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Olson – Premier Crockery, Mobil Petroliana, Antique & Coin Auction

SATURDAY  FEBRUARY 22, 2020 Sale Time:  9:00 am


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 Extensive Redwing & Crockery Collection including Water Coolers, Churns, Jugs, Crocks, Pitchers, Bowls, Lids, Etc.,  Rare 7×7 Winchester Crock, Mobil & Petroleum Adv. & Memorabilia, Winchester, Western & Other Shotgun Shell Boxes & Shells, Coins, Honda Trail 70 Trail Bike & Much More!  

Sale Order:  Coins to begin selling at 9:00 am, Misc. Antiques beginning at 9:30 am; Stoneware & Crockery Items to begin selling at 10:30; Mobil Petroleum Items to begin selling at approx. 1:00, 2 rings will be utilized

WATER COOLERS: 5 Gal. RW – St. Paul Book & Stationary Co, Brass Spigot & 4? Wing, Hand Turned (Exc.); 10 Gal. w/6? Wing, Hand Turned, Inside Stamp – Rare!; 6 Gal. Water Cooler w/Brass Spigot  & 4? Wing; 6 Gal. Water Cooler; RW Monmouth Blue/Grey Water Cooler w/Lid; 4 Gal. RW w/4? Wing, Hand Turned; 2 Gal. RW w/Orig. Handle, Spigot; RW 2 Gal. Water Cooler w/2? Wing; RW Monmouth Blue/Grey w/Lid; Tan & Green Stag Water Cooler; 3 Gal. Pearson’s of Chesterfield; 2 Gal. Crown Banded; Spongeware Cooler; RW 3 Gal. Ice Tea Cooler – No Wing; Asstd.  RW 2, 3 & 4 Gal. Coolers.

CHURNS & JUGS:  RW 4 Gal. Butter Churn w/4? Wing, Ski Oval w/Lid; 3, 4 & 5 Gal. RW Butter Churns w/4? Wings; Brown 3 Gal. & 5 Gal. Salt Glazed Butter Churns w/Elephant Ears; 4 Gal. Salt Glaze Butter Churn w/Ivy Leaf – Transition Piece; RW 3 Gal. Birch leaf Churn; 2 Gal. RW Butter Churn; JUGS – 25 Gal. Brown Threshers Jug – Rare!; RW 3 Gal. Applesauce Jug w/2? Wing; Irwin’s Apple Juice 1 Gal. Fancy Jug w/Paper Label 5 Gal. RW Jug w/4? Wing; 5 Gal. Monmouth Pottery Jug; 6 Gal. Salt Glaze; Salt Glaze 1 Gal. Jug; 2- 1 Gal. Salt Glaze Beehive Jugs w/Turkey Droppings; 2 Gal. Round Top Beehive Jug; Beehive Jug w/Turkey Droppings; 1 Gal. Western Maple leaf Jug; RW 1/2 Gal. Fancy Jug w/2? Wings;

CROCKS:  20 Gal. Butterfly Crock (Rare); Stag Cobalt Blue 3 Gal. w/Lid – VG; RW 30 Gal. Birch leaf Crock w/Ski Oval; RW 30 Gal. Crock w/6? Wing; RW Success Filter Crock w/Filter, 4 Gal. Base w/2? Wing & Spigot; 20 Gal. Union Stoneware Birch leaf Crock w/Elephant Ears; 20 Gal. RW Salt Glaze Butterfly w/Back Stamp; RW 20 Gal. Birch leaf w/Black Ink; 20 lb. Butter Crock – Crows Foot; 20 Gal. w/6? Wing; 15 Gal. Crock w/Orig. Handles & 6? Wing; RW 15 Gal. Birch leaf w/Ski Oval; 15 Gal. w/4? Wing; 12 Gal. RW Crock w/Bale Handles & 4? Wing; 10 Gal. Crock w/Indian Head Symbol; 8 Gal. RW Crock w/4? Wing & Bale Handles; 3 Gal. Albany Slip Crock – Hand Turned; RW 2 Gal. Target Salt Glaze Tornado Pattern Crock – Bottom Stamped; Eastern 3 Gal. Salt Glaze Tornado Pattern Crock; 6 Gal. RW Birch leaf Crock, Ski Oval & Elephant Ears; RW 5 Gal. Salt Glaze Target Crock w/Elephant Ears – Rib Cage to Target; 2 lb. Butter Crock – McComb Pottery Co. – #5 Salt Glazed w/Brown Int.; 1 Gal. Salt Glazed Crock – MN Stoneware w/Raised Letter Bottom; Blue Banded Salt Crock; Num. 1 to 6 Gal. Crocks – RW, Crown, Birchleaf, Banded, Etc. & MANY more too num. to mention!

