Do you have to be a RWCS member to attend the annual Convention or MidWinter GetToGether?

Yes, you must be a member. However, we make it easy
for you. You can either join before the event or just show up and you
can both join and register for the event when you get there. Just be
sure that you watch the schedule so you know what times the
registration desk is open.  We welcome all walk-ins and will get
you set up in no time.
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When is the annual Convention of the RWCS and when is the MidWinter Get Together?

The Bylaws of the RWCS state that the annual convention and business meeting shall be held around the second full weekend in July in Red Wing, Minnesota. The MidWinter GetTogether is always held the second weekend in February. The location is currently DesMoines, Iowa but may eventually move to another location.


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