Auction Manager releases Convention Auction preview!

From salt glaze to Nokomis, Brushed Ware to advertising, a nice offering of dinnerware and a unique 2 gallon crock (pictured below), collectors of a wide variety of Red Wing’s wares will find something of interest at the RWCS Convention Auction this year.

The Thursday RWCS Auction is coming together with a nice variety of offerings. The photos shown here represent a few of the items that have been submitted. Remember, every piece in this auction has been submitted by a member or a chapter, so by bidding on these items, you are directly showing your support for RWCS members and the Society as a whole.

The Auction Check-in is from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11 in the Red Wing High School Gymnasium and 8 to 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 12. The earlier you can be there to submit your piece, the better. Auction viewing will run from 12:15 to 4:15 p.m. Thursday and the event will start at 4:30 p.m.

We hope to see you there! -Bruce Selfridge, RWCS Auction Manager

Red Wing Pottery Dump Diggers Will Keynote 2013 Convention

Red Wing, MN – For decades the Red Wing Pottery Dump Digger educational seminars have been standing-room-only at the annual Red Wing Collectors Society Convention.

With many groundbreaking, exciting things from the past year to report to Red Wing Collectors, the “diggers” will kick off the 2013 Convention — “Diggin’ Red Wing” — as the keynote presenters on Friday, July 11, at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, Minn.

The keynote session will be a panel of longtime dump diggers Steve Showers and Dennis Nygaard, along with newcomers Paul Boudin and Connie Mathison.

Photo by Ruth Nerhaugen

Showers, who is known as the “Red Wing archeologist,” has more than 50 years of dump-digging stories to share. Nygaard joined Showers in the dump almost 40 years ago. Together Showers and Nygaard have shepherded many interested diggers, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Paul Boudin and Connie Mathison joined Showers and Nygaard shortly after joining the RWCS in 2007.

The keynote presentation will give convention attendees an opportunity to experience the lively discussion led by Glenn Beall, education manager. As moderator, Beall will guide the conversation and give each “digger” an opportunity to share experiences in the pottery dump and talk about their favorite finds. It’ll be a rare peek, providing a new look at  the relationship of these dump enthusiasts.

Convention attendees are encouraged to submit their questions in advance to either Executive Director Stacy Wegner,, or education manager Glenn Beall, . Submitted questions will be used in the forum discussion and in the question and answer session.

To learn more about the keynote session presenters, be sure to pick up the Convention Supplement and read all the details. Convention supplements will be available starting at pre-registration on Wednesday, July 10, at the Pottery Place Annex, or at Red Wing High School throughout the convention. The Convention Supplement will also be inserted in the Red Wing Republican Eagle on July 10.

To see read more about the 2013 Convention Education Program visit the Education Page and Hands On Education.

RWCS Joins Pinterest

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces they have joined Pinterest.

Pinterest,, is a web base tool for collecting and organizing things using a virtual pin board. Users can share their images and also re-pin images from other users to their board.

The Red Wing Collectors Society joined Pinterest to show the organization’s events, collections, and member activities in a different visual way. It also gives the RWCS a way to connect with potential members through other Pinterest users’ pins.

RWCS member Laura Beall, RWCS Convention Display Chair, worked with executive director Stacy Wegner to start the RWPottery Pinterest board and within moments people were connecting with the RWCS.

“This is a great way to show your collecting interest virtually without even making a Red Wing purchase. It gives people a way to collect and connect even when their lifestyle may not support physically owning Red Wing,” said Beall.

“We hope that by joining the Pinterest community casual collectors of Red Wing will be able to connect with the organization and consider being an online community collector and member,” said Wegner.

The RWCS has been exploring an eMembership for members. Pinterest is a great way to find out how receptive an online membership would be and discover what potential members may be looking for in internet based membership benefits, and how these benefits may differ from current membership benefits. The organization plans to launch an eMembership in time for their Annual Convention, Diggin’ Red Wing, slated for July 11-13, 2013 in Red Wing MN.

