MidWinter Attendee Information

Fiesta in February
MidWinter GetTogether, February 12-14, 2010.

We are just weeks away from our HOT HOT TIME at MidWinter. Come early so you are ready to Fiesta Friday Night in the ballroom at 7:00 p.m. You won’t want to miss:

  • Our 2010 MC and their Giant Sombrero
  • A delicious Taco in a Bag bar
  • Piñata Contest!
  • “Meet Me at the Red Wing Cantina” jug door prizes donated by the Trails West Chapter

NEW SESSION: Info for 1st Timers, Friday, February 12th at 4:00 p.m.

  • Meet by the registration tables to get your MidWinter 101 session and RWCS membership questions answered.

Here are some tips and information to check out before heading out on the trail for a maraca shaking good time!

Attendee Checklist:
□ Red RWCS Badge Holder – a limited supply of plastic badges will be available
□ Volunteer pin
□ Sombreros and/or margarita glasses

Event Information:


  • Board Meet and Greet: Friday, February 12th, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Location: Elevator Bank on main floor
    Location: Registration, winner announced 3:00 p.m. Saturday

Can’t wait to see all of you in Des Moines!
MidWinter is sure to keep your Red Wing passion from taking a siesta over the winter!

Did you miss pre-registration?

Register onsite starting at 1:00 p.m. Friday, February 12

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Country Garden dish

I have included 2 photos of a dish I currently have on consignment in my shop in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. (I will have to send 2 messages) I have tried to find the type of dish, its pattern on your site, but with no success. The stamp on the back seems to be a genuine Red Wing stamp with a shape number of 2124. I wasn’t able to find any reference to that shape number. Can you give me a little more information as to what type of dish it is. Also, the inside of the dish has a hand-scored grid texture applied to it. Shelley

Answer: Please email the size of your dish as it came in more than one size. Emaili to director@redwingcollectors.org and reference this question.

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Red Wing 1337, chicken planter

I have a cold paint white swan planter with green interior and it also has a baby swan in the front next to the mother it has red wing USA 337. Do you have any idea of the value. I am a new pottery collector and this is my first red wing piece. Thanks so much! Debbie

Answer: Hi Debbie

the swan and chick planter is #1337, and dates to around 1947. In reference to "cold" paint, I refer to that as being painted over the glaze, which will wash or wear off. Your swan shouldn’t have that, unless someone adjusted the color on their own. They came in several glaze combinations, and have a value of around 80.00 or so. Welcome to pottery collecting! thanks, steve n rose

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12 gallon small wing crock

Al, I got a nice 12 gallon and would like to get an estimate on it’s value. The only damages is a small 1/2" chip on the back side of one of the molded handles. The bail handles are not original to this crock. They were from another crock that was broken and put on with new nuts and bolts. Thanks, Chris
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3 gallon large wing shoulder jug

Al, Could you please give me an estimated value on this 3 gallon jug? It does have a 1/2" wide but shallow chip on top of the flat area of the shoulder, and a tiny ding with three faint cracks spreading out from the ding with a diamter about the size of a dime. Both flaws are off to the side and are not noticed when displayed. Thanks, Chris
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Red Wing Sanitary Team Table jar insert

Is this a ‘real’ Redwing pot? Approx. value, what kind of pot(what is it for), should it have a lid? Any idea of the age? It is 7 3/4" tall, 7 1/4" diameter,collar is almost 2" deep. There is one major crack. I don’t know anything about glazes. Thanks for any information you can provide.
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M.E. Lang watercolor – Red Wing ties

My neighbor has an original watercolor by an M.E. Lang. She received it about 40 years ago from relatives in Red Wing, Minnesota. We are wondering if there was an artist by that name anytime in Red Wing Pottery’s history? Thank you so much for your time.

Answer: Hello

I’m not real sure, your best bet would be to contact the Goodhue Historical Society, in Red Wing. thanks, steve n rose

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4 gallon salt glaze beehive jug with turkey dropping

I’ve got a large jug, 17 inches tall and 10 inches at the base, it weights about 19 pounds. It came to me from my grandmother, who lived in Ohio and Kentucky, that’s all I know about it. There are no maker marks that I can find, but there is a blue abstract design and some "drips". I’ve attached one pic, I have more if needed.
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