2010 Convention Auction results released

2010 RWCS Member Only

Convention Auction Prices Realized


Red Wing, MN – The Red Wing Collectors Society officially releases the 2010 members only Convention auction results today.

The RWCS holds its annual members only auction in conjunction with the Annual Convention in Red Wing, MN – July 8-10, 2010. The auction featured over 300 lots of Red Wing, MN stoneware, dinnerware, art pottery, along with RWCS and Chapter commemoratives. To read more about the 2010 Convention click here.

2010 RWCS Members Only Convention Auction Prices Realized PDF

The RWCS has held their annual convention for over 30 years. The event includes: education sessions, annual commemorative, kids activities, show and sale, social events and so much more. To learn more about the RWCS Convention – click here.

Interested in submitting to the 2011 auction at the 35th Annual Convention in Red Wing, MN – July 7-9 – click here to learn more about the auction. To be eligible for the auction, you must be a member and you or another member must bring the piece to convention. All members attending the convention and the auction must be registered.

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Red Wing Sewer Pipe Garage torned down

Sewer tile garage is now history

Red Wing Republican Eagle – Published October 12 2010
By Ruth Nerhaugen

It’s gone, but won’t be forgotten. On Sunday, Peter Jacobs tore down his unique garage made of conduit tile from the old Red Wing Sewer Pipe Co. factory that once operated just over the hill from his West Sixth Street home.

It’s gone, but won’t be forgotten.

On Sunday, Peter Jacobs tore down his unique garage made of conduit tile from the old Red Wing Sewer Pipe Co. factory that once operated just over the hill from his West Sixth Street home.

But first, the garage was documented and videotaped for possible inclusion in a new book or public television program.

Cathy Wurzer, a host of new Twin Cities Public Television’s “Almanac” and Minnesota Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” was at the site Saturday with a videographer, Jacobs said.

She is considering a sequel to her “Tales of the Road: Highway 61” project, which was published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press and also released as a video.

“The first edition did not include the clay works of Red Wing,” Jacobs said. Wurzer indicated a second volume probably would include both the Red Wing pottery and sewer pipe industries.

Few structures made of sewer pipe have been found aboveground. There’s a shed with a couple of walls on 21st Street, and a wall of a Red Wing Shoe Co. building on the east side, but nothing else quite like Jacobs’ building.

It was a two-story structure, with a garage at ground level and a walk-out garden shed below. The exterior walls were the same vivid red-orange as the day the garage was built, probably in the 1920s or ‘30s.


Safety issues

But while the conduit tile was as sturdy as ever, the wood floor, roof and support structure had deteriorated and it was not safe to use the 20-by-20-foot square building. The Portland cement holding the blocks together was crumbling as well.

Last fall Jacobs determined he needed to replace it with a usable garage, and began looking for a buyer for the 3-foot-long, vitreous tile blocks.

Despite interest in the historical aspect of the garage, he found no takers.

Wurzer, a member of the Red Wing Collectors Society, learned about the sewer tile garage through that organization and came to document its story as part of Red Wing’s industrial history.

The next day, it came down.

“It’s gone,” Jacobs said. But it wasn’t easy.

“We had a rotten pillar,” he explained, so he put a chain on it, hooked it up to a four-wheel-drive pickup and pulled it away.

“Nothing moved,” Jacobs said. So he got in a Bobcat and started pushing the walls in.

He’s stacking the 70-pound blocks and chipping off the mortar; most are still intact. Disassembling the building revealed that all of the blocks are stamped “RED WING.”

By the end of the week, Jacobs hopes to have some of the 200-plus conduit tile blocks for sale on Craig’s List. People also can contact him online at rwfolks@gmail.com to talk about them or make an offer.

But one way or another, he doesn’t plan to keep them around for long.

He’s got a garage to build, a solar-engineered building he can actually use.

It’ll stand in the same spot as the sewer tile garage. And it’ll do double duty as a historical marker, because Jacobs plans to leave some of the blocks underground — like buried treasure, perhaps to be rediscovered by a future generation of archeologists.

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MidWinter 2011 Information Available!


Cmon Yall!
MidWinter Get Together

When: February 11, 12, 13, 2011

Where: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
4800 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, Iowa.

Room reservations for 2011 now open!
CALL TODAY: 515-278-4755
Housing Information Sheet

Hotel Driving Directions

NOW Available:

Registration Form

Schedulecurrent as of Oct10

Seller Table Contract

Promote the MidWinter! Download today!
Event Poster
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Both are 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, four color

New Show and Sale Hours!
1:30 pm to 4:00pm
Move in 12:30pm – 12:45pm, Unpack & Set Up 12:45pm – 1:30pm

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