Driftwood Dinnerware set

Includes a dinner set for four (minus one side plate), salt and pepper shaker, cream & sugar set, serving platter, serving dish and a split serving dish. Dinner set = large plate, small side plate, small bowl, larger bowl, saucer & cup. What would this set be worth and what is it’s history?

4 large dinner plates
3 smaller side plates (bread plates)
4 bowl (salad size)
4 smaller bowls
4 cups
4 saucer plates
1 serving platter
1 serving bowl
1 split serving bowl
salt & pepper shakers
sugar bowl

Thanks. Connie

emailed for more specifics on the set

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Green and Yellow vase

Hello, I found this beautiful pitcher/vase, unsigned and have no information about it. Someone suggested it may be Red Wing. Any ideas? Thank you. Ramona Smith

Answer: Hi Ramona, This is a Dryden mold, from Kansas. probably 1950’s. thanks, steve n rose

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Chip and Dip Set, Brown Fleck

I have what I believe is a Red Wing chip and dip set. It is beige with brown flecks. The larger bowl has Red Wing U.S.A. on the bottom. The larger bowl is almost 10" by 9" across. The smaller bowl is 5" in diameter. The bowls are not round but more of an oval shape. It also has what I believe is the original metal piece to hold the smaller bowl. I’m trying to find out when this might have been made and what it might be worth.
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Base with acanthus leaves

This vase has a blue interior and white exterior. Standing 9 1/4" tall and with a 9 1/2" maximum distance across the top, it has an acanthus leaf type embossed design above each foot. The bottom is unmarked. Is it Red Wing? Line? Number? Many thanks! Bill

Answer: Hi Bill, it is a Red Wing item, actually RumRill, part of the fern group, shape #382. Circa 1938. The glaze is called Riviera. Value is around 55.00 or so. thanks, steve n rose

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7 inch bowl with RWS Co marking, milk bowl

I just purchased this 7" bowl with "RWS Co" marking on the bottom.It has a approx. 1" band around th top. It is in good condition, no cracks or chips to the outside surface, altho there is a very small black mark on the inside of the bowl, and spider like lines on the bottom that do not go all the way thru the bowl. I am just curious as to it’s age, type of glaze and worth. (I paid 35 cents for it). Thanks Beverly

emailed for a full picture of the piece

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5 gallon butter churn, with damage

I have a butter churn that was my Grandmothers. It has a number 5 on the top. The logo in the middle says……

Red Wing

Union Stoneware


Red Wing, Minn.

There is a circle around that logo.

The Red Wing is at the bottom of the churn.

The condition is not that great. It has been broken in three pieces, and glued. But the surface is good. I’m not looking for a price of worth so much, mostly the history of how old it is. I do thank you for you information about this piece. Thank you Terry

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