To learn more about the annual Convention, or the Red Wing Collectors Society, visit, find them on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Visit the Goodhue County Historical Society Vault!


The Goodhue County Historical Society Invites You to Visit Their Vault!

Red Wing, MN – The Goodhue County Historical Society will give RWCS Convention attendees backroom access during the 2013 Convention Diggin Red Wing slated for July 11-13, 2013 at Red Wing High School.

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.,  Red Wing Collectors Society convention attendees have an exclusive opportunity to visit the Goodhue County History Center’s “vault” where their collection artifacts, including Red Wing Pottery pieces, are stored.  This is a great chance to view unique pottery pieces that have not been on exhibit recently.  The event is free with a convention badge.  Donations to help cover the costs of preserving the collections are appreciated. 

The Goodhue County Historical Society will also be participating in the 2013 Convention Crock Hunt. The Crock Hunt begins Friday, July 5 and is open to everyone. Completed forms can be turned in at the Membership booth at the RWCS Convention Show and Sale on Saturday July 13 from 10:30 to 1:30. Show and Sale is free and open to the public.

The History Center is located at 1166 Oak Street, Red Wing.  For more information, call (651) 388-6024 or e-mail

Hands-On Pottery Experience to Feature International Potter

RWCS Convention Hands-On Pottery Experience with Richard Spiller to Feature International Potter Aba Luostarinen

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces today that Aba Luostarinen, a student potter from Finland, will join Richard Spiller at the 2013 Convention – Diggin’ Red Wing slated for July 11-13 at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, MN.

Aba Luostarinen

Spiller traveled to Finland and Estonia this past year. In August 2012, he participated in the Eco Ceramics workshop that brought together ceramic artists from Latvia, Estonia and Finland at Kohila in Estonia. Spiller returned in January to give master class workshops at the HAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the Estonian Academy of Art – EAA.

While participating in the workshops, Spiller learned that ceramics students had a program requirement for an international ceramics experience; he met student Aba Luostarinen, who was looking for an opportunity. Since his return in January, Spiller worked with the universities and Luostarinen on creating a pilot program to Minnesota.

Spiller approached RWCS Executive Director Stacy Wegner about the possibility of Luostarinen joining his RWCS Convention Hands-On Pottery session as part of the exchange program. By including Luostarinen, it would give him the opportunity to expand the Convention session and encompass it with the exchange program.

“Having Aba join Richard this year to expand the Hands-On Pottery Experience for our Convention attendees is a ground breaking addition to the Convention,” said Wegner. “We’re excited to be a part of the exchange program.”

Example of Lustarinen's work

“I am very excited to have Aba join me at the RWCS Convention this year to share Red Wing Pottery with an international student as part of her exchange experience,” said Spiller.

With Luostarinen’s assistance,  Spiller’s 2013 Convention Hands on Pottery Experience will be offered to attendees on both Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 at Red Wing High School. Participants in the two-hour session times will have the opportunity to learn pottery techniques and make their own creation. Following the Convention, the pieces will be fired in the Anderson Center kiln and shipped to participants; the cost is $35.

In addition to the Red Wing Collectors Society Convention, contacts with the Northern Clay Center, Anderson Center and experience in Spillers studio will make up a five week university accredited program to pave the way for future exchange programs.

Luostarinen, 27, lives in Hämeenlinna, Finland and is a student at HAMK University of Applied Sciences. Luostarinen is finishing her studies as a glass and ceramic designer. Her interest and experience is in using ecological materials in ceramics. And, like Spiller, she’s also interested in wood and gas firing kilns. More of her work can be seen on her website:

The Red Wing Collectors Society Convention is July 11-13, 2013 at Red Wing High School in Red Wing. To learn more about the annual Convention, or the Red Wing Collectors Society, visit or find them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

RWCS Newsletter April issue – Belle Kogan additional article photos

The April issue of the RWCS Newsletter features memories from RWCS Member Bernie Banet, who is the nephew of famed industrial designer Belle Kogan. Kogan designed more than 400 pieces for the Red Wing Potteries between 1938 and 1964. In addition to their memories, Bernie and his wife, Barb, shared many photos of their collection. We couldn’t begin to include all of these images with the story, so the Banets were kind enough to allow us to post them here on the RWCS website. The beautiful color photos of the Banets and their collection were taken by Susan Ayer. The black & white and color images of Kogan are courtesy of Bernie and Barb.

