Stoneware Stolen in West Des Moines, IA on Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stolen Stoneware

The following items were stolen from a West Des Moines, Iowa home on Saturday February 7, 2009 between 2:30PM and 9:30PM. A reward will be offered for any information provided that leads to the recovery of these items.

Please call 1-515-205-2053

Click here to download a PDF with pictures.

1. Orange banded Western Stoneware rolling pin with the following advertising:

Use Double Header Flour, It is the Best

2. Blue banded Western Stoneware rolling pin with the following advertising:
3. Blue Banded Western Stoneware rolling pin with the following advertising:
4. 6 GALLON Red Wing salt glaze churn decorated cobalt with a single P and target design.
5. Old Sleepy Eye Flemish Tankard approximately 7 3/8’’ tall

6. Old Sleepy Eye Standing Indian Pitcher, approximately 7 ½ “” tall.
7. Old Sleepy Eye Cobalt Stein, 7 ¾” tall.
8. Old Sleepy Eye #3 & 1 blue rim pitchers, 6 3/8” tall and 4" tall.
9. Old Sleepy Eye #2 blue rim pitcher, 5 ¼ “ tall.
10. Old Sleepy Eye #5 blue- grey pitcher, 8 ½” tall.
11. Old Sleepy Eye #3 blue- grey pitcher, 6 3/8” tall.
12. Old Sleepy Eye #2 blue-grey pitcher, 5 ¼” tall.
13. Old Sleepy Eye #1 blue-grey pitcher, 4” tall.
14. #5, #3, #2 #1 Blue-Grey Pitchers
15. Old Sleepy Eye #2 blue & white pitcher, 5 1/4” tall.
16. Old Sleepy Eye blue & white mug, 4 3/8” tall.
17. Old Sleepy Eye verse mug, approximately 4 ½” tall

18. 1985 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, blue & white pitcher.
19. 1991 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, blue & white sugar bowl.

20. 1993 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, blue & white creamer.
21. 1997 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, blue & grey stein.
22. 1998 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, blue & grey vase.
23. 2005 Old Sleepy Eye Convention Commemorative, verse mug.

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Stolen Stoneware

The following items were stolen from a West Des Moines, Iowa home
on Saturday February 7, 2009 between 2:30PM and 9:30PM. A reward
will be offered for any information provided that leads to the
recovery of these items. Please call 1-515-205-2053.

See PDF for complete list
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RED WING, MN. – One of the best times to buy antiques is when there’s a depressed market. Even though Red Wing pottery generally holds its value pretty well, it’s no secret that there will be a lot of people looking for good deals and rare pieces at the Red Wing Collectors Society’s MidWinter GetTogether, slated for Friday, Feb. 6 to Sunday, Feb. 8 in Des Moines.
The Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) is the organization devoted to those who collect a diverse line of crocks, jugs, churns, dinnerware and art pottery manufactured in Red Wing from the 1880s to 1960s. Hundreds of people from around the country are expected to attend the February event, which serves as a precursor and helps tie collectors over until the annual national RWCS Convention in Red Wing in July. These two events serve as great opportunities for members to meet and learn about the history of the potteries that once operated in Red Wing, their diverse production lines and the impact they had on the American pottery industry.
Many attendees sell Red Wing wares from their hotel rooms during the MidWinter GetTogether, which is highlighted by organized activities including a reception from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 6. The theme of this year’s event is “Back to the 50s” and a “Crock Hop” will even be held during the reception. Educational sessions and KidsView activities will be held for members on Saturday, Feb. 7. The keynote presentation that morning will be given by Bob Kubes, fellow Red Wing collector and agent from the Musty Barnhart Agency, who will explain how to properly insure collections.
Other educational presentations will include Recent Pottery Dump Finds by Steve Showers, Intro to Dinnerware by Larry Roschen and Terry Moe, Red Wing Salt Glaze by Rick Natynski and a special guest presentation by Michael Smith, curator at the Iowa Historical Society Museum. Smith will discuss the Iowa Stoneware Exhibit that’s currently on display at the Des Moines museum.
A show and sale also runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Feb. 7 followed by an auction at 6 p.m. – both of which are open to the public. Whether you’re new to collecting Red Wing or an experienced collector, there’s something for everyone at the MidWinter GetTogether.
All activities will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, 4800 Merle Hay Road, in Des Moines, Iowa. For more information on the MidWinter GetTogether, or the annual Red Wing Collectors Society Summer Convention, which is slated for July 9-11 in Red Wing, Minn., log on to
The Red Wing Collectors Society was founded in 1977 in Red Wing, Minn. and is devoted to educating people about all American pottery. There are more than 5,000 members worldwide. The Red Wing Potteries had diverse pottery lines that included stoneware, dinnerware and art pottery. For more information or to become a member, call the RWCS business office at 800-977-7927, e-mail or log on to

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RWCS Pottery Welcome Group Activities

Pottery Welcome Group announces new activities

open to RWCS members and the public for the 2009 Convention.

