Red Wing Vase B2100, Bell Kogan Textura line

I have a large vase and to small ones but Im not sure if its a bowl or for plants but it is a set redwing b2100 or d2100 would you know what its worth and were its from. Thank you Liz

Answer: Hi Liz

it would be B2100, part of Belle Kogan’s Textura line, circa 1950. Value is around 75.00 for the set. thanks, steve n rose

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RedWing Vase 132

have found a brown speckaled colored vase 7 inches high marked red wing a&t pottery # 132 when was this made and any value? Thank You Charles

Answer: Hi Charles

The 132 is from the late twenties/early thirties. It came in 3 sizes, with this being the smallest. Value is around 65.00. thanks, steve n rose

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12 gallon Red Wing Crock and lid

We have the opportunity to buy a 12 gal. Red Wing crock. We have another friend who has a lid for a 12 gal. Red Wing crock. Would having the lid increase the value of the crock, if we had both and by how much would it increase that value? Bill
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Lotus Pattern

I have 10 of each place setting, they have numbers ranging from 192-215. some have numbers in the redwing symbol from 3-10 as best as i can tell. they are all in perfect condition , no cracks or chips.

10 coffee cups
1 large platter
Gravy Boat
bowl and saucer attached
sugar dish
10 salad plates
10 dinner plates
10 saucers
10 small bowls (fruit bowls)
10 large bowls (cereal bowls)

any info you could provide would be greatly nappreciated. thanks for your time.Brian

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MidWinter 2010 Housing Open!

Fiesta in February

2010 MidWinter GetTogether

February 12-14

Des Moines, IA

It time to starting thinking about the MidWinter GetTogether "Fiesta in February" at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Des Moines, IA. Here is the property information:

Holiday Inn and Suites
4800 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, IA 50322

Phone: 515-278-4755

More information on the 2010 MidWinter Coming Soon!

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question from:

I am aware that a listing or ledger exists of the various merchants/companies that Red Wing produced advertising stoneware for. Copies of the original ledger have been made and are being sold. Please provide a contact of the person who is handling the sales of the listing. I am both a collector and dealer of stoneware. There continues to be a variety of items in the market that fall in the "grey" area. This would be quite helpful and appreciated. Jerry Tebbano 63 Carriage Square Aurora, Ohio 44202 (330)562-5329
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Thos Lamb Grocer, Canadian Jug

Hi, I have this stoneware jug that is 14 1/2 tall x 8 1/2" across the base. Marked on the top ‘Thos Lamb Grocer 19 Charboillez Sq Montreal’. Wondering if there is anyway to determine who made the jug. thanks Mary
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Green and White marked 181

Hi! I have a vase that MAY be Red Wing but I am no expert. The only marking on the bottom is a "181". Can anyone identify this pattern and piece as Red Wing? It is approx. 6" tall and 6" wide at the base Thank you so much!!! ron

Answer: Hi Ron

It is a Red Wing vase. One of the earlier shape numbers, and it has a nice glaze. From the early 30’s, with a value of around 85.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose

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