Red Wing B2500

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Hello! I recently acquired this piece of art pottery (see attached picture) which is marked Red Wing USA B2500. I believe it to be "The Nymphs" vase from Belle Kogan’s 1951 DeLuxe line. Is this correct? Can you help me identify the official color of the glaze? It is a light bluish-gray color. From picutures I have seen in books, it seems most similar to the "Luster Gray" color, but the color chart I found in the Reiss book for the DeLuxe line did not list this color as an option. Also, I saw a 1997 estimated value of $40-100. Is that still the current valuation of this piece? Thank you in advance for sharing your time and knowledge so freely with newbie collectors like myself.

Hello, You are well studied for being a "newbie". The B2500 is from Belle Kogan’s Deluxe line, 1951. The "nymphs" are a nice item, worth 90-125 or so. Your pic didn’t come thru too well, but it sounds like Luster Gray. If there are dark flecks in the glaze it would be Luster Blue. I also see a Platium Gray listed, which was usually used with Canary yellow. Some pieces have also been found in Celadon. There were carry overs between the years, and some of the more popular shapes were we made many years also. If a certain color was popular, it was used on more items.
Thanks, Steve n Rose

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Appraisals for Insurance

This question is for all of the experts since all of you have collections worthy of being insured. We live in an area devoid of anyone who has enough knowledge of Red Wing products to be able to give a value for insurance purposes. The foremost antique appraiser in the area has said outright that she doesn’t know much, if anything, about Red Wing. How then do we provide a statement of value that an insurance company would accept? Book value, eBay, RWCS auctions, something else? Charlotte

I certainly don’t consider myself an expert on the subject but I’m not shy about sharing my opinions. Very few Red Wing collectors have had a formal appraisal of their collections. For most of us the cost of the appraisal exceeds the value gained. Very valuable pieces (more than $1000) might warrant an appraisal, but for most Red Wing items market value can be established in other ways.

The correspondent is on the right track. Auctions, sales, eBay, pricing books are all ways to establish market value. An actual sale of an item is a better indicator of value than a listing in a book. Generally "book value" is acceptable but sometimes the book can undervalue an item significantly. Consider saving (printout or save electronically) an eBay listing for an item that sells higher than book value. Auction results are good; an insurer would probably give more credence to a results price list from the auctioneer than one written in by hand during the auction.

The most important concern is to document ownership of your collection. I have every item we own listed on a spreadsheet which includes a detailed description of the item along with condition, date purchased and price paid. I keep a copy at home and on a disc at work. If our home is destroyed I’ll have a record of what we own. Photos and/or videos of your collection are also essential. While it would be a hassle, market value can always be established after the fact.


I agree, photo’s and documentation are most important. Book values would be ok for average items, one of a kind-rare, may be a little different for insurance. Steve n Rose

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Brown Jug

Hi, Is this jug a Redwing? Beehive? It measures aprox. 13 1/2\" high x 10\" across the bottom. No makers marks on the jug. As you can see it has a three on the front. Please id this jug and give aprox. value. It is in great condition. Thank you, Allen

Mark, the only photo I received of your jug was a left side view. In viewing this photo, the left side of the handle base in which it was applied looks to be Red Wing. I would be extremely helpful to know how the 3 was applied. Is the 3 stamped into jug or was it etched into the Albany slip by a sharp object such as a nail?

Knowing this would better identify the jug. Now as far as value. The most common of these Red Wing beehives is the 5, follow by the 4’s. I see very few 3’s. If your jug is Red Wing and in Mint condition, I would place the value between $300 & $500. If not Red Wing $50 to $100.

Hope this helps. Al Kohlman

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REDWING 155 Blue Vase


I just purchased a gorgeous piece of Red Wing Art Pottery at an auction. I know nothing about this type of pottery, I just fell liked the piece. It is just over 15" high, and the most intese cobalt blue color. It is marked 155, and stamped Red Wing Art Pottery. Could you tell me more of it’s history/value? Also, what would be the best way to sell it, if I decide to. Thanks alot, Sincerely, Maria

Hi Maria,

You have a nice early vase. It dates from around 1926-1929. The glaze is officially called "dark blue", but most people call it cobalt. There were 3 sizes of this shape, with yours being the largest. Prices have been down a little, but it should still be popular with it’s size. Many Redwinger’s just collect the early ink stamped art pottery. It should bring around $250.00 or so. Ebay is probably your best bet to sell, unless you can attend a Redwing convention.

Thanks, Steven & Rose

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News on the Members Only site.


Welcome to the “Members Only” portion of the web site.  This is where you will access all of the Society business. A new option that will be available in the very near future is the Discussion Forum.  The Discussion Forum will have four main categories: Recent Finds, Auctions, Society News and Newsletter Article Discussions.  The Discussion Forum is the venue for members to talk with other members. It will also offer information and at the same time solicit information and feedback from the members.

The goal for this web site is to offer RWCS members a valuable service.  Please offer any feedback regarding any changes and additions that you would find to be beneficial. All suggestions will be considered. Thank you.   

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