(January 21, 2009, Red Wing, MN) – The Red Wing Collectors Society (RWCS) announces the formation of the Pottery Welcome group. Several Red Wing organizations have come together to improve the RWCS Annual Convention for both members and the general public. The 2009 Convention will be July 9-11 and, in the past, has brought over 2,000 RWCS members to Red Wing each summer.
For the past 30 years, local businesses, organizations, and community members have supported the RWCS Annual Convention through donations to the Red Wing Chamber Potter’s Picnic and door prizes for the RWCS Convention Banquet. In addition, volunteers from the Visitor and Convention Bureau have staffed the info table at the high school and distributed welcome signs throughout the city.
The new Pottery Welcome Group includes representatives from the Red Wing Visitor and Convention Bureau, Red Wing Area Chamber, Downtown Mainstreet, City of Red Wing, RWCS Foundation, RWCS, Goodhue County Historical Society, and several other community leaders and RWCS members. The group has three tasks; to revitalize the Friday night social event into a new event open to both members and the public, send a welcome message to all attendees and visitors on behalf of the local businesses, and to contact Red Wing businesses and organizations for donations and support.
The Friday night social event will “Rock around the Crock” with a 50s sock hop event. The July 10 event will be open to both RWCS members and the public. This free concert will feature great music from the 50s, amazing food, and exciting activities.
In addition to “Rocking around the Crock”, members and the public are encouraged to participate in the RWCS first Crock Hunt! The Crock Hunt is a scavenger hunt of sorts within local businesses to win prizes at the Crock Hop. Details will be available in the Convention Supplement inserted in the Red Wing Republican Eagle July, 8th.
“The RWCS appreciates the donations that Red Wing businesses have given to the Convention each year. I feel that the Pottery Welcome Group efforts will make Red Wing residents and businesses feel a part of the RWCS Annual Convention as much as our members feel a part of our city. One of my goals for the Convention is to bring the Red Wing Collectors Society members and the public together for a night of fun.” said Stacy Wegner, Executive Director of the Red Wing Collectors Society.
“The creation of these new events will show the RWCS Pottery Convention attendees how much the entire Red Wing community appreciates their annual visit and will help the community learn more about the RWCS," said Marie Mikel, Red Wing Area Chamber President.
The RWCS encourages anyone who would like to be a part of the committee or would like to make a donation to please contact Stacy Wegner, Executive Director of the RWCS at 651-388-4004 or
The Red Wing Collectors Society was founded in 1977 and has more then 5,000 members nationwide that collect the Red Wing Potteries stoneware, dinnerware, and art pottery. The first Convention was held at the Goodhue County Historical Society in 1977 and is currently held at the Red Wing High School. The Annual Convention is open to all members with Saturday events including show and sale and display are open to the public. For more information or to become a member for only $25, contact the RWCS business office at 800-977-7927, e-mail or log on to or call 800-977-7927.


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MidWinter 2009 Announcements

MidWinter GetTogether

Back to the 50s
February 6-8, 2009

Hey all you guys and gals we are just a few weeks away
until we’re Rockin’ Around the Crock!

The Crock Hop is Friday, February 6th, 7:00 p.m. The juke box will be spinning Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens and many more. It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since that fateful night in Iowa that changed American music for ever.

We hope that all you hip cats are ready to make memories at the Crock Hop!

Here’s some tips to be hip for the Crock Hop!

· Leather Jackets
· Rolled up Jeans
· Cigarettes rolled in the Sleeve
· Letterman Jacket (don’t have yours borrow one from a current student)
· Rolled crop pants and blouse
· Scarf around the neck
· Plan white tennis shoes & bobbie socks
· Ribbon in the hair

A few other reminders before you hit the road:
– Recycle:
please bring your used plastic badge holders
– Volunteers needed
in registration, contact Katie
– Volunteers
don’t forget to wear your pins!

Use the links below and
VISIT the RWCS WEBSITE TODAY to learn more:

SEMINARS and SPEAKERS: Added Session: Red Wing Flower Pots
SHOW AND SALE: Vendor Update: List and Floor Plan available
EVENT PAGE:schedule, auction information, Kids View

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MIDWINTER 2009 Sellers Tables SOLD OUT!

MidWinter GetTogether

Back to the 50s
February 6-8, 2009



The RWCS Business Office and Show and Sale Managers Pete and Cindy May are excited to report that Show and Sale for the 2009 MidWinter GetTogether, on Saturday, February 7, 2009 is Sold Out for a second year in a row.

The ballroom at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Des Moines, IA will be packed wall to wall with something for every collector. Sellers will have Red Wing and other American stoneware, dinnerware and art pottery wares for sale.

Come and see what you can add to your collection.

Register today!

Call: 800-977-7927 or log on to the RWCS Site!

