5 gallon crock with crown decoration

it this a Redwing crock? I purchased it last week on Cape Cod. I am wondering about it’s authenticity, age, value, etc. it measures 12.5 in. wide x 13.5 in. high. the only marking is the blue crown with the #5 on the front – two red wooden handles. a few hair-line cracks that I would like to repair or reinforce but I am not sure what to use (silicone, bonding agent, etc.) as I would like it to be around for years to come. thank you in advance … Patrick
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Hearthstone Beige Dinnerware set

What is the value of my set of Hearthstone Beige dinnerware? The service for eight includes:
8 dinner plates
8 luncheon plates
8 cups with handles
8 saucers
8 sauce dishes
1 salt and pepper
1 butter with lid
1 sugar with lid
1 lg. platter
1 small platter
1 oval relish dish
1 round bowl

All in excellent condition except the creamer has 2 tiny nicks on the lip. I purchased these as I gift for my parents during the strike of 67 when I was warned not to park in the parking lot as there might be nails in it. Even though I was working in Hastings, I was unaware of the strike. A couple of years ago I got this set back. Please give me some idea of the value. Thank you. Gerri Wilson

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Red Wing Vases 1080, 1088, 1118

I have three pieces of Red wing, one is a ewer vase 1080,yellow and green inside yellow pannels and leaves on the bottom. also a 1088 greem vase with green rope handles, and lastly a vase 1118 yellow with green inside, could you tell me how much its worth, and when it was made. sorry no digital camera

Answer: Hello

all these date to around 1941. The ewer is worth the most, around 50.00. the other two vases, 40.00 each. thanks, steve n rose

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15 gallon Red Wing Union Stoneware Co.

I have a 15 Gallon Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Crock in excellent condition, no chips or cracks, no wear marks. The glaze is in excellent shape. The Oval matches the one manufacturered between 1909 and 1915. Has the number 15 above the Red Wing emblem, then the oval below.Wwhat would be the price for this piece.
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