you happen to know any of the smaller auctioneers, or dealers who frequently have Shmoos?
Thank you, Claire S.

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Lion Stoneware Door Stop

Question: Aloha,

I  have been doing some research about a stoneware lion that my parents gave
to me.  They got it from a relative who lived in Red Wing many
years ago.   I recently caught sight of a picture of the exact lion on
an auction site that listed it as a Red Wind Lion Door Stop.  It said there
are four known to exist.  I am now excited that I might be able to date this
critter and maybe even get more information on it if you have any.  I am
attaching a picture of it (it is from the auction site but it is the same

Please let me know if you know any more about it or if you could point me in
a direction in which I could find something.  I have loved this lion since I
became conscious  and am so happy to know a wee bit about it.



Answer: there is not a lot of history on this Lion Doorstop.  They think if was produced after the turn of the century as it is not listed in the  1895 -96 price list.  However, it could have been produced before that era.  They reportedly came in two sizes, but I do not know the sizes as they are so rare ($7,000 to $10,000) rare (I have only seen one for sale in my 25 years and that was last year at convention).  One can only wish to own one.  Al

4 gallon S/A Salt Glaze Churn

Question: Have found this 4 gallon butter churn at a sale, was wondering what the est. value would be worth. I do beleive that it is RW and has no side stamp.
size                  – 4 gal, 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide
condition           – 4 small chips at lid seat, no other cracks or chips
markings           – SA
glaze                 – salt glaze with the dark brown interior

Answer: the 4 gallon S/A churn is very nice.  There is always a little skepticism on who made these S/A pieces, but this one looks to be Red Wing.  There still is somewhat of a strong, but small group of collectors that love these S/A pieces. 

In the description described and the nice markings, I would place the value in today’s market at around $500. al

Red Wing Union Stoneware Transition mug

Question: Hi, I recently purchased this mug, would like any info you can provide.  The mug is 4 5/8″ tall and has black bands and lettering,  It is mint except for a glaze skip and rust stain on the inside.  The general store was listed in the 1907 Watsonville directory.

I looked at the Red Wing Collectibles book by Gail DePasquale and Larry Peterson.  On page 84, center bottom is a mug nearly Identical to mine, same layout, same handle, narrowly placed bands, the only differences being the contents of the stencil and the color of the rings (black instead of blue).  Even the stencil in the book is black.   I think I have one of the earliest examples of the mugs, when black was the predominant color as the company transitioned to Red Wing Union Stoneware.



Answer: Kevin, I took your information and looked in the Red Wing collectibles book.  After that, I contacted a Red Wing collector friend who specializes in Red Wing advertising mugs. 

It is a Red Wing advertising mug.  He did state that only a few are found with those black rings, but he has one.  So I do apologize for my mistake and am please that you did contact me again to make me dig deeper. 

Value according to this collector is $350 on this mug. 

Thanks for getting back to me and your research.   Nice piece and again, I gained a bit more knowledge on Red Wing Stoneware.  Al

Gypsy Trail Casserole / Bean Pots

I recently purchased 4 bean pots from a local thrift store. They are about 4″ high and about 5″ in diameter. Each is a different color:  Blue, Yellow, Orange and Turquoise.  Only the blue pot is marked “REDWING” on the bottom and it is very faint. They appear as if they have never been used. They yellow pot’s glaze has some minor crazing.  Attached is a picture, can you please tell me about them?
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20 gallon Salt Glaze Butterfly, side stamped Red Wing Stoneware

Question: hello, please review the photos of my 20 gal redwing butterfly. I would like to know the current value on the market as i have no source or reference to reseach such an item. It does have a side stampe on the piece Red Wing Stoneware.  thank you  vic


A 20 gallon butterfly which is side stamped in perfect shape is valued at around $2000.  al

3 gallon Birch leaf churn, no lid

Question: Here is a 3 gallon churn. No lid with some hairline cracks. Just curious on its year and value.

Thanks! Brad


Brad, your 3 gallon Red Wing churn with birch leaves was produced between 1895 & 1908.  With the hairlines the value is between $100 & $125.  al

Red Wing Gray-line bowl, 7 inch

Question: I would like to know the value of a sponge bowl I have.  Attached is a picture of one from ebay which is the same (although mine doesn’t have the crack mentioned in the one on ebay.  It appears to be in great condition. 

Size: 7 1/4″ dia x 4 1/4″ tall

Thank you.


Answer: Priscilla, this is a Red Wing gray-line bowl and most of these will be signed on the bottom like this.  Gray line is a softer type clay or firing and it does stain and crack much easier than other bowls.  So one must look it over very carefully.  Any imperfections and the value on these bowls just bombs.  Value in mint condition is $60 to $175 depending on size.  The larger the bowls the larger the value.  al