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Monmouth Pottery Pig Released by Western Stoneware

Western Stoneware recreated the Monmouth Pottery Pig!
In 1906 Monmouth Pottery was one of the companies that merged into Western Stoneware. One of the items Monmouth Pottery is remembered for is the Monmouth Pig. Western Stoneware has recreated this 100 year old piece with the Western Stoneware name in partnership with the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce.
The project began with the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce acquiring the assistance of a local artist, William DeSelms, of Pheasantry Studio, from the village of Roseville IL. Bill carved in clay a replica of the Monmouth Pottery pig with Western Stoneware name and the maple leaf on the side. With the hardened clay replica he constructed a silicone rubber mold in which he made a casting. The casting is a two part resin compound mixed with tiny glass particles.
The resin casting and the silicone rubber mold was taken to Western Stoneware. Using the resin casting and the silicone rubber mold they commissioned the construction of the stoneware mold. The stoneware mold ended up being a complicated eight piece mold.
The Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to bring back history with the WSCo stoneware pig. Orders are being taken for the first production piece that will be a bristol with cobalt blue sponge pig made exclusively for the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. The pig will be approximately 3 ¼ inches tall and 6 ¾ inches long and will be embossed with the year 2009. Orders are being accepted until February 1st, 2009 and the WS pigs will be available in February 2009. They are $75 each and shipping is $10 for one, $15 for 2 and $20 for 3-6. If you would like to order one as a Christmas gift, a card can be returned to give the recipient alerting them that the Western Stoneware pig has been ordered for them and will be available in February. Contact the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce with any questions or to place your order 309-734-3181 or .

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MidWinter 2009 Education Available

MidWinter GetTogether

Back to the 50s
February 6-8, 2009


Education Seminar Speaker topics are now available with something for every collectors. Topics include:

  • Latest Finds in the Dump
  • Intro to Collecting Dinnerware
  • Iowa Stoneware
  • RWCS Foundation Update
  • Stoneware

The 2009 MidWinter Keynote is RWCS Member and long time collector Bob Kubes. Bob is the RWCS Insurance Representative from the Musty Barnhart Agency and he is going to be discussing securing your collection and making sure you are covered in the event of a emergency.

We are still looking for interested speakers in Art Pottery. If you are interesting is hold a Round Table discussion please contact Glenn Beall, Education Manager at today!

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MidWinter 2009 Registration OPEN



Attention RWCS Members it’s that time of the year to make the trip to Des Moines and come to MidWinter.

Online Registration is OPEN, SAVE the Society some cash and you the stamp register via the website it is quick an easy. Not sure how to get online, call the office at 800-977-7927 and we are happy to help or take your registration over the phone.

Don’t miss out on the Crock Hop!

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2008 July Convention Education Session Videos Available


2008 July Convention Education Videos

Available to all current members of the RWCS are the latest editions to the RWCS Video Lending Library Convention Education Sessions.

The following are the new sessions available on DVD for FREE to all RWCS members.

Ebb Tide – Last Red Wing Production Dinnerware
Dennis Cayler
This session is presented by long time dinnerware collector Dennis Cayler. The last production dinnerware that was designed by the great Charles Murphy, Ebb Tide survives as a legacy to his design genius. This hands-on seminar will present information about the pattern, the designer, and those who actually made and painted the plates. Hear what the people making the dinnerware sets had to say about it, and see every single piece in the pattern all in the same room. This is a ‘must-attend’ seminar for those who collect or admire any of the Red Wing dinnerware patterns.

Red Wing Advertising Mugs
Chris Osterholz
Tavern and drinking mugs. So many different companies produced numerous shapes and sizes. What set the Red Wing stiles apart from the rest? In this seminar, we will examine the different types of mugs that Red Wing produced and many of the different examples of mug advertising sold. This seminar will show some of the rarest of the Red Wing mugs, and lest the collector become more familiar with what makes a mug, a Red Wing mug.

The Pottery District – Then and Now
Leanne Knott, GIS Specials for the City of Red Wing
Red Wing potteries history has mostly been told through collectibles and personal narratives, but maps and old air photos also have a story to share. City of Red Wing Geographic Information Systems Specialist Leanne Knott will present information gathered from both the Goodhue County Land Survey/GIS offices and from the Goodhue County History Center on site locations relating to the historic Red Wing Pottery industry.

Recent Finds and Discoveries in the RW Dump
Dennis Nygaard and Austin Fjerestad
This dump session focuses on very early Red Wing. The show and discuss new forms, lids, pots and early stoneware. In addition they will talk about the new decorations, colors, luggage handles, pedal lids, dome lids, flower pots and so much more. Learn about the early Red Wing not covered in books.

Keynote Presentation:
Pottery Park: Parks, History, Partnerships a Red Wing Tradition.
Brian Peterson will be discussion the history of the Red Wing Park System and the partnerships that create these wonderful assets of Red Wing. He will discuss the unique relationship forming with the new Pottery Park with the Red Wing Collectors Society, the RWCS Foundation, Rotary Club and other community partner to keep our history through parks alive. In addition he will give a visionary view of the future of Pottery Park and the Levee Road area. He sees that Pottery Park will be the beginning of the development of the new Riverfront Redevelopment plan for the Upper Harbor of Red Wing.

Contact the RWCS Business office at or 800-977-7927. These sessions are available FREE to members we just ask that you pay the shipping to return them to the office.

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