  Belle Kogan 1955 Belle Kogan portrait year unkown
Several pieces from Kogan’s Red Wing Prismatique line
A portion of the Banet’s Red Wing items designed by Belle Kogan handsomely displayed on a period shelf.
Red Wing 416 vase in mold
Red Wing #B2006 Tropicana Line Bird of Paradise vase in Chartreuse glaze
Red Wing #B1426 vase in Copper glaze
Red Wing #B1407 in Luster Burgundy glaze
Red Wing #1433 vase in Copper glaze
Red Wing #934 Luster Green-lined Terra Craft Line vase
Red Wing #845 vase from the Belle Line
Red Wing #795 Prismatique vase in Persian Blue glaze
Red Wing #757 vase
Red Wing #213 Apple and #219 Pear from Gypsy Trail dinnerware line
More pieces from Kogan’s Prismatique line
Kogan Luster Burgundy glaze
Kogan Red Wing items in Copper glaze. Top to bottom – #B1426, #B1418 and #B1418 A, #B1409 with #B2316 and #B1409, #B1433 and #B1416.
A variety of Red Wing items designed by Belle Kogan in the Banet’s collection.
Barb & Bernie Banet in their modern living room, surrounded by Red Wing pottery designed by Belle Kogan and an illustration of a glass buffalo she drew and used when pitching the design to a manufacturer.
Bernie Banet chats with his Aunt Belle Kogan in Israel in 1992
Barb Banet (right) speaks with Belle Kogan at her 90th birthday party in 1992
Belle Kogan at Turtle Terrace, N. Quaker Hill, NY
Belle Kogan at IDI dinner 1942
Belle Kogan and baby Bernie Banet 1944
Belle Kogan 1955 – Age 90

Maple City Pottery to sponsor Crock Fest 2013

Maple City Pottery to sponsor Crock Fest

July 12, 2013 – Red Wing, MN

Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society announces today that Maple City Pottery of Monmouth, IL will sponsor CROCK FEST – Friday, July 12, 2013 –  held in conjunction with the organization’s annual Convention – Diggin’ Red Wing – slated for July 11-13 in Red Wing, MN.

CrockFest was launched last year as a celebration of the Red Wing Collectors Society’s 35th Anniversary to bring the Red Wing collectors and the City of Red Wing together to celebrate the organization’s milestone and the rich pottery history of the city. On the success of the event, the RWCS wanted to make this community and collector event a permanent one for future Conventions; but it needed a sponsor.

On the heels of Red Wing Stoneware and Red Wing Pottery becoming sponsors of the overall 2013 Convention, Stacy Wegner, RWCS executive director, approached RWCS Commemorative Manager, Bob Morawski, about the possibility of Maple City expanding their participation in Convention. From that, the sponsorship of CrockFest became a reality.

“We are very excited to grow our relationship with the Red Wing Collectors Society by sponsoring CrockFest!” said Mellissa Schrock of Maple City Pottery. “We have our pottery wheels spinning with ideas for a limited edition piece for the event.”

“I knew they would be as excited as we were to keep this exciting event going for 2013 and take a more active role in the Convention in Red Wing.” said Bob Morawski, commemorative manager.

CrockFest 2013 will be Friday, July 12 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Red Wing Central Park, Red Wing, MN. The Cruisers will return for a live performance. Meatheads Meats and Deli and Liberty’s Restaurant have already signed on as food vendors for 2013, and more vendors are expected. The Red Wing Arts Association is promoting CrockFest through its summer Concerts in the Park series and with facility support. Everyone is welcome to come to Red Wing Central Park for music, food and fun.