STONEWARE PITCHERS & BOWLS:  PITCHERS:  Western 4? & 6? Brown Pitchers – Maple Leaf Bases; Brown & Tan Standing Elk 8? Pitchers; Cobalt Blue Lady w/Lyre & Sawtooth Pattern Pitcher; RW 8? Cherry Band Blue Banded; Blue Glaze 1 Qt. Pitcher- Albany Inside; 1 Qt. Blue Speckled Pitcher; 7? Cobalt Blue & Grey Pitcher; 6? Blue & Grey Milk Pitcher – Child & Floral Pattern; Blue & Grey Pitcher & Spooner w/Raised Floral Pattern; 8? Blue Banded Indian Chief Head Pitcher; 8? Blue Salt Glaze Pitcher w/Raised Pattern Elk; Cobalt Blue Banded Pitcher w/2 Cow Raised Imprint; 3- 8? Blue Banded Pitchers – Swan, Running Deer & Standing Deer; 2- 9? Pitchers w/Pansy Imprints; 3? Blue Pitcher w/Lincoln, Cabin & Tee Pee Image; MIXING BOWLS:  Nest of 7 RW Blue Banded Bowls; Yellow Ware Speckled Nest of 4 Blue Bowls; 1/2 Pt. Blue & Grey; 2- 11? Yellow Blue Banded; Tan Banded 9? w/Square Base; Salt Glazed 9? w/Brown Int.; 1 Gal. Blue Milk Pan Bowl – Bottom Stamped Western Stoneware; Num. Various Sizes Blue RW Mixing Bowls; 9? Tan & Green Bowl; Green Seashell Pattern Bowl w/Ribbon Edge & Sq. Base & Much more!  STONEWARE LIDS:  20 Gal. Daisy Lid w/Button Handle; 20 Gal. Daisy Lid w/Wire Handle; Num. Redwing & Other Stoneware Crock Lids incl. 15 Gal, 4 Gal & 2 Gal., Charcoal 3 Gal. Lid, 8, 6 & 2 Gal. Salt Glazed Daisy Pattern Lids; Salt Glazed, Stoneware & Churn Lids; RW Beater Jar; OTHER STONEWARE:  5 Gal. RW Applesauce Jar w/4? Wing; 3- 5 Gal. RW Jugs; Blue & White Cherry Pattern Cov. Casserole; Rd. Western Cov. Casserole – Maple Leaf Base; RW Cookie Jar; 2 lb. Dbl. Blue Banded Pantry Jar – Compliments of W.E. Dennler w/Lid; Blue & Grey Bowl & Pitcher; Blue Banded Butter Pail w/Lid; Blue & White Chamber Pot w/Handle & Floral Pattern; Blue Banded Spitoon w/Rope Drape; Sm. Blue & Grey Clove Jar; Weir Preserve Jar; 4 German Steins; 4 Blue & Grey Mugs; 2 Blue Banded Rolling Pins; Floral Pattern Rolling Pin; Green Wheat Chex Pattern Casserole w/Lid & 2 Bowls; RW Chicken Waterer (No Base); 8? Brown Finger Jug; 4 Stoneware Pussy Willow Imprint Cups; Set of 5 RW Green Mugs; 4? Cream Jar; Green Brushware Pineneedle Pattern 8? Hanging Vase;  Stoneware Umbrella Std.; 2- 10? Green Brushware Pattern Raised Leaf Floral Pot Bases; Sand Jar; SLEEPY EYE:  Blue &  Grey 8? Vases; 2 Old Sleepy Eye Coll. Mugs – Moline, IL; 4? & 5? Creamers & Mugs; 3? Butterfly Pitcher; Butter Box & More.


FOR SALE: Mint 1 gal wing crock w/lid; 5 gal wing churn; 3, 4 & 5 birchleaf churns; wing & birchleaf crocks & jugs; various MN Stoneware Albany slip pieces; complete set of Fire King Peach Luster dishes. Call Billie in Hannibal, MO at 573-231-6727 for info.

FOR SALE: Red Wing Commemoratives 1977-2007, plus other Red Wing. Pick up in Cochrane, WI. Call 608-248-2510

FOR SALE: 50-year collection of Village Green & Oomph dinnerware. 70+ pieces in excellent condition including mixing bowls, pitchers, casseroles, divided dishes, teapots, coffee server, mugs, water cooler, meat roaster, bean pot, gravy boat w/underplate, butter dish, salt & pepper and several restaurant pieces. Pick up in Stillwater, MN. Contact or 612-202-9210 for photos/price.


WANTED: Still, and always looking for jugs and crocks with Montana advertising. Working hard to improve my collection. Contact Aaron at or 406-788-7851.

WANTED: Will pay strong price for RW bean pot with Westby, Wis. advertising. Contact Rich at or 608-617-7424

WANTED: A copy of the 24×36 “Red Wing Stoneware, Stoneware Specialties” poster that was reproduced in the 1980s. Please contact Judy at or 715-693-0681.

WANTED: One Red Wing Pompeii pattern coffee cup. Contact Alice at or 719-635-4224.

WANTED: Ash receivers, rooster vases and any other animals. Call or text 907-947-1765.

WANTED: Bob White 4¾” true coffee mug. Contact Rob at or 920-222-1363.

WANTED: 2 and 3 gallon Elephant Ear Ice Water coolers and any other 2 gallon Ice Water. Call or text 907-252-6799.

WANTED: Montana born & raised – looking for Montana advertising jugs & crocks. Call or text 406-945-0434.

WANTED: Mini & salesman sample flower pots in any colors. Contact or 402-598-1315.

WANTED: Seeking quality jugs & crocks with North Dakota advertising. Butter crocks & churns, too. The more rare the better! Will pay top $$ for the right pieces. Contact 701-270-0242 or

WANTED: Red Wing advertising bean pots from Shamokin, PA & Frazer, MT. Also mint #687 Blue Chromoline vase. Contact Rick at 414-416-WING or


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