Maple City Pottery was founded in 1987 and is located Monmouth, IL. Last year the pottery celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The Pottery produced the RWCS annual Commemorative for more 3 years. Last year, Maple City Pottery commemorated the 10,000 piece made for the RWCS in conjunction with their respective anniversaries.

The Red Wing Collectors Society Convention is slated for July 11-13, 2013 at Red Wing High School in Red Wing. To learn more about CrockFest, the annual Convention, or the Red Wing Collectors Society, visit or find them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Another Successful MidWinter GetTogether in Des Moines

Red Wing Collectors Converge on Des Moines for

Another Successful MidWinter GetTogether

DES MOINES – About 300 Red Wing stoneware and pottery collectors got their winter fix by attending the Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) MidWinter GetTogether from Feb. 8-10 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Des Moines, Ia.

Many attendees sold Red Wing wares from their hotel rooms, arriving as early as Wednesday, Feb. 6 to buy and sell stoneware and pottery, but the event officially kicked off with a reception on the evening of Friday, Feb. 8. The theme of this year’s event was a “Wild, Wild West: The Red Wing Watering Hole”, and many members participated by dressing in their best cowboy and cowgirl apparel. The RWCS also commissioned Maple City Pottery to make stoneware sheriff badges that members could purchase and wear during the event.

This year’s keynote speaker was longtime Red Wing Pottery Dump digger Dennis Nygaard, who revealed many new finds from his very productive 2012 dump digging season. The most surprising of Nygaard’s finds consisted of shards from advertising butter crocks made in 1930s for Lambrecht’s butter and a number of small Wisconsin dairies that weren’t previously recognized as Red Wing products.

Lambrecht butter crocks

Several educational sessions followed the keynote address, including in introduction to Red Wing Dinnerware presented by Larry Roschen and Terry Moe and dinnerware patterns by Mike Orgler. Mark Wiseman and Tom Southard spoke about the history of Boone, Iowa’s Moingona Pottery and Mark and Marie Latta discussed the 1920 art pottery experiment by Iowa State College (now Iowa State University). Young collectors also got into the act – about a dozen kids attended with their parents and participated in RWCS KidsView education program activities.

Representatives from the RWCS Foundation also held a Q & A session where they discussed plans to renovate the Red Wing Pottery Annex building – the future home of the Red Wing Pottery Museum. The Foundation purchased half building located in Red Wing’s historic pottery district in December, with the Red Wing Area Seniors organization purchasing and occupying the other half. The Foundation is welcoming donations to help fund the project – whether monetary or items that can be auctioned off. The group is also seeking volunteers to assist with demolition and construction. To help out, contact RWCS Foundation President Dave Hallstrom at

The always popular Saturday Show & Sale was followed by an independently sponsored auction, which was once again conducted by Richard and Todd Houghton of Houghton’s Auction Services of Red Wing, Minn. This year’s auction featured a wide variety of pieces for every collector’s taste, including stoneware, dinnerware and art pottery. About half of the items were donated by a couple, with the proceeds benefiting the RWCS Foundation.

Red Wing Squatty 4 gallon

The top piece of stoneware was a squatty Red Wing crock that measured about 4 gallons in size. Likely a special order piece, it sold for $630. Several dinnerware pieces with test glazes were also sold, ranging in price from $65 up to $210. Two collectors ran up a blue and green M3006 Chromoline vase; it finished at a surprising bid of $900.

The Red Wing Collectors Society was founded in 1977 in Red Wing, Minn. and is devoted to educating people about all American pottery. There are more than 4,000 members worldwide. The Red Wing Potteries had diverse pottery lines that included stoneware, dinnerware and art pottery. Annual membership costs only $25 and includes six full-color newsletters mailed to your home throughout the year.

Registration is now open for the big 2013 RWCS Convention in Red Wing this summer from July 11-13. For more information or to become a member, visit, call the RWCS business office at 800-977-7927 or e-mail You can also find the RWCS on Facebook or follow the club on Twitter@RWPottery.

Albany Slip Pigs

Dinnerware